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Re: New Sliders and Playbook

Find a slider set that challenges you on offense, but isn't cheap. I use J-Kits with my own tweaks like bringing the RBA back up so the RBs aren't stuck in sand.

What I also do is play as the offense all game long for whichever team has the ball. I am the OC at Texas State, but I just played and lost to Southern Miss in OT in my first game of the year 30-27. I played as both offenses all game long, got some nice stats that were realistic, had a lot of fun making the comeback as Southern Miss, and gave my team a loss in the process.
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Re: New Sliders and Playbook

Originally Posted by Mozatta
This is an interesting tactic. I like fatigue as I think it rewards/punishes teams based upon depth.

Whatís the thought on why it keeps it competitive?

I'm not sure. It keeps the best players fresh and playing at max strength. The CPU dropoff always seems steeper in the second half than the user, so often the user is able to pull away in competitive games. With fatigue off, that doesn't happen. I do a "fatigue reset" where I turn fatigue off just before or during half time and turn it back on. That way it plays more like the first half. I'm not 100 percent positive that it actually works, but the CPU definitely feels better in the second half.
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Re: New Sliders and Playbook

Originally Posted by SilverBullet19
Kind of on this note, really limit your 4th down attempts if you have a lot. If itís 4th down, Iím punting. Only exception is trailing in the 4th, or in a no mans land between a short punt or too long of a field goal.

Itís too easy to get that yard on 4th down and keep chugging.

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I completely agree with your 4th down rules. The only thing I add is that I'm not kicking a FG from the 1 unless it could be the difference between winning and losing.

Regarding your recruiting trees, if I'm a G5 school I will not go past two (of three) upgrades on the first five items (I think they are Unlock, Scouting, Points in first half of season, Points in second half of season, and recruit points per week). Even when my team is ranked, I will still lose a lot of recruits to the P5 schools. I can only scout a player more than 50% if he's in a pipeline state (I need 6 players from the state for a pipeline).

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