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RIP Dynasty :(

Lost my recent Dynasty from corrupted file due to my ps3 like to freeze after about an hour or 2 of running. So I thought I would feel better just recapping here.

Simulated today 2019...
Started as OC at Miami-OH. Started 1-2 and ended up running the table. Recruited the #2 pocket QB from PA late as one those recruits show up late. Signed 5, 6'7 WRs and had a 85 over freshman running back from an ATH who was redshirted.

The HC went to Miami-FL I went to a lousy Washington State.

Started by bringing along some of my recruits all 6'7 receivers my #2 QB who was 81 ovr. That RB was actually transfering to Miami FL with the HC but because he would been 5th in the depth chart there I brought him as the starter at WSU. Also brought over my TE as a grade transfer (just editing players on roster who matched the year the incoming player would be and then editing the real existing player as some random joe.

I struggled but I actually went 14-0 beating ND for the national championship. Next year my oc and dc left and the computer gave me both maxed out coordinators and I had 10 seniors staring on defense. I had the #1 defense , a Soph. Heisman winner and finally all my 6'7 WR and I plowed Navy and thier option for back to back champs.

Going into 3rd year as head coach I had a loaded offense but defense had a bunch of decent, but inexperienced players and it showed as I lost my first game to ND at the last second in the cowboy kick off losing by 4 when with 6 seconds left I over blitzed the QB broke through and ran for a 8 yard TD run. The computer would have ran the clock out in that play with a timeout left instead of trying for the FG ... they were ranked #1 us #8. We dropped to #13. Next up was #3 USC for our home opener and we tore them apart 49-21... I always save the game as soon as the game ends.. after I sim to next week and after any recruiting. It froze while I was adding new recruits to my board... I went back later that night for the next game and it was gone

One the more in depth dynasty I did in a long time for nothing. Sigh.

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Re: RIP Dynasty :(

That stinks sorry buddy
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Re: RIP Dynasty :(

Did you double check the file. I've had it say corrupted then come back before.
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Re: RIP Dynasty :(

Back up your saves. I keep multiple saves going throughout the season, then make a final save at the end of each year and start a new save file for each following season. I do a lot of editing, so I have lots of dynasty saves on a flash drive too in case something happens to my ps3.

Some people have suggested too many dynasty save files can cause your game to freeze but you can save several with no problem, or transfer them to a flash drive. That way you can look back and see your old scores, depth charts, bowl results, who you were recruiting, etc.
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Re: RIP Dynasty :(

Sorry to hear that man. That really sucks. I live in fear of this with my own work even with backup saves.
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