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The Crib

Just spinning off an older thread of mine, reminiscing about one of the great features introduced in 2K4 and expanded on in 2K5:


Originally Posted by Blzer
I will be honest here and say that part of the complete package for ESPN NFL 2K5 was The Crib. I know many people might pass it off as a gimmick, but I loved the aspect of it technically being a virtual profile. The unlockables, mini-games, and customization of your own little environment was, for me, quite epic to have.

It's a shame that they didn't carry this over to their other 2K titles as they progressed to this console generation, because one thing that I always would have loved to see was a huge mansion-like Crib that could crossover between 2K Sports titles, where you could unlock things from each sport that you have (baseball, football, hockey, basketball, even tennis). Within this crib would also be a trophy room, comprised of certain things you have won in your franchises, etc.

Also, they had their own little "achievements" checklist. For me, this incentive drove me as much as it does now with Xbox Live achievements and PS3 trophies. There were just so many tiny things that, IMO, was done right with this mode, that I would hate to see it completely scrapped in their next NFL 2K title, should that ever come to be.

No, I don't want them to work on improving The Crib over working on DB awareness and such, but they could have fun making this thing while they're on their long hiatus. There's nothing wrong with that.

Oh yeah, I also loved First Person Football. It sucked in terms of how much better it actually could have been, but I hate them bringing something in, just to scrap it later.
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Re: The Crib

I always felt like The Crib was the most '90s thing ever that made it into a 2000s game, but I don't hate the general concept here.
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