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Updated goody's sliders again

Updated 6/11/2020

QBA 50, Catching 25, Pass Blocking 25, RBA 75, Run block 50
Awareness 50, knockdowns 25, interceptions 25, block shed 75, tackle 50
kp 75, ka 25, pp 50, pa 75, ko 25

Game AI
Offsides 100, False Start 75, hold 50, face 50, 100 offensive pi, 75 def pi, kick interference 100, clip 50, 100 intentional ground, 100 roughing pass, and 100 roughing kick.

Picked the game back up, rocking with these adjustments. I feel like Ive got a really good balance now.

Pass game adjustments

Less drops because wrs dont run perfect routes(more overthrows), blockshed at 75 so the qb doesnt get as many easy throws. 25 pass blocking means more passes are affected by that pass rush moving the qb off his spot. Knockdowns HAS to be at 25 or lower or interceptions will get out of control. Interceptions at 25 allows less perfect coverage for more penalties and less interceptions in general. Awareness is at 50 because everyone should be based on stats for that.

Run game adjustments

I used to have it at 25 tackle, 50 run ability, 75 run blocking, 75 block shed. I thought it would be necessary to match run blocking to shedding so it wouldnt get overpowered, but the opposite happened. If you looked through the stats at the end of the game or through the season, run block success rates were 100% or damn near it. As for tackling and run ability, I only had tackle at 25 cause it was too overpowered when rba was at 50. But that lead to ridiculous amounts of missed tackles just so rbs wouldnt always get tackled in the back ground as soon as a lb touched them.

So with these, Im at 50 tackle(much less poor tackling), 50 run block(not perfect blocking), 75 block shed to boost dline/lb rush, 75 run ability. The last is the most important honestly. At 50, players are pretty damn stupid with the ball in their hand. Thats wrs, qbs, tes, rbs, fbs, returners, they all are stupid. Even the best ones dont run like great rbs, they run like they're ok. You'll almost never see a 2000 year runner or someone go for 200 in a game. It just doesnt happen for either side often. These allow it to be possible for a rb to go off while not giving run blocking a boost.

Ok, so I finally figured this out. People dont think they work right but they dont understand what the sliders do. So FG Power isnt just how far someone can kick. Its literally the SPEED of the ball IN AIR. If boosted, it improves distance but it ALSO makes shorter kicks harder on an angle, they give longer kicks more chance of going wide. So boosting it to 75 is beneficial in 2 ways. Still if you only put that up, accuracy would be too good at 50, you'll never miss still. So now you drop that to 25 which determines how much more the ball moves left to right in air. Punt power is perfect at 50, its just fine, leave it alone. The ball moves just fine at the 50 power, 75 accuracy allows more coffin corners and punts inside the 20. KO POWER is SPEED of the ball. Now, even if you have Alexis Serna, every kick off isnt a touchback. If there no wind, sure, he'll still kick it in the middle to back of endzone, with wind behind its going out of the field of play. If he's kicking into the wind tho, it will make him kick a returnable ball.


Im still tweaking these, used to be 100 for everything but holding facemask clipping and DPI. Ive now dropped False start to 75 so offsides actually triggers sometimes. At 50, they dont really fake hike enough to cause offsides, at 100 false start always overrides offsides. But with all the other sliders, more of these penalties are showing up but not outrageously. They seem to fit pretty well, especially when you account for play learning and ratings.

Really loving the game again. Hope you try these out, tell me if you see anything you love or dont while testing them. Pretty sure you're gonna love these.

I changed Knockdowns to 25 because I got like 5 games in the season and drew Brees had 16 interceptions, manning had 9. That was knockdowns making throws more difficult trajectories and more people jumping at the ball. So goody was right, 25 for knockdowns and interceptions is necessary.

I also moved DPI up to 75 because they just dont happen enough at 50 and then offensive pi never happens. I'm the kinda guy who would rather have too many than none at all tho, so do you. I dont think its an absurd amount, prolly depends on roster and coaching staff more than anything.

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Re: Updated goody's sliders again

Awesome update. So are the sliders the same for both CPU and USER? No difference?
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Re: Updated goody's sliders again

Started a new franchise today - well, just got the first few tasks out the way - Free Agency begins tomorrow. Gonna give these sliders a go - let's see how it plays out!
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