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Re: New Dolphins Career

Game Review:

Saints 13
Dolphins 41

Once again we got lucky and the opposing QB had to leave the game early due to injury. Charlie Frye replaced Drew Brees midway through the 1st, which really helped us because Frye simply couldn't sense the pressure we brought all day and was sacked 13 times as we brought 5 to 7 men all game. We completely shut down their running game (5 yds overall) and on offense we kept running with different players (Sedrick McCoy or Mike Tolbert inside, Kenton Kasom outside, Josh Johnson on trick plays) and it worked well. We dominated TOP with some long drives and our QB was on target when needed and didn't turn the ball over (172 yds, 2 TD, both to Braylon Edwards who caught another TD on a WR pass from Brad Smith). The Saints defense couldn't stop us at all in the first half but they made some nice halftime adjustments (bringing more pressure the middle) to hold our offense to only 7 points in the second half. Both Kickers missed an XP and had a kickoff out of bounds (probably due to 20 mph sidewinds).

During the Week:
WR Braylon Edwards was named AFC Offensive Player of the Week.
LB Bart Scott will miss another week due to injury.
CB Anthony Henry is out for the season with a torn PCL and was placed on IR. Signed CB Dominique Rogers-Cromartie as a replacement. He'll be our dime corner (4th) and also see action as a return specialist. Will Allen will start for the injured Henry and DeAnthony Nails will play the nickel corner (3rd).

Game Preview, Week 14 vs Carolina:
Bart Scott will miss this game but is expected to be back next week. Backup RB Jonathan Stewart returns from injury and will face his former team. We'll have to wait and see how DRC can step in and play as our dime corner without knowing the playbook. The Panthers have no key injuries but are without their backup RB and their FB. We'll try to stop the Delhomme-to-Smith connection. On offense we want to keep a good balance between run and pass.

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Re: New Dolphins Career

Game Review:

Panthers 14
Dolphins 21

The Panthers came out on a hot start, leading 14-0 after Q1. After that they didn't do much as our defense contained both, their running and passing game. Vonnie Holliday and Tony Bake had good games in particular. On Offense DeAnthony McCoy strugged with his accuracy all day, going just 7-24 for 155 yds (1 TD, 2 INT). When the game was on the line (down by 1 with 3 minutes to go) I opted for John Beck and he led us to a great 68 yds game winning drive that resulted in a Mike Tolbert TD-run with 0:28 to go. Beck was 5-8 for 87 yds on that drive. Our ground attack was solid (78 yds) but can still improve. Dan Carpenter was on target on both of his attempts (41 & 49 yds).
Now at 6-7 at least we have already reached our win total from last season. My personal goal is still to reach the .500 mark at the end of the season even if it means a slightly worse draft position. But you play to win games not to get high draft picks (unless you're the 2010 Redskins)...
Honestly, I don't know which QB to start next week vs the Colts...

During the Week:
LB Bart Scott got re-injured in practice and will be out indefinately.

Game Preview, Week 15 vs Indianapolis:
We are without Scott, Barton and Henry. The Colts have injury worries themselves as they are missing C Jeff Saturday, DE Dwight Freeney and RB Joseph Addai. As always when you pay the Colts you have to focus on defending the pass...
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Re: New Dolphins Career

Game Review:

Colts 38
Dolphins 0

You can't win against Tony Dungy. Your players can't do the simplest things and all opposing players are god-like. Hope Dungy will step down as Colts coach in the near future...

During the Week:
LB Bart Scott is out for 2 monts. With only 2 games left, we placed him on IR.
Signed veteran LB Derek Smith to provide depth at ILB.

At this point I don't really know which QB to start. Beck had more bad games than good ones but he still performed better than DeAngelo McCoy who only had one good game so far. Josh Johnson is more a runner than a passer at this point in his career, so he's a valuable roster member but not an option as our starting QB. We must get a new QB in the offseason!

Game Preview, Week 16 at Baltimore:
With Bart Scott finally on IR, Reggie Torbor will take the spot next to Gino King. Vonnie Holliday will also miss the game. The Ravens are pretty banged up. T Willie Anderson, FB Darian Barnes, WR Derrick Mason, DE Trevor Pryce and LB's Ray Lewis, Terrell Suggs, Takeo Spikes, Jameel McClain are all out. They have rookie Chris Essex at QB who is a candidate for Rookie of the Year but their main threat will be their RB duo of Ray Rice and Willis McGahee.

