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The High School Team Directory

So with all the new threads popping up about high school teams being created for various states, I have decided to create a directory for easy use for all 50 states. The format is copied from The FCS Project/Team Directory thread. I'm assuming most high schools created via TeamBuilder will be uniforms accurate only, but if they are also roster accurate please indicate so and I will have those teams listed in italics.

TEAM DIRECTORY (OS USER | GT or PSN Name) Yes, it is possible to download teams created on the opposite platform. (360 teams to a PS3, vice versa) You need to navigate the search results on your console to find the roster the matches the team created.


Cullman Bearcats: MJHSpanda57 | Panda1357 (PS3)
Curry Yellow Jackets: MJHSpanda57 | Panda1357 (PS3)
Gardendale Rockets: MJHSpanda57 | Panda1357 (PS3)
Hartselle Tigers: MJHSpanda57 | Panda1357 (PS3)
Hayden Wildcats: MJHSpanda57 | Panda1357 (PS3)
Hoover Buccaneeers: Tombstone31 | TrakenTombstone (360)
Mortimer Jordan Blue Devils: MJHSpanda57 | Panda1357 (PS3)
Oxford Yellowjackets: UMIK89 | UMIK89 (360)


Bradshaw Mountain Bears: adembroski | adembroski (PS3)
Camp Verde Cowboys: adembroski | adembroski (PS3)
Cactus Shadows Falcons: adembroski | adembroski (PS3)
Centennial Coyotes: Get Blunted | ThePhoenixSun (360)
Chino Valley Cougars: adembroski | adembroski (PS3)
Dysart Demons: adembroski | adembroski (PS3)
Fountain Hills Falcons: adembroski | adembroski (PS3)
Parker Broncs: adembroski | adembroski (PS3)
Prescott Badgers: adembroski | adembroski (PS3)
Sinagua Mustangs: adembroski | adembroski (PS3)
Wickenberg Wranglers: adembroski | adembroski (PS3)

Benton Panthers: Noble Evildoer | Noble Vanguard (360)
Cabot Panthers: Noble Evildoer | Noble Vanguard (360)
Camden Fairview Cardinals: Noble Evildoer | Noble Vanguard (360)
Central Arkansas Christian Mustangs: Noble Evildoer | Noble Vanguard (360)
Conway Wampus Cats: Noble Evildoer | Noble Vanguard (360)
Jacksonville Red Devils: Noble Evildoer | Noble Vanguard (360)
Jonesboro Hurricane: Noble Evildoer | Noble Vanguard (360)
Little Rock Catholic Rockets: Noble Evildoer | Noble Vanguard (360)
Little Rock Central Tigers: Noble Evildoer | Noble Vanguard (360)
Little Rock Hall Warriors: Noble Evildoer | Noble Vanguard (360)
North Little Rock Charging Wildcats: Noble Evildoer | Noble Vanguard (360)
Sylvan Hills Bears: Noble Evildoer | Noble Vanguard (360)

Antelope Valley Antelopes : MrBlonde21 | Tidalwarga5m (360)
Antelope Valley Christian (AV Christian) Eagles: MrBlonde21 | Tidalwarga5m (360)
Bakersfield Drillers: cursive | Cursive138 (360)
Birmingham Patriots: Papazmurf | Papazmurf (PS3)
Bishop O'Dowd Dragons: sikolec | sikolec (web)
Canyon Cowboys: MrBlonde21 | Tidalwarga5m (360)
Cardinal Newman Cardinals: sikolec | sikolec (web)
Centennial Golden Hawks: cursive | Cursive138 (360)
Concord Minutemen: SoulAssassin | SoulAssassin925 (360)
Crespi Celts: Papazmurf | Papazmurf (PS3)
Culver City Centaurs: Papazmurf | Papazmurf (PS3)
De La Salle Spartans: SoulAssassin | SoulAssassin925 (360)
East Blades: cursive | Cursive138 (360)
Elsie Allen Lobos: sikolec | sikolec (web)
Foothill Trojans: cursive | Cursive138 (360)
Hart Indians: MrBlonde21 | Tidalwarga5m (360)
Highland Bulldogs: MrBlonde21 | Tidalwarga5m (360)
Hoover Patriots: csuf559 | ???
Lancaster Eagles: MrBlonde21 | Tidalwarga5m (360)
Liberty Patriots: cursive | Cursive138 (360)
Littlerock Lobos: MrBlonde21 | Tidalwarga5m (360)
Lompoc Braves: MrBlonde21 | Tidalwarga5m (360)
Long Beach Poly Jackrabbits: Papazmurf | Papazmurf (PS3)
Loyola Cubs: Papazmurf | Papazmurf (PS3)
Maria Carrillo Pumas: sikolec | sikolec (web)
Marin Catholic Wildcats: sikolec | sikolec (web)
Mater Dei Monarchs: Papazmurf | Papazmurf (PS3)
Montgomery Vikings: sikolec | sikolec (web)
North Stars: cursive | Cursive138 (360)
Notre Dame Knights: Papazmurf | Papazmurf (PS3)
Palma Chieftains: sikolec | sikolec (web)
Palmdale Falcons: MrBlonde21 | Tidalwarga5m (360)
Piner Prospectors: sikolec | sikolec (web)
Quartz Hill Rebels: MrBlonde21 | Tidalwarga5m (360)
Rancho Cotate Cougars: sikolec | sikolec (web)
Redlands Terriers: MrBlonde21 | Tidalwarga5m (360)
Ridgeview Wolf Pack: cursive | Cursive138 (360)
Santa Rosa Panthers: sikolec | sikolec (web)
Servite Friars: Papazmurf | Papazmurf (PS3)
South Rebels: cursive | Cursive138 (360)
St. Bonaventure Seraphs: Papazmurf | Papazmurf (PS3)
Stockdale Mustangs: cursive | Cursive138 (360)
Taft Toreadors: Papazmurf | Papazmurf (PS3)
Ukiah Wildcats: sikolec | sikolec (web)
Venice Gondoliers: Papazmurf | Papazmurf (PS3)
West Vikings: cursive | Cursive138 (360)
Windsor Jaguars: sikolec | sikolec (web)
Ygnacio Valley Warriors: SoulAssassin | SoulAssassin925 (360)




