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This is a post from 2009! about 2k football

What do you think now?

What if football game developers tried this?

Create a football game that uses the balance of say Street Fighter 4. To make the gameplay more authentic, I would break the playbooks down into 3 different game plans that focused on trying to exploit defensive weaknesses or offensive strengths. Each team would have a least 2 unique playbooks. Also the playbooks would be limited, but can be adjusted at half time. This would help to give the user a real sense of game planning and coaching adjustments.

What if they did this?

Make the game sim stat wise, but give the game some "videogame" elements. The cut scenes and player celebrations should be seamless, vary from player to player and team to team. Give stars and big plays the "something special just happened play/cut scene".

And this....

Give the team tiers and somehow reward low tier team victories or in game accomplishments with an incentive that could help that team to win the game. You should really have to know how to use a low tier team and have good playcalling to compete, but have it so that it can be done on a decent level and there should be some sort of team ranking similar to the Call of Duty online rankings and may even unlock a few trick plays if you achieve a certain team status or in game accomplishments. WOW!

Just throwing around some ideas that I think are sorely missing from sport games that other game are cashing in on. Sport game are getting too complicated and losing its competitive nature because of this IMHO.

A man can dream can't he.

What world do you live in?
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Re: This is a post from 2009! about 2k football

Reading this got me thinking, what if in the future in up incoming football titles allowed for eye movement tracking
Say for like Qb, kind of like how they did it older games with funnel vision or whatever it was called back then but actually used real eye tracking
It would be amazing, what could be done with that
Anyway, nice thought experiment

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