Game Review:

Dolphins 20
Ravens 30

Ray Rice scored on a 69 yd run on the first play of the game. DeAngelo McCoy threw a pick to Chris McAllister on our first offensive play. He threw another pick in the 2nd and was benched at halftime in favour of John Beck who proceeded to actually play well for a change (178 yds, TD in one half). Kenton Kasom had 2 rushing TD's but couldn't get a lot of yardage on the ground. Ray Rice was dominant for the Ravens. He singlehandedly won the game for them (along with his O-Line of course), going 20 for 175 yds and 2 scores. Sanrick Raines grabbed his 8th INT of the season (not bad for a rookie).

During the Week:
FS Sanrick Raines was invited to the Pro Bowl. Although he has a great rookie season his OVR is still at 78 (91 POT). I don't get it. Other players improve their OVR when they perform well.
LB Bart Scott had to withdraw from the Pro Bowl due to injury.

Game Preview, Week 17 vs Jets:
We have no injuries aside from the 3 guys on IR. The Jets are without Tackle Ryan O'Callaghan and RB Thomas Jones.
John Beck will get the start at QB. If he sucks, Josh Johnson will play the second half. With Jones out the Jets will have to rely on LenDale White at RB but does he have the stamina to play an entire game as a featured back? No specific gameplan details this time, we just want to finish the season on a positive note.

Game Review:

Jets 19
Dolphins 16

Dan Carpenter twice had the chance to win the game. He missed from 36 yds with 0:50 in regulation and from 42 yds in overtime. Matt Prater made a 52 yarder early in the game as well as a 51 yarder to win the game in OT (Prater was 4-4 on FG's). Is Alexis Serna still available???
Wallace Wright returned the opening kickoff for a Jets TD and we held the Jets without an offensive TD all game. Still, some mistakes (2 missed FG's, turnovers, a 15-yd penalty against our defense on 4th and 14) cost us the game. The Jets couldn't hurt us offensively, yet they still managed to get away with the W.
John Beck was 16-32 for 324 yds, a TD and a pick. Josh Johnson added a pick on a Wildcat play in OT. Our running game was ineffective but receivers Braylon Edwards (6-172, TD) and Brandon London (6-124) had great games. DeMario Waddell, who seemed to hit the rookie wall lately, finished the season on a high note, not allowing a catch all game.

That's it for the season. We're 6-10 once again. Last year we were happy with the result (coming off a 1-15 year) but this time around it's a disappointment. There will be changes made in the offseason.
Any guesses???
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Re: New Dolphins Career


Packers beat Colts 24-16

Fired OC Jim Zorn
Fired DC Brett Bourbin
Hired Don Hessendorf as new OC
Hired Leslie Frazier as new DC
Philosophy change for FS: changed from Balanced to Man Coverage

MVP: Brian Westbrook (PHI)
OPOY: Brian Westbrook (PHI)
DPOY: Nick Barnett (GB)
OROY: Vonnie Mendenhall (CIN)
DROY: Lonnie Elliott (KC)

QB: Peyton Manning (IND)
RB: Brian Westbrook (PHI)
WR: Brandon Marshall (DEN)
OL: Joe Thomas (CLE)
DL: Derrick Harvey (JAX)
LB: Nick Barnett (GB)
DB: Rashean Mathis (JAX)
K: John Carney (ATL)

Coach of the Year: Tony Dungy (IND)

Season Stats (Miami Dolphins):
John Beck: 50% comp, 2144 yds, 8 TD, 12 INT
DeAngelo McCoy: 42% comp, 882 yds, 5 TD, 9 INT
Josh Johnson: 52% comp, 563 yds, 2 TD, 4 INT

Kenton Kasom: 124-443, 6 TD
Sedrick McCoy: 53-235, 2 TD
Jonathan Stewart: 36-169, 2 TD
Josh Johnson: 41-156, 2 TD
Mike Tolbert: 6-44, 1 TD (I should get him more carries!)