Andrew Jackson Tigers: etnies55 | Killerskarma (PS3)
Atlantic Coast Stingrays: etnies55 | Killerskarma (PS3)
Baldwin Indians: etnies55 | Killerskarma (PS3)
Baker Gators: etnies55 | Killerskarma (PS3)
Baker County Wildcats: etnies55 | Killerskarma (PS3)
Bartram Trail Bears: etnies55 | Killerskarma (PS3)
Bishop Kenny Crusadors: etnies55 | Killerskarma (PS3)
Bishop Snyder Cardinals: etnies55 | Killerskarma (PS3)
Bolles Bulldogs: etnies55 | Killerskarma (PS3)
Bradford County Tornadoes: etnies55 | Killerskarma (PS3)
Cocoa Beach Minutemen: etnies55 | Killerskarma (PS3)
Columbia Tigers: etnies55 | Killerskarma (PS3)
Eagles View Warriors: etnies55 | Killerskarma (PS3)
Englewood Rams: etnies55 | Killerskarma (PS3)
Episcopal Eagles: etnies55 | Killerskarma (PS3)
Fernandina Beach Pirates: etnies55 | Killerskarma (PS3)
First Coast Buccaneers: etnies55 | Killerskarma (PS3)
Fletcher Senators: etnies55 | Killerskarma (PS3)
Forrest Rebels: etnies55 | Killerskarma (PS3)
Fort White Indians: etnies55 | Killerskarma (PS3)
Freeport Bulldogs: etnies55 | Killerskarma (PS3)
Hilliard Red Flashes: etnies55 | Killerskarma (PS3)
Jay Royals: etnies55 | Killerskarma (PS3)
Keystone Heights Indians: etnies55 | Killerskarma (PS3)
Lee Generals: etnies55 | Killerskarma (PS3)
Mandarin Mustangs: etnies55 | Killerskarma (PS3)
Matanzas Pirates: etnies55 | Killerskarma (PS3)
Northview Chiefs: etnies55 | Killerskarma (PS3)
Oak Leaf Knights: etnies55 | Killerskarma (PS3)
Paxon Golden Eagles: etnies55 | Killerskarma (PS3)
Providence Stallions: etnies55 | Killerskarma (PS3)
Raines Vikings: etnies55 | Killerskarma (PS3)
Ribault Trojans: etnies55 | Killerskarma (PS3)
Sandalwood Saints: etnies55 | Killerskarma (PS3)
Spruce Creek Hawks: etnies55 | Killerskarma (PS3)
Stanton Blue Devils: etnies55 | Killerskarma (PS3)
Terry Parker Braves: etnies55 | Killerskarma (PS3)
Trinity Christian Conquerors: etnies55 | Killerskarma (PS3)
Union County Tigers: etnies55 | Killerskarma (PS3)
University Christian Christians: etnies55 | Killerskarma (PS3)
West Nassau Warriors: etnies55 | Killerskarma (PS3)
Wolfson Wolfpack: etnies55 | Killerskarma (PS3)
Yulee Hornets: etnies55 | Killerskarma (PS3)


Baldwin Bears: Facts | TheNef7 (360)
Castle Knights: Facts | TheNef7 (360)
Farrington Governors: Facts | TheNef7 (360)
Kahuku Red Raiders: Facts | TheNef7 (360)
Kailua Surfriders: Facts | TheNef7 (360)
Kapolei Hurricanes: Facts | TheNef7 (360)
Leilehua Mules: Facts | TheNef7 (360)
Mililani Trojans: Facts | TheNef7 (360)
St. Louis Crusaders: Facts | TheNef7 (360)
Punahou Buffanblu: Facts | TheNef7 (360)
Waianae Seariders: Facts | TheNef7 (360)



