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Transfer Portal

Hey all!

Obviously a hotbed topic IRL, the transfer portal has become a mess. For those who play dynasty mode and keep things realistic, do you implement a transfer portal? If so, how do you decide who transfers and where they end up?

I recently started a dynasty and would like to include the portal, but wanted to get everyone’s input to get some ideas.

My idea is to random generate a number of transfers from 0-4 to determine how many players transfer OUT on each team in the game. Once the per team number has been assigned, I would go through each team and generate a number from 1-69 to determine which players transfer out. Then I would make a pool of transfers of the players and then rank them based off of overall. The top players would find their new home based off real life scenarios: playing time, closer to home, play style. The bottom 2/3 of the portal will be randomly assigned a team from 1-126. Of course, if a 60 overall transfer from Eastern Michigan gets assigned to Alabama, I would change as necessary.

Some extraneous situations that could result in me overriding the number of transfers per team are: coaches success (nobody will transfer out of Clemson/Bama unless they want more playing time) or coaches failures (i.e. coaching changes). I also will have a good number of grad transfers per year.

Additionally, I will determine if players are deemed immediately eligible or if they need to sit out a year. This will be done with another random generator.

What does everyone think about this system? It seems like a lot, but most of it can be done with simple RAND functions in Excel. The only hard part is typing the players name into the sheet and finding extraneous situations. This of course is done in the offseason.
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Re: Transfer Portal

Here is what I do...

I look for guys in the high 80s and above stuck behind a better player of the same class or younger. Example: I had a 99ovr and a 94ovr QBs that were both seniors (Rs). The 94ovr in real life would look to go somewhere else so that is what I did.

When I find that type of situation, I start looking for them a new home. I look for the following...
1) A school close to their home state or current school that has a need.
2) I then look for a lower rated player at their position in the same class.
3) Once #s 1 & 2 are meet I edit the player that has been targeted to be my transfer and edit them with the current ratings, height, weight, name, appearance, and number.
4) I then cut the player from my team, if on a CPU team I edit them to a 40ovr so they get cut or never play. You could create a new transfer if you wanted.

Hope that all makes sense, I have been doing this for some time this way.
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