Braylon Edwards: 66-1358, 6 TD, 15 DRP
Brandon London: 59-818, 0 TD, 11 DRP
Adam Reese: 30-406, 1 TD, 10 DRP
Kenton Kasom: 22-309, 2 TD, 7 DRP
Anthony Fasano: 19-199, 1 TD, 3 DRP
Ted Ginn: 14-205, 3 TD, 3 DRP

Tackles: Akin Ayodele (88), Bart Scott (87), Gino King (85)
TFL: Scott (20), Ayodele (19), King (17)
Sacks: Scott (8), Tony Bake (7), Ayodele (7)
INT: Sanrick Raines (8), DeMario Waddell (3), 4 others (1)
DEFL: Waddell (13), Raines (10), James Sanders (8)
Hurries: Scott (45), Bake (38), Ayodele/King (35)

Dan Carpenter: 20-29, LG 49, XP: 25-28, TB: 0

Brandon Fields: 41.5 avg, 33.7 net,, LG: 55 1 BLK, in 20: 6

Ted Ginn: 28.1 avg, 1 TD, 7.5 avg on punts
DeMario Waddell: 27.8 avg, 1 TD, 5.1 avg on punts

As of now, we'll have the following picks in the upcoming draft:
1-10 (round 1, pick 10 OVR)
2-37 (from Atlanta)

We would like to add some picks via trade...

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Re: New Dolphins Career


cut LB Reggie Torbor
DE Vonnie Holliday announced his retirement
placed the franchise tag on WR Braylon Edwards
signed CB Ellis Hobbs as a FA (3 yrs)
traded QB DeAngelo McCoy to the Chiefs for their 3rd round pick (75th OVR)
traded WR Brandon London to the Bears for a 2011 4th round pick
traded a 2011 4th round pick to the Broncos for DE Elvis Dumervil, switched position to OLB
signed TE Vernon Davis as a FA (2 yrs)
signed DT Tank Tyler as a FA (2 yrs), switched position to DE
re-signed LB Reggie Torbor as a FA (2 yrs)

Draft Preview:
Our priority is to find a franchise QB in this draft. We can't come away from this draft without a decent QB. There are 3 guys who will go in the top half of round 1 (Thompson, Scotland, Huckerbee). If one of them falls to #10 it's a no brainer for me. If they're all gone by then I'll pick BPA or trade down. In this case I'll go after Vanderbilt QB Wade Appling in round 2.
Other positions of need are: 3-4 Defensive End (a successor to Vonnie Holliday), Strong Safety (an upgrade over James Sanders), Pass Rushing OLB and WR (someone across Braylon Edwards). A decent power back would also be nice...
I don't have too many mid-round picks this year, so I'm a bit restricted when it comes to moving up in the early rounds (unless other teams are interested in our players on the block). I will not trade up this year. I'll pick whichever QB is available at #10. Alternatives would be one of the WR's (Bender or Binger) or a DE from Ohio State who has a Richard Seymore comparison. If I should trade down I'll target the area around #20 to grab one of the two standout Safeties.
We have 2 early second rounders (#37 and #42). One of them might have to be used on the Vandy QB. With the other 2nd rounder I'll probably pick the best player available at a position of need (see above).
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Re: New Dolphins Career


#10: John Scotland (QB, Oklahoma) - no brainer, with Thompson and Huckerbee gone he was the only franchise QB available

traded QB John Beck, C Samson Satele and CB DeJuan Tribble to the Jaguars for #27
#27: David Finley (DE, Ohio State) - with Scotland on board Beck was expendable. Tribble was our #5 CB. So we essentially traded a very good Center with an expiring contract for a Richard Seymore clone. I'll take that any day...

traded next year's 3rd & 4th rounders and OT Nate Garner to Baltimore for #32
#32: DeMarco Tribble (DT, Auburn) - not necessarily a position of need but Tribble was supposed to be a top 10 pick. I simply couldn't resist the temptation to trade up for him at the bottom of the 1st round

#37: Lance Friberg (C, Northwestern) - with Samson Satele traded away I suddenly needed a Center. And Friberg is one heck of a player...

traded #42 to Seattle for #48, #112 and #208
#48: Jayshawn Boston (DE/OLB, Florida State) - initially planned to pick SS Lopez from UCLA at #42 but the Jets took him at #38. So I traded down a few spots and got another pass rusher. Played DE at FSU but will play OLB in our 3-4

traded #170, #208 and TE Anthony Fasano to the Redskins for #65
#65: Darrell Ogunleye (WR, Clemson) - I wanted to get either him or Killebrew (gone at #55) so I had to trade up to get him. Maybe I overpaid a bit but he's a good prospect (only thing that concerns me is his low learning)

#75: Andre Granderson (RB, Jackson State) - I wanted to trade down but we didn't get a good enough offer so I picked up the guy to replace Jonathan Stewart (signed by Bucs as FA) as our power back.