Guerin Catholic Golden Eagles(2A)- krunyan26 PS3
Roncalli Rebels(4A)- krunyan26
Yorktown Tigers(3A)- krunyan26
Madison Grant Argylls(2A)= krunyan26
Oak Hill Golden Eagles(2A)- krunyan26
Elwood Panthers(2A)- krunyan26
Eastbrook Panthers(3A)- krunyan26
Mississinewa Indians(3A)- krunyan26
Blackford Bruins(3A)- krunyan26
Alexandria Tigers(2A)- krunyan26
Frankton Eagles(1A)- krunyan26
Cathedral Fighting Irish(4A)- krunyan26
Bishop Chatard Trojans(3A)- krunyan26
Cardinal Ritter Raiders(1A)- krunyan26
Sheridan Blackhawks(1A)- krunyan26
Lafayette Central Catholic(1A)- krunyan26
Fort Wayne Bishop Luers(2A)- krunyan26



Bell County Bobcats: NothingTrivial | nothingtrivial (PS3)
Christian County Colonels: Twshooter2 | TWshooter2 (360)
Lexington Catholic Knights: NothingTrivial | nothingtrivial (PS3)
Middlesboro Yellow Jackets: NothingTrivial | nothingtrivial (PS3)
Williamsburg Yellowjackets: Tombstone31 | TrakenTombstone (360)




Agawam Brownies: turpintine419 | Turpintine419 (PS3)
Central Golden Eagles: turpintine419 | Turpintine419 (PS3)
Easthampton Eagles: turpintine419 | Turpintine419 (PS3)
Holyoke Knights: turpintine419 | Turpintine419 (PS3)
Northampton Blue Devils: turpintine419 | Turpintine419 (PS3)
Westfield Bombers: turpintine419 | Turpintine419 (PS3)

Adrian Maples: joeyb | a2gulon (360)
Ann Arbor Huron River Rats: joeyb | a2gulon (360)
Ann Arbor Pioneer Pioneers: joeyb | a2gulon (360)
Ann Arbor Skyline Eagles: joeyb | a2gulon (360)
Bay City All-Saints Cougars: dophin26 | dophin26 (360)
Bay City Western Warrior: KleShreen | KleShreen (360)
Brighton Bulldogs: joeyb | a2gulon (360)
Chelsea Bulldogs: joeyb | a2gulon (360)
Dexter Dreadnaughts: joeyb | a2gulon (360)
Davison Cardinals: iHammer2k (360)
Farmington Hills Harrison Hawks: joeyb | a2gulon (360)
Farmington Hills Harrison (Harrison) Hawks: iHammer2k (360)
Flint Beecher Buccaneers: iHammer2k (360)
Flint Northern Vikings: iHammer2k (360)
Flint Northwestern (Flint NW) Wildcats: iHammer2k (360)
Flint Powers Catholic: iHammer2k (360)
Flint Southwestern (Flint SW) Knights: iHammer2k (360)
Frankenmuth Eagles: dophin26 | dophin26 (360)
Grand Blanc Bobcats: joeyb | a2gulon (360)
Grand Blanc Bobcats: iHammer2k (360)
Grosse Pointe South Blue Devils: joeyb | a2gulon (360)
Hartland Eagles: joeyb | a2gulon (360)
Monroe Trojans: joeyb | a2gulon (360)
Northville Mustangs: joeyb | a2gulon (360)
Novi Wildcats: joeyb | a2gulon (360)
Reese Rockets: dophin26 | dophin26 (360)
Saline Hornets: joeyb | a2gulon (360)
Tecumseh Indians: joeyb | a2gulon (360)
Temperance Bedford Kicking Mules: joeyb | a2gulon (360)
Unionville-Sebwaing Patriots: dophin26 | dophin26 (360)
Walled Lake Western Warriors: joeyb | a2gulon (360)
Ypsilanti Phoenix: joeyb | a2gulon (360)
Ypsilanti Lincoln Rail Splitters: joeyb | a2gulon (360)


