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Re: New Dolphins Career

Game Review:

49ers 27
Dolphins 5

Another blowout loss. After excelling against the Bills last week, our offense couldn't get anything going today. John Beck was awful (11-27, 130 yds, 3 INT) and was pulled in the 3rd quarter. Chad Henne didn't do much better (6-16, 48 yds, INT) and our ground game gained only 11 yds overall without Ronnie. Brandon London was the most consistent WR (7-75) but he also had a couple of drops. Matt Roth had a Safety in the 3rd when he tackled Frank Gore in the Niners endzone. Niners DE Ray McDonald humiliated out RT Trai Essex with 3 sacks. Our leaky pass defense turned JT O'Sullivan into Superman (285 yds, 3 TD, INT). I have no idea why our offense is so inconsistent. Last week we scored 43, this week the offense scored only 3.

If there's anyone out there with an idea how to get my offense to perform more consistent, please tell me! As I am already planing the offseason it becomes more and more clear that we'll try to go for a new QB and a complete overhaul of our Defensive Backfield.

During the Week:
After a dissapointing loss to San Francisco, I have some more bad news: RB Ronnie Brown has a torn ACL and is out for the season (IR). Hopefully he'll be back for next season. But his long term durability will probably take another hit.
Miami Dolphins placed RB Ronnie Brown on IR, signed RB Dwayne Wright.
OLB Joey Porter suffered an injury in practice and will be out 1-3 weeks. With only 2 games remaining this season the team decided to put him on IR.
Miami Dolphins placed LB Joey Porter on IR, signed S Kelin Johnson. Johnson now has 2 games to prove he's worth keeping for next season.
FB Mike Tolbert signed a one year extension.

Game Preview, Week 16 at Kansas City

We have probably more players on IR than on the active roster, so I won't name them all. KC is missing DT Glenn Dorsey and OLB D.Williams.
They'll likely try to establish the run with Larry Johnson. We have to shut it down and hope our anemic secondary won't turn Damon Huard into another Superman... On offense I decided to give Chad Henne a shot. He will play at least one half (more playing time is depending on performance). Newly acquired S Kelin Johnson will start at SS.
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Re: New Dolphins Career

Game Review:

Dolphins 6
Chiefs 35

Alright, if you thought John Beck was playing bad this season you haven't seen Chad Henne yet. Henne failed miserably in his first career start and completed only 3 of 16 passes (1 INT) and got sacked 5 times. At halftime, already down 21-0, John Beck took over and was average at best (11-20, 150 yds, no scores/picks). Ryan Torain was solid at RB but he couldn't get a lot of carries.
We failed to contain Larry Johnson who rushed for 114 yds and 2 scores. Our O-Line was a disaster, giving up 9 sacks (partly due to Henne holding on to the ball too long). On defense, both OLB's (Bake, Roth) were able to grab an interception.
I'm glad this season will soon be over and I'm already looking forward to the offseason and next season. Unfortunately, our 5 wins will make it almost impossible to go after Mike Zazzali who would be a perfect fit for my offensive system.

During the Week:
Ted Ginn was injured during the Chiefs game and will be out 3-5 weeks. He was placed on IR. Koren Robinson will replace him as the main return man and as our 4th WR.
DE Shaun Smith signed a one year extension with the Dolphins.

Game Preview, Week 17 at New York Jets
John Beck will start at QB. The Jets will be without RB Thomas Jones. It will come down to if we're able to stop Brett Favre taking our defense apart in what probably/maybe be his final NFL game (but who know with Favre...).

Game Review:

Dolphins 23
Jets 14

This was a strange game. John Beck got hurt early in the second quarter (down 3-7 at that time) and I decided to replace him with Dennis Dixon over Chad Henne. Dixon was on fire (13-20, 141 yds, 2 TD, no picks). Cobbs & Torain did a solid job running down the clock late in the game. Defensively, Reggie Torbor had a good game, recording 9 tackles (3 for loss) and a sack. Brett Favre was solid but unspectacular (161 yds, TD, INT) but we shut down their running game (54 combined yds between Washington and Chatman).
So an expectedly tough first season ends on a high note with a win over our biggest rival, giving us a 6-10 record and probably the 12th pick in the draft.

