Oh Robo, Robo, where art thou My sweet Robo?(a novel)

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Oh Robo, Robo, where art thou My sweet Robo?(a novel)

Before I get to my main point a little digression if you will. I seen in a few threads on a few different sites that the NBA Live development team has come out an said that they have removed the code that allowed the CPU players to have super catch up speed.(It was put in as a compensation for faulty defensive a.i. logic) This is an extraordinary revelation.(Not that the code was in there, hell even a five year old could tell that the CPU has some Quicksilveresque tendencies) but that they would admit in public that they took a cheap programming shortcut(Thats a long post for another time)

What does this have to do with NCAA Football 2005?(Be patient my ADHD afflicted friend) We KNOW that in the past all the previous versions of EA's
college football game has had super human CPU QB's and sometimes RB's and WR's. BDUNN spoke on this point early after NCAA's release this year and hit the nail on the head. They finally remove Robo QB from the game when this is the first year that he's actually needed.

Robo's presence is needed to counteract the PARALYZING affect HFA has on the CPU's QB and often it's WR's too. About five or six times I've intercepted the CPU on the first pass of the game. The game became anticlimatic after that. The CPU QB NEVER recovers from that first pick usually completes under 25%!!!!! of his passes for that game and gets blown out by 40 plus points. True Frosh or Red Shirt Senior makes no difference, all turn to jello.

I'm going to retire All-American and HFA for the year after the last game I had against Duke. (Having fled Bowling Green after turning them into a Renegade Powerhouse-made it to the NC-here's your reward loss of 15 scholies for 3 years and no TV. The AD didn't seem to mind that little faux pas-he offered me a six year extension-I rewarded his loyalty by shuffling off to the Pitt panthers.

Anyway after taking 2 steps down(not in prestige both 4* schools) but in talent I felt I need to schedule a patsy to open the new regime-(Kinda like Steve Pederson is doing with Bill Callahan this year-I'm a diehard Nebraska fan so don't think I'm hatin) I search through the preseason rankings combing over the Usual Suspects FIU, EMU, CMU, OSU, Duke, etc. ahh..
Duke-Sounds like a plan.

To make an Epic story a long story Duke's Senior QB 1-22 -2 yards(yes minus 2) 1 first down, total offense minus 23 yards. Duke's secondary played well other than that it was a train wreck. it wasn't just the numbers- It was the way the QB and RB's looked as if they just beamed in from KPAX and had never seen football before.

The play that did it for me was a third and 20 for the CPU from his own 3 (Usually the CPU waves the white flag- runs a dive play and punts) This time he tried to get the first. Five wide vs 7 in coverage four rushing-CPU line does a great job giving him 6,7 seconds to throw- R handed CPU QB rolls left stops faces the left sideline strikes a pose(WTF???) DE finally gets free plants him into the grass-Saftey- Good Night Now.(I looked on the depth chart the CPU's OVR was down 16 points!!! and his awareness was down to 46(Jamal Lord country OUCH!! Sorry)

So HFA is history-I got to work on some Heisman sliders that doesn't allow 63 OVR DE to play like 93 OVR DE-The main problem I have with Heisman is that Cupcakes don't know their Cupcakes-You're San Jose State NOT USC- You need to Play scrappy, hang in for a while but finally succumb to superior talent(90 % of the time, You can win 10% of the time I give you permission)
The thing is, I flat out LOVE this game(But I am glad that madden is droppin this week.)

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