Bailey Magnet Knights: Psycho_Bee | Psycho_Bee (PS3)
Bay Tigers: Psycho_Bee | Psycho_Bee (PS3)
Biloxi Indians: Psycho_Bee | Psycho_Bee (PS3)
Brandon Bulldogs: TrojanTownUSA | TrojanTownUSA (360)
Brandon Bulldogs: Psycho_Bee | Psycho_Bee (PS3)
Brookhaven Panters: Psycho_Bee | Psycho_Bee (PS3)
Caledonia Confederates: Psycho_Bee | Psycho_Bee (PS3)
Callaway Chargers: Psycho_Bee | Psycho_Bee (PS3)
Central Hinds Cougars: Psycho_Bee | Psycho_Bee (PS3)
Choctaw Central Warriors: Psycho_Bee | Psycho_Bee (PS3)
Clinton Arrows: Psycho_Bee | Psycho_Bee (PS3)
Collins Tigers: Psycho_Bee | Psycho_Bee (PS3)
Collins Tigers: TrojanTownUSA | TrojanTownUSA (360)
East Central Hornets: Psycho_Bee | Psycho_Bee (PS3)
East Rankin Patriots: Psycho_Bee | Psycho_Bee (PS3)
Enterprise Bulldogs: Cutter15 | Cutter15log (360)
Florence Eagles: TrojanTownUSA | TrojanTownUSA (360)
Florence Eagles: Psycho_Bee | Psycho_Bee (PS3)
Forest Bearcats: TrojanTownUSA | TrojanTownUSA (360)
Forest Hill Patriots: Psycho_Bee | Psycho_Bee (PS3)
2001 Forest Hill Rebels: Psycho_Bee | Psycho_Bee (PS3)
Germantown Mavericks: TrojanTownUSA | TrojanTownUSA (360)
Greenville-Weston Hornets: Psycho_Bee | Psycho_Bee (PS3)
Greenwood Bulldogs: Psycho_Bee | Psycho_Bee (PS3)
Gulfport Admirals: Psycho_Bee | Psycho_Bee (PS3)
Hattiesburg Tigers: TrojanTownUSA | TrojanTownUSA (360)
Hattiesburg Tigers: Psycho_Bee | Psycho_Bee (PS3)
Hazlehurst Indians: Psycho_Bee | Psycho_Bee (PS3)
Heidelberg Oilers: Cutter15 | Cutter15log (360)
Heidelberg Oilers: TrojanTownUSA | TrojanTownUSA (360)
Hillcrest Christian Cougars: Psycho_Bee | Psycho_Bee (PS3)
Holly Springs Hawks: Psycho_Bee | Psycho_Bee (PS3)
Jackson Academy Raiders: Psycho_Bee | Psycho_Bee (PS3)
Jackson Prep Patriots: TrojanTownUSA | TrojanTownUSA (360)
Jackson Prep Patriots: Psycho_Bee | Psycho_Bee (PS3)
Jim Hill Tigers: Psycho_Bee | Psycho_Bee (PS3)
Kosciusko Whippets: Psycho_Bee | Psycho_Bee (PS3)
Lafayette Commodores: Psycho_Bee | Psycho_Bee (PS3)
Lanier Bulldogs: Psycho_Bee | Psycho_Bee (PS3)
Laurel Tornadoes: Cutter15 | Cutter15log (360)
Lawrence County Cougars: TrojanTownUSA | TrojanTownUSA (360)
Louisville Wildcats: Psycho_Bee | Psycho_Bee (PS3)
Madison Jaguars: TrojanTownUSA | TrojanTownUSA (360)
Madison Central Jaguars: Psycho_Bee | Psycho_Bee (PS3)
Magee Trojans: TrojanTownUSA | TrojanTownUSA (360)
Magee Trojans: Psycho_Bee | Psycho_Bee (PS3)
McLaurin Tigers: TrojanTownUSA | TrojanTownUSA (360)
McLaurin Tigers: Psycho_Bee | Psycho_Bee (PS3)
Mendenhall Tigers: TrojanTownUSA | TrojanTownUSA (360)
Mendenhall Tigers: Psycho_Bee | Psycho_Bee (PS3)
Meridian Wildcats: Cutter15 | Cutter15log (360)
Meridian Wildcats: TrojanTownUSA | TrojanTownUSA (360)
Meridian Wildcats: Psycho_Bee | Psycho_Bee (PS3)
Mize Bulldogs: TrojanTownUSA | TrojanTownUSA (360)
Morton Panthers: TrojanTownUSA | TrojanTownUSA (360)
Murrah Mustangs: Psycho_Bee | Psycho_Bee (PS3)
Natchez Bulldogs: Psycho_Bee | Psycho_Bee (PS3)
Neshoba Central Rockets: Psycho_Bee | Psycho_Bee (PS3)
New Albany Bulldogs: Psycho_Bee | Psycho_Bee (PS3)
New Hope Trojans: Psycho_Bee | Psycho_Bee (PS3)
Newton County Cougars: Cutter15 | Cutter15log (360)
Newton County Cougars: Psycho_Bee | Psycho_Bee (PS3)
North Forrest Eagles: TrojanTownUSA | TrojanTownUSA (360)
Northeast Jones Tigers: Cutter15 | Cutter15log (360)
Northeast Lauderdale Trojans: Cutter15 | Cutter15log (360)
Northwest Rankin Cougars: Psycho_Bee | Psycho_Bee (PS3)
Oak Grove Warriors: TrojanTownUSA | TrojanTownUSA (360)
Oak Grove Warriors: Psycho_Bee | Psycho_Bee (PS3)
Olive Branch Conquistadors: TrojanTownUSA | TrojanTownUSA (360)
Olive Branch Conquistadors: Psycho_Bee | Psycho_Bee (PS3)
Pearl River Blue Devils: TrojanTownUSA | TrojanTownUSA (360)
Pearl Pirates: Psycho_Bee | Psycho_Bee (PS3)
Pelahatchie Chiefs: Psycho_Bee | Psycho_Bee (PS3)
Petal Panthers: TrojanTownUSA | TrojanTownUSA (360)
Petal Panthers: Psycho_Bee | Psycho_Bee (PS3)
Pisgah Dragons: Psycho_Bee | Psycho_Bee (PS3)
Port Gibson Blue Waves: TrojanTownUSA | TrojanTownUSA (360)
Provine Rams: Psycho_Bee | Psycho_Bee (PS3)
Puckett Wolves: Psycho_Bee | Psycho_Bee (PS3)
Purvis Tornadoes: Psycho_Bee | Psycho_Bee (PS3)
Quitman Panthers: Cutter15 | Cutter15log (360)
Raleigh Lions: Psycho_Bee | Psycho_Bee (PS3)
Raymond Rangers: TrojanTownUSA | TrojanTownUSA (360)
Raymond Rangers: Psycho_Bee | Psycho_Bee (PS3)
Richland Rangers: TrojanTownUSA | TrojanTownUSA (360)
Richland Rangers: Psycho_Bee | Psycho_Bee (PS3)
Ridgeland Titans: TrojanTownUSA | TrojanTownUSA (360)
Ridgeland Titans: Psycho_Bee | Psycho_Bee (PS3)
Saltillo Tigers: Psycho_Bee | Psycho_Bee (PS3)
Simpson Academy Cougars: TrojanTownUSA | TrojanTownUSA (360)
Simpson Academy Cougars: Psycho_Bee | Psycho_Bee (PS3)
South Jones Braves: Cutter15 | Cutter15log (360)
South Panola Tigers: TrojanTownUSA | TrojanTownUSA (360)
South Panola Tigers: Psycho_Bee | Psycho_Bee (PS3)
Starkville Yellowjackets: Psycho_Bee | Psycho_Bee (PS3)
Starkville Academy Volunteers: Psycho_Bee | Psycho_Bee (PS3)
Taylorsville Tartars: Psycho_Bee | Psycho_Bee (PS3)
Terry Bulldogs: Psycho_Bee | Psycho_Bee (PS3)
Tupelo Golden Wave: Psycho_Bee | Psycho_Bee (PS3)
University Christian Flames: Psycho_Bee | Psycho_Bee (PS3)
Vicksburg Gators: TrojanTownUSA | TrojanTownUSA (360)
Vicksburg Gators: Psycho_Bee | Psycho_Bee (PS3)
Warren Central Vikings: Psycho_Bee | Psycho_Bee (PS3)
Wayne County War Eagles: Cutter15 | Cutter15log (360)
Wayne County War Eagles: TrojanTownUSA | TrojanTownUSA (360)
Wayne County War Eagles: Psycho_Bee | Psycho_Bee (PS3)
Wesson Cobras: Psycho_Bee | Psycho_Bee (PS3)
West Jones Mustangs: Cutter15 | Cutter15log (360)
West Jones Mustangs: TrojanTownUSA | TrojanTownUSA (360)
West Lauderdale Knights: Cutter15 | Cutter15log (360)
West Point Green Wave: TrojanTownUSA | TrojanTownUSA (360)
Wingfield Falcons: Psycho_Bee | Psycho_Bee (PS3)
Yazoo City Indians: Psycho_Bee | Psycho_Bee (PS3)