#96: traded to Dallas for next year's 3rd and 7th rounders

#128: traded to Dallas for #215 and a 4th rounder next year

#215: Johnny Chapman (QB, Western Kentucky)

Undrafted Free Agents:
Antrel Miles (WR, South Carolina) - big target (6'4) with bad learning ability
Renaldo Browning (RE, Yale) - John Abraham comparison, could move to OLB depending on skill-set
Jamar Sanderson (LE, UNLV) - another pass rusher, will have to move to OLB in our system
Twe Pippens (CB, William & Mary) - best man-to-man CB available
Torrin Ball (SS, UL Lafayette) - best SS available

I'm really satisfied with how the draft turned out. The 1st round was probably the best I've ever had in HC. Only downside with Scotland are his injury concerns. The 2 Defensive Linemen could have easily been top 10 or top 15 picks.

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Re: New Dolphins Career


signed WR James Hardy to a one-year deal
traded WR Braylon Edwards to the Ravens for next years 1st round pick
traded DT Dre Moore to the Redskins for a 2011 2nd rounder and a 2012 7th rounder
signed TE Martellus Bennett to a one-year deal
released DE Kendall Langford
released SS Torrin Ball
signed LB Jeremy Leman to a one-year deal
signed SS Tom Zbikowski to a one-year deal

Rookie watch:
QB John Scotland: 72 OVR, 88 POT - injured all preseason, still opening day starter. Only concern is durability
DE David Finley: 86/92 - starter at RE. Had a Richard Seymore comparison and seems to live up to it
DT Demarco Tribble: 86/92 - starter at NT. Character issues but looks like we found our versio of Vince Wilfork
C Lance Friberg: 90/94 - starter at C. Will be an elite NFL Center for the next decade
OLB Jayshawn Boston: 76/82 - not more than a role player. Looks like a bust so far
WR Darrell Ogunleye: 76/91 - starter at WR. Great potential but low learning might slow down his progress
RB Andre Granderson: 75/85 - not an every down back but a good power runner. As advertised
QB Johnny Chapman: 69/89 - backup to Scotland. Great potential but durability concerns
WR Antrel Miles: 73/82 - 4th WR, nice undrafted pickup
DE Renaldo Browning: 77/80 - career backup, a bit undersized for a 3-4 defense
DE/OLB Jamar Sanderson: 82/88 - great find, will contibute immediately although not a starter
CB Twe Pippens: 64/73 - could be cut anytime
SS Torrin Ball: 72/74 - didn't make the final cuts

We went 0-4 in the preseason again. I stil don't care... My owner expects us to finish 'below .500' but just like last season my personal goal is to at least go 8-8.

Opening Day Depth Chart:

QB: John Scotland 72 OVR, 88 POT (Chapman, Johnson)
RB: Kenton Kasom 79/88 (McCoy, Granderson)
FB: Mike Tolbert 81/82
WR: Darrell Ogunleye 76/91 (Reese, Ginn)
WR: James Hardy 76/82 (Miles)
TE: Vernon Davis 75/76 (Bennett)
LT: Jake Long 95/96 (Barton)
LG: Justin Smiley 84 (Thomas)
C: Lance Friberg 90/94 (Holland)
RG: Twan Watters 87/90 (Murphy)
RT: Darius Young 84/86 (Denman)

LE: Hank Smithers 83/87 (Sanderson, Tyler)
NT: Demarco Tribble 86/92 (Cable, Smithers)
RE: David Finley 86/92 (Dotson, Browning)
LOLB: Akin Ayodele 79/89 (Bake, Craig)
ILB: Bart Scott 87 (Leman)
ILB: Gino King 83/93 (Torbor)
ROLB: Elvis Dumervil 84/85 (Boston)
CB: DeMario Waddell 87/94 (W.Allen)
CB: Ellis Hobbs 87 (Nails)
FS: Sanrick Raines 79/92 (J.Allen)
SS: James Sanders 76 (Zbikowski)

Special Teams:
K