During the Week:
CB DeJuan Tribble signed a new 6-year contract with the Dolphins worth just under 7M.
S Jamie Silva signed a one year extension.
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Re: New Dolphins Career

NFL Yearly Awards:

MVP: Eli Manning
Offensive POY: Eli Manning
Defensive POY: Ty Law
Offensive ROY: Ray Rice
Defensive ROY: Leodis McKelvin
Coach of the Year: Gary Kubiak

QB: Eli Manning
RB: Brian Westbrook
WR: Brandon Marshall
OL: Marcus McNeill
DL: Aaron Kampman
LB: Jon Beason
DB: Ty Law
K: Ryan Lindell

Ted Ginn was the only Dolphin being invited to the Pro Bowl as a return specialist but he had to withdraw due to injury.

The Eagles won the Superbowl against the Patriots (24-16)

Season Stats:

John Beck: 53% comp, 2905 yds, 15 TD, 25 INT (63.6 QB Rating)

Ryan Torain: 44-221 (5.0 avg), 5 TD, 1 FUM
Ronnie Brown: 50-220 (4.4 avg), 5 TD
Patrick Cobbs: 62-118 (1.9 avg), 2 TD

Brandon London: 54-753, 3 TD
Anthony Mix: 45-763, 6 TD
Earnest Wilford: 42-553
Ted Ginn: 28-299, 4 TD
Patrick Cobbs: 21-277, 1 TD
Ronnie Brown: 17-259, 3 TD
Anthony Fasano: 12-113, 1 TD

Akin Ayodele: 112 tackles (18 TFL), 4 sacks
Reggie Torbor: 101 tackles (5 TFL), 4 FF
Matt Roth: 74 tackles (14 TFL), 52 hurries
Hank Smithers: 5 sacks (leads team)
Michael Lehan: 4 INT (leads team)

Dan Carpenter: 15-18, 51 long, 25/25 XP

Brandon Fields: 75-3115 (41.5 avg, 35.1 net avg), 0 blocked, 7 inside 20

Staff Changes:
OC Dan Henning fired, Jim Zorn hired
DC Paul Pasqualoni fired, Brett Bourbin hired
QB coach David Lee fired, Tom Clements hired
OL coach Mike Maser fired, Rusty Alexander hired
LB coach Joe Rose fired, Mike Haluchak hired
Trainer Roger Rodriguez fired, Ian Baker hired

In not completely unrelated news, the Raiders hired Gary Hammermill as their new Head Coach. They also have the 1st OVR pick in the draft.
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Re: New Dolphins Career

Free Agency Recap:

During Free Agency, we signed the following players:
DT Dre Moore, 1 yr (will likely move to DE in our 3-4)
CB Anthony Henry, 1 yr
LB Bart Scott, 3 yrs
FS James Sanders, 2 yrs

The Brown cut WR Braylon Edwards and he's still a FA. Depending on how the draft goes we might join the race to sign him.

Draft Plans:
We have the #12 pick in each round with some additional late round picks. There are 2 players in the draft who I'd consider 'Elite', QB Mike Zazzali and CB DeMario Waddell. Both are projected top 5 picks, however if one of the slips out of the top 5, I'll try to trade up and get him. In case we stay at #12 my plan is to either pick MLB Gino King or trade down in the 20's to get the best CB available.

As I have QB issues and need a mobile QB for my spread offense I have set my sights on USF QB Jon Heatley. He doesn't have a rocket arm but he can run and should develop some accuracy with a good QB coach. He should be available in the late 2nd or early 3rd.