Neptune Scarlet Fliers: LionsFanNJ | JamimusPrime (PS3)
Woodbrigge Barrons: knick9mm | knick9mm (PS3)


Arlington Admirals: plez2002 | plez845 (360)
Clarkstown North (New City) Rams: plez2002 | plez845 (360)
Clarkstown South (West Nyack) Vikings: plez2002 | plez845 (360)
Horace Greeley (Chappaqua) Quakers: plez2002 | plez845 (360)
Monroe-Woodbury Crusaders: plez2002 | plez845 (360)
New Rochelle Huguenots: plez2002 | plez845 (360)
North Rockland (Thiells) Red Raiders: plez2002 | plez845 (360)
Poughkeepsie Pioneers: plez2002 | plez845 (360)
Somers Tuskers: plez2002 | plez845 (360)
Suffern Mounties: plez2002 | plez845 (360)
Tappan Zee (Orangeburg) Dutchmen: plez2002 | plez845 (360)



Beavercreek Beavers (D-1): MrRudy | MRudy6
Centerville Elks (D-1): MrRudy | MRudy6
Fairborn Skyhawks (D-1): MrRudy | MRudy6
Fairmont Firebirds (D-1): MrRudy | MRudy6
Grove City Greyhounds (D-1): MrRudy | MRudy6
Mason Comets (D-1): MrRudy | MRudy6
Northmont Thunderbolts (D-1): MrRudy | MRudy6
Springfield Wildcats (D-1): MrRudy | MRudy6
Wayne Warriors (D-1): MrRudy | MRudy6
Xenia Buccaneers (D-1): MrRudy | MRudy6

Bishop McGuinness Fighting Irish: granvilleberry | oklahomab (360)
Carl Albert Titans: granvilleberry | oklahomab (360)
Casady Cyclones: granvilleberry | oklahomab (360)
Clinton Red Tornadoes: atha2k2 | atha2k2 (PS3)
Heritage Hall Chargers: granvilleberry | oklahomab (360)
Putnam City North Panthers: granvilleberry | oklahomab (360)

