I cannot have good pass coverage in NCAA 13

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I cannot have good pass coverage in NCAA 13

I'm too poor to afford NCAA 14 but in NCAA 13 I cannot figure out how to consistently keep opp under 200 yards a game on All-American/Heisman.It seems particularly worse with zone coverage as the safeties will always let somebody fly right past them. The corners will frequently break to the outside on posts and to the inside on corner routes in man coverage no matter base align, press, back off etc. I've only found 2 methods that work but they generate goofy stats or no interceptions

1. I can do a 5-2 pinch and rush both LBs (if they have a FB) or just one in man and he'll get sacked 10-20 times a game but 100-250 team sacks in a season is goofy

2. I can do a 3-4/3-3-5/3-2-6 Cover 4 and hot route the DEs into flat coverage and rush/spy with the NT. This will make QB take off and run where I can sack/tackle him. This usually keeps them under 200 pass yds but I'll never get swats/interceptions.

My opp QB stats are usually like this:

378 YDS/36 ATT/27 CMPS/3 TD/1 INT/15 SKs

I've tried sliders and I can have pass coverage at 100 ints at 100 qb acc at 0 and all 99 CBs/LBs vs normal WRs/TEs and I'll still allow 300-500 yards against the worst teams.

My last resort was to bulk edit the QBs/WRs/TEs abilties to pass/get open but I thought I'd ask first before resorting to such draconian measures. I really appreciate any help.
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Re: I cannot have good pass coverage in NCAA 13

I have '14 so my advice may not be exactly on point but I had the same issues you've described.

I was pinching and spreading the DL and LB and all that and still got burned. What changed things for me was just leaving them mostly alone, except for obvious strong side/weak side mismatches. I always user the nickel CB because its the first read 7 out of 10 plays seemingly. That or use covering the tight end with a safety or LB.

Awareness ratings seem to be a bigger deal than coverage ratings at times but that may be a '14 thing. If you can figure out the first read and take it away the cpu becomes a lot funner to play against.

Oh and I run 4-3 multiple if that matters to you.
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Re: I cannot have good pass coverage in NCAA 13

Ok I'll try usering the nickel more and see if that helps. I think if I set intentional grounding to 0, he'll throw it away so not every coverage play is a sack and I get a goofy 150 sacks in a season. It's not too bad if you keep subbing in 2nd/3rd string and they get sacks too but an OLB with 50 sacks in a college season is goofy.
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