My main tool for scouting is the NFL comparison. I figured that it provides a very good indicator early ruound busts and late round sleepers. That said I have scouted a Safety from Alabama (D.Sharper comparison) and a big DT from a small College who would be a perfect fit for my 3-4 defense (Shaun Rogers comparison). There's also a LE with a Adewale Ogunleye comparison but he's only in the 260's so he would have to move to OLB in my defense. I also spotted a Guard from Nebraska with an Alan Faneca comparison and a LOLB compared to Lance Briggs. All of them should be available in the mid/late rounds. I could also use some help at WR but I've yet to find somebody who fits the mold (Tall/Red Zone Philosophy).

As I learned from last season's injury problems, you can't trust guys with low INJ rating. Thus, all injury prone players will be available for trade if the price is right.
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Re: New Dolphins Career

The Draft:

#8 - DeMario Waddell (CB, Washington) - Trade w/ Redskins: #8 OVR vs 4th rounder, RB Ronnie Brown, LB Joey Porter
#12 - Gino King (MLB, West Virginia)

#44 - Kenton Kason (RB, Georgia)

#72 - Herman Cable (DT, Valdosta St.)
#73 - Sandrick Raines (FS, Alabama)

#100 - Adam Reese (WR, Indiana)
#110 - DeAnthony Nails (CB, UAB)

#161 - Darius Young (LG, Nebraska)

#212 - DeAngelo McCoy (QB, Cornell)
#224 - Dwayne Cross (TE, Delaware St.)

Undrafted Free Agents:
Reuben Atkins (CB, Alabama)
Bryce Lankster (RT, San Diego)
Marc Watts (K, San Diego)
Rob Leslie (DT, Portland St.)
Sedrick McCoy (RB, Yale)

Traded away during the draft:
DE Philip Merling
CB Michael Lehan
DT Jason Ferguson
2010 4th, 5th & 7th rounders

The Miami Dolphins signed WR Braylon Edwards and DE/OLB Tony Bake to one-year contracts.
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Re: New Dolphins Career

Comments on the draft:

DeMario Waddell at #8 is a complete steal, he was projected a sure fire top 5 pick. I gave up a 4th rounder, Ronnie Brown (good but injury prone and last year of contract) and Joey Porter (injury prone and getting old).
Gino King has a Ray Lewis comparison. Hopefully he can build the centre of our 3-4 defense with FA acquisition Bart Scott just like Lewis did in Baltimore.
Kenton Kasom - I had planned to go after QB Jon Heatley with this pick but the Raiders reached for him and took him with the first pick in round 2 (good fit - mobile QB and Gary Hammermill's offense). After I traded Ronnie Brown I needed a new RB and Kasom was the best available at this point.
Herman Cable is another big guy for our defensive front. Only problem is either Cable or Hank Smithers will have to move to DE.
Sandrick Raines was a player I targeted all along, so I traded up to get him here. He had a Brian Dawkins comparison and will likely be our starting FS.
In round 4 I took a flyer on receiver Adam Reese. I simply liked his size (6'7) which makes him a good fit for my offense.
DeAnthony Nails is a corner I had scouted and I'm glad I could grab him here. He'll probably start as a nickel CB with the chance to move outside if he progresses well.
I didn't scout Darius Young a lot but he had a comparison to Alan Faneca. If he can have half as good a career as Faneca had/has, he would be a steal.
DeAngelo McCoy is a QB from a small College who had a Drew Brees comparison. Is advertised to be accurate but injury prone. Hey, it's the 7th round, why not take a flyer on a QB (which is still a position of need)...
Dwayne Cross is a TE compared to Kellen Winslow, so he's probably a good pass catcher but not a good blocker. Maybe he has to swith to WR in my system, depending on his blocking skills. He will probably not be an every down player for me...