Aloha Warriors: thizzle | YaddadaTurf (PS3)
Baker Bulldogs: gerg1234 | gerg1234 (360)
Beaverton Beavers: thizzle | YaddadaTurf (PS3)
Grant Generals: thizzle | YaddadaTurf (PS3)
Jesuit Crusaders: thizzle | YaddadaTurf (PS3)
La Grande Tigers: gerg1234 | gerg1234 (360)
Lake Oswego Lakers: thizzle | YaddadaTurf (PS3)
Lincoln Cardinals: thizzle | YaddadaTurf (PS3)
McLoughlin Pioneers: gerg1234 | gerg1234 (360)
Ontario Tigers: gerg1234 | gerg1234 (360)
Southridge Skyhawks: thizzle | YaddadaTurf (PS3)
Sunset Apollos: thizzle | YaddadaTurf (PS3)
Tualatin Timberwolves: thizzle | YaddadaTurf (PS3)
Westview Wildcats: thizzle | YaddadaTurf (PS3)

Altoona Mountain Lions: TMuss | TMuss (360)
Bedford Bisons: TMuss | TMuss (360)
Bellwood-Antis Blue Devils: TMuss | TMuss (360)
Ben Franklin Electrons: Richardcg | Richardg08 (360)
Bishop McCort Crushers: TMuss | TMuss (360)
Bishop Carroll Huskies: TMuss | TMuss (360)
Bishop Guilfoyle Marauders: TMuss | TMuss (360)
Central Cambria Red Devils: TMuss | TMuss (360)
Central Scarlet Dragons: TMuss | TMuss (360)
Cheltenham Panthers (AAAA): jwilphl | jwilphl (PS3)
Chestnut Ridge Lions: TMuss | TMuss (360)
Claysburg-Kimmel Bulldogs: TMuss | TMuss (360)
Dobbin-Randolph Vo-Tech Mustangs: Richardcg | Richardg08 (360)
Everett Warriors: TMuss | TMuss (360)
Forest Hills Rangers: TMuss | TMuss (360)
Garnet Valley Jaguars (AAAA): jwilphl | jwilphl (PS3)
Glendale Vikings: TMuss | TMuss (360)
Hatboro-Horsham Hatters (AAAA): jwilphl | jwilphl (PS3)
Hollidaysburg Golden Tigers: TMuss | TMuss (360)
Huntingdon Bearcats: TMuss | TMuss (360)
Interboro Buccaneers (AAA): jwilphl | jwilphl (PS3)
Johnstown Trojans: TMuss | TMuss (360)
Juniata Valley Hornets: TMuss | TMuss (360)
Manheim Central Barons: mahlerbone | mahlerbone (360)
Martin Luther King Cougars: Richardcg | Richardg08 (360)
Methacton Warriors (AAAA): jwilphl | jwilphl (PS3)
Moshannon Valley Black Knights: TMuss | TMuss (360)
Mount Union Trojans: TMuss | TMuss (360)
Norristown Eagles (AAAA): jwilphl | jwilphl (PS3)
Northern Bedford Panthers: TMuss | TMuss (360)
Philipsburg-Osceola Mounties: TMuss | TMuss (360)
Phoenixville Phantoms (AAA): jwilphl | jwilphl (PS3)
Plymouth-Whitemarsh Colonials (AAAA): jwilphl | jwilphl (PS3)
Richland Rams: bigbob | big-bob78 (PS3)
Roxborough Indians: Richardcg | Richardg08 (360)
Simon Gratz Bulldogs: Richardcg | Richardg08 (360)
Southern Huntingdon Rockets: TMuss | TMuss (360)
Spring-Ford Rams: whodat7 | TheFranchize07 (PS3) - 2006-07 Roster
Thomas Edison Owls: Richardcg | Richardg08 (360)
Tussey Mountain Titans: TMuss | TMuss (360)
Tyrone Golden Eagles: TMuss | TMuss (360)
Upper Dublin (AAAA): jwilphl | jwilphl (PS3)
Upper Merion (AAAA): jwilphl | jwilphl (PS3)
Upper Moreland (AAA): jwilphl | jwilphl (PS3)
Upper Perkiomen (AAA): jwilphl | jwilphl (PS3)
West Branch Warriors: TMuss | TMuss (360)
Williamsburg Pirates: TMuss | TMuss (360)
Wissahickon Trojans (AAAA): jwilphl | jwilphl (PS3)


Ninety Six Wildcats: Charletson_Tiger | clemalum07 (PS3)

Aberdeen Central Golden Eagles: Mr Kasperson | TKasper (360)
Brandon Valley Lynx: Mr Kasperson | TKasper (360)
Brookings Bobcats: Mr Kasperson | TKasper (360)
Huron Tigers: Mr Kasperson | TKasper (360)
Mitchell Kernels: Mr Kasperson | TKasper (360)
O'Gorman Knights: Mr Kasperson | TKasper (360)
Pierre Riggs Governore: Mr Kasperson | TKasper (360)
Roosevelt Rough Riders: Mr Kasperson | TKasper (360)
Spearfish Spartans: Mr Kasperson | TKasper (360)
Watertown Arrows: Mr Kasperson | TKasper (360)
Washington Warriors: Mr Kasperson | TKasper (360)
Yankton Bucks/Gazelles: Mr Kasperson | TKasper (360)

