Best scheme fits for certain offensive/defensive systems

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Best scheme fits for certain offensive/defensive systems

So, I've just gotten back into NCAA 14, and it is very different from Maddens version of player schemes, and I am wondering what player archetypes work best for which schemes.

For example, I run Auburns playbook which is spread, meaning I probably want an elusive/receiving back as well as a slot guy and 2 deep threats? How do you guys figure out what type of players you want?
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Re: Best scheme fits for certain offensive/defensive systems

Based off of how I want to run my offense. I'm also a spread guy, tend to be spread-to-run, often with a combination of gun and pistol, and the occasional I form.

I think it's important to decide what you want your offense to look like in-game. Not just what formations, but which plays, and in what order. Your scheme is your philosophy.

I always want mobile quarterbacks because I think the ability to scramble is important, and I like to run read option and triple option stuff.

I always want the best back possible period. The stronger the better, but I don't mind having a speed back. Or having one of each, as inspired by USC under Carroll (Bush/White... McKnight/Johnson). Like I don't really want a guy slower than 87 but he doesn't have to be 94+, though that's great. Being able to pull away in the open field is great.

I prefer receiving tight-ends because I have had a TE drop passes on fourth down or touchdown plays.

I like to have a fullback, though their utility is very limited if not under center. Moving either a halfback or tight end there can be great to make them a running and receiving threat. Right now I have two very fast fullbacks that are base fullbacks, though, so they're fast.

I prefer faster receivers because I need them to stretch the field. Height is nice, but it doesn't matter if they can't get open.

I'm not picky enough about linemen. I'd go pass block first, because run blocking is easier.

I'm honestly not picky enough about anything besides QB. I'll adapt my scheme to the personnel.


I tend to play a lot of different fronts on defense. I want to run five back though. I'll play 4-3 and 3-4, but 3-3-5 has become my defense of choice. So I want depth at DB, especially speed. I want to be able to move between 4-2-5 with three safeties or three corners.

I want fast linebackers, too. And depth there. Because I like to switch to 2-4-5. It's good to have a strong one that can be a hybrid pass rusher type. If you can find a really tall linebacker to play middle, that can be helpful in pass coverage.

Pass rushers are important to me, but having at least one really big strong interior lineman is good. You want to be able to blow up the run.

I just like having hybrid type players that I can move around a lot to try to negate the no huddle. And I feel like 3-3-5 is most flexible.
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Re: Best scheme fits for certain offensive/defensive systems

I honestly don't pay much attention to the "player type" thing in NCAA14. Speed kills no matter the position other than OL, DT, and maybe FB. I like mobile QBs and I love going after physical freaks like 6'7" DE/OLB and WRs and such but I honestly don't feel like it makes that much of a difference for the offensive players. Tall LBs can definitely be a pain trying to throw seams or across the middle. One of my all time favorite recruits was a 6'7" OLB that had like 86-88 SPD that I moved to SS in my 4-2-5. He was a wrecking ball in the run game and had a handful on picks just because he was so tall the QB couldn't get the ball by him. I've never had much luck trying to run a tall WR jump ball offense, CB always seems to out position the offensive player.
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