As for the undrafted FA's, I just took some guys who I thought might fit the respective system. Only guy I really targeted is RB Sedrick McCoy who had a Jamal Lewis comparison so he'll likely have a training camp battle with Ryan Torain for the Power Back spot.

On the other players I traded away:
Jason Ferguson is old and can't stay healthy. His time is up.
Philip Merling is a talented young player. Unfortunately, his INJ rating of 54 makes it impossible for him to stay on the field.
Michael Lehan was a backup Corner for me and was surplus the requirements after drafting Waddell and Nails. Luckily the Redskins gave up a pick for him.
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Re: New Dolphins Career

Preseason Summary:

We went 0-4 again but like last year, I don't care about preseason results.
John Beck is really getting competition for his starting job. Rookie McCoy is better than expected but for now I'll stick with Beck who has better knowledge of the playbook.

Notable Transactions:
My GM signed a couple of very talented camp invitees. Both play on the O-Line, one of them will probably start at RT.
Traded a 2011 7th rounder to Tampa Bay for QB Josh Johnson, who will take the place of Dennis Dixon as my Wildcat/Option QB.
Signed RB Jonathan Steward to a one-year contract. He will share the backfield with rookie Kenton Kasom.
Backup Tackle Kirk Barton will miss the entire season with a foot injury. He was placed on IR.
Traded WR Anthony Mix to the Jaguars for their 2nd and 7th rounders in 2011.
Signed WR/QB Brad Smith to a one-year contract.
QB Chad Henne was among the final roster cuts.

Season Preview:
In our first offseason we managed to set a foundation for future success. Some expensive and aging veterans are gone and some promising youngsters are in. After leading a 1-15 team to a 6-10 record we'll try to keep improving. Although the team owner said he'd be satisfied with a record 'below .500', my unofficial goal is to finish 8-8 at least.

Beck is still our QB but he has fierce competition by our surprising rookie. The running back unit is competely new, we have 3 guys at an almost equal level. Our leading receiver Anthony Mix is gone but he was replaced more than equally with Braylon Edwards. The Offensive Line should be slightly improved (better play knowledge & 2 solid rookie starters at RG and RT). Josh Johnson and Brad Smith were added for some surprise elements.

The Defensive Line is almost complete, although we could still use an upgrade at RE as Vonnie Holliday is getting older. The ILB's are the centerpiece of this defense (B.Scott & G.King). Akin Ayodele will kick outside and converted DE Tony Bake will get a chance to replace Joey Porter as our pass rushing LB. The secondary has found 2 long term starters in CB Waddell and FS Raines. We are still searching for a better option at SS though (currently James Sanders).

We have reached the beginning of the regular season, our first game is against our biggest rival, the Jets.

Game Preview, Week 1 at Jets:

Except for Kirk Barton (on IR) we have no injuries so far. The Jets are without NT Kris Jenkins, WR Laveranues Coles and DE Philip Merling, whom they acquired from us in a draft day trade.
Usually the Jets tend to run the ball a lot, so we'll have to stop them. With Brett Favre finally retired (hopefully) they only have Sage Rosenfels and Kellen Clemens at Quarterback. With Coles out their only receiving thread should be Jerricho Cotchery. Their O-Line is probably the best in the league so it will be a tough task to stop the run.
On offense, we'll stick with our pass-first Spread Offense. If John Beck doesn't turn the ball over a lot we'll have a chance...

What are your thoughts on this season and the way this team is developing? This dynasty doesn't have to be a monologue...

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Kurt l o l's Arena
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Re: New Dolphins Career

I love reading this; gonna start my own dolphins one because it looks so fun what you're doing.

I think you can take the jets if you stack the line. The jets don't have much of a passing attack with such QBs (Kind of like the real life cardinals.. Not bad recievers just no QB.) However if they run it with a 2 te/fb formation (8 blockers) vs your 3/4 defence you're going to have trouble. You'll most prob have to bring the SS up to help the run if they do a 8 blocking formation.

Keep it up!
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