Alcoa Tornadoes: Trakan31 | TrakenTombstone (360)
Campbell County Cougars: Trakan31 | TrakenTombstone (360)
Cloudland Highlanders: Trakan31 | TrakenTombstone (360)
Cosby Eagles: Trakan31 | TrakenTombstone (360)
Grace Christian Rams: Trakan31 | TrakenTombstone (360)
Jellico Blue Devils: Trakan31 | TrakenTombstone (360)
Kings Academy Lions: Trakan31 | TrakenTombstone (360)
Sunbright Tigers: Trakan31 | TrakenTombstone (360)
Unaka Rangers: Trakan31 | TrakenTombstone (360)

Academy Bumblebees: statum71 | statum71 (PS3)
Arlington Heights Yellowjackets: statum71 | statum71 (PS3)
Arlington Lamar Vikings: statum71 | statum71 (PS3)
Cedar Hill Longhorns: statum71 | statum71 (PS3)
Cedar Park Timberwolves: BuckeyeBoy315 | CLEVE315 (360)
Colleyville Heritage (C ville Heritage) Panthers: statum71 | statum71 (PS3)
Corpus Christi Calallen (CC Calallen) Wildcats: statum71 | statum71 (PS3)
Dallas Carter Cowboys: statum71 | statum71 (PS3)
Dallas Kimball Knights: statum71 | statum71 (PS3)
Denton Broncos: statum71 | statum71 (PS3)
Euless Trinity Trojans: statum71 | statum71 (PS3)
Everman Bulldogs: statum71 | statum71 (PS3)
Fort Worth Eastern Hills (FW Eastern Hills) Highlanders: statum71 | statum71 (PS3)
Fort Worth O D Wyatt (FW O D Wyatt) Chaparrals: statum71 | statum71 (PS3)
Fort Worth Trimble Tech (FW Trimble Tech) Bulldogs: statum71 | statum71 (PS3)
Fort Worth Western Hills (FW Western Hills) Cougars: statum71 | statum71 (PS3)
Garland Owls: statum71 | statum71 (PS3)
Haltom Buffalos: statum71 | statum71 (PS3)
Hays Rebels: bmvztx | bmvztx (360)
Hurst L D Bell Blue Raiders: statum71 | statum71 (PS3)
Lake Highlands Wildcats: statum71 | statum71 (PS3)
Lake Travis Cavaliers: statum71 | statum71 (PS3)
Lehman Lobos: AwesomO | 16646 (Web)
Lewisville Marcus Marauders: statum71 | statum71 (PS3)
Lubbock Roosevelt Eagles: statum71 | statum71 (PS3)
Lufkin Panthers: statum71 | statum71 (PS3)
Katy Tigers: statum71 | statum71 (PS3)
Mayde Creek Rams: statum71 | statum71 (PS3)
Midland Lee Rebels: statum71 | statum71 (PS3)
Midlothian Panthers: chicago_dynasty | ???
North Shore (GP North Shore) Mustangs: statum71 | statum71 (PS3)
Odessa Permian Panthers: statum71 | statum71 (PS3)
Pearland Oilers: statum71 | statum71 (PS3)
Plano Wildcats: statum71 | statum71 (PS3)
Plano West Wolves: statum71 | statum71 (PS3)
Smithson Valley Rangers: statum71 | statum71 (PS3)
Southlake Carroll Dragons: statum71 | statum71 (PS3)
South Oak Cliff Golden Bears: statum71 | statum71 (PS3)
The Woodlands Highlanders: statum71 | statum71 (PS3)
Tomball Cougars: osubucksfan47 | OhioStBBall22 (360)



Abingdon Falcons: spiverod | spiverod (360)
Blacksburg Bruins: The GIGGAS | MMgiggas2 (360)
Carroll County Cavaliers: spiverod | spiverod (360)
Chirstiansburg Blue Demons: spiverod | spiverod (360)
Floyd County Buffaloes: spiverod | spiverod (360)
Fort Chiswell Pioneers: spiverod | spiverod (360)
Fort Defiance Indians: TDiddy8701 | TDiddy8701 (PS3)
Galax Maroon Tide: spiverod | spiverod (360)
George Wythe Maroons: spiverod | spiverod (360)
Giles Spartans: The GIGGAS | MMgiggas2 (360)
Grayson County Blue Devils: spiverod | spiverod (360)
Harrisonburg Blue Streaks: TDiddy8701 | TDiddy8701 (PS3)
Hidden Valley Titans: The GIGGAS | MMgiggas2 (360)
Liberty Minutemen: The GIGGAS | MMgiggas2 (360)
Lord Botetourt Cavaliers: The GIGGAS | MMgiggas2 (360)
Northside Vikings: The GIGGAS | MMgiggas2 (360)
Patrick Henry Patriots: The GIGGAS | MMgiggas2 (360)
Radford Bobcats: spiverod | spiverod (360)
R.E. Lee Fighting Leemen: TDiddy8701 | TDiddy8701 (PS3)
Rockbridge County Wildcats: TDiddy8701 | TDiddy8701 (PS3)
Spottswood Trailblazers: TDiddy8701 | TDiddy8701 (PS3)
Stuarts Draft Cougars: TDiddy8701 | TDiddy8701 (PS3)
Tazewell Bulldogs: spiverod | spiverod (360)
Turner Ashby Knights: TDiddy8701 | TDiddy8701 (PS3)
Virginia Bearcats: spiverod | spiverod (360)
Waynesboro Little Giants: TDiddy8701 | TDiddy8701 (PS3)
Wilson Memorial Hornets: TDiddy8701 | TDiddy8701 (PS3)
West Potomac Wolverines: TDiddy8701 | TDiddy8701 (PS3)

Auburn-Riverside Ravens: Exile04 | Exile55 (PS3)
Enumclaw Hornets: Exile04 | Exile55 (PS3)
Kentridge Chargers: Exile04 | Exile55 (PS3)
Kentwood Conqerors: Exile04 | Exile55 (PS3)
Kent-Merdian Royals: Exile04 | Exile55 (PS3)
Kentlake Falcons: Exile04 | Exile55 (PS3)
Tahoma Bears: Exile04 | Exile55 (PS3)




Please list the schools you have created as well as your gamertag/PSN name (Teambuilder name).

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Old 07-12-2011, 01:30 PM   #2
TDiddy8701's Arena
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Location: San Diego, CA
Re: The High School Team Directory

I have a bunch in Virginia done...

Teambuilder/PSN username - TDiddy8701

Stuarts Draft Cougars
Fort Defiance Indians
Harrisonburg Blue Streaks
West Potomac Wolverines
R.E. Lee Fighting Leemen
Turner Ashby Knights
Spottswood Trailblazers
Wilson Memorial Hornets
Waynesboro Little Giants
Rockbridge County Wildcats
NFL - San Diego Chargers, Detroit Lions
NBA- Miami Heat, Portland Trailblazers
MLB - Detroit Tigers
NHL - Detroit Red Wings
Soccer - USA, Rangers

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Cutter15's Arena
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Join Date: Oct 2010
Location: Mississippi
I have a few Southeast Mississippi schools. Most are completely accurate with logos and uniforms. Others are only partially done.

Enterprise Bulldogs
Heidelberg Oilers
Laurel Tornadoes
Meridian Wildcats
Northeast Jones Tigers
Northeast Lauderdale Trojans
Newton County Cougars
Quitman Panthers
South Jones Braves
Wayne County War Eagles
West Jones Mustangs
West Lauderdale Knights

Gt: Cutter15log
Alabama Crimson Tide
New Orleans Saints
Kyle Busch #18
Atlanta Braves
Southern Miss Golden Eagles

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Charleston_Tiger's Arena
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Re: The High School Team Directory

I have created Ninety Six High School in South Carolina clemalum07 is my PSN

here is link as well

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sikolec's Arena
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Re: The High School Team Directory

Originally Posted by Charleston_Tiger
I have created Ninety Six High School in South Carolina clemalum07 is my PSN

here is link as well

Anyway you can post them?
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Timbers - Jags - Hokies
The GIGGAS's Arena
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Re: The High School Team Directory

I have some Southwest Virginia schools done:

Blacksburg Bruins
Giles Spartans
Liberty Minutemen
Northside Vikings
Patrick Henry Patriots
Lord Botetourt Cavaliers
Hidden Valley Titans

360: MMgiggas2

I'm going to be adding Salem, Cave Spring, Pulaski County, and Christiansburg as soon as I can.
Rose City 'Til I Die
Hokie Hokie Hokie Hy

Member: OS Uni Snob Assoc.
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Twitter: @TheGIGGAS_OS
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jwilphl's Arena
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Re: The High School Team Directory

See the thread here for some more teams to add to the list: http://www.operationsports.com/forum...ool-teams.html

I've created a bunch of District 1 (PIAA) Southeastern PA teams for use:

Cheltenham Panthers (AAAA)
Garnet Valley Jaguars (AAAA)
Hatboro-Horsham Hatters (AAAA)
Interboro Buccaneers (AAA)
Methacton Warriors (AAAA)
Norristown Eagles (AAAA)
Phoenixville Phantoms (AAA)
Plymouth-Whitemarsh Colonials (AAAA)
Upper Dublin (AAAA)
Upper Merion (AAAA)
Upper Moreland (AAA)
Upper Perkiomen (AAA)
Wissahickon Trojans (AAAA)

These are as-accurate-as-I-could-make-them replicas.

Search under jwilphl for the PS3.
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Re: The High School Team Directory

Please only include teams that are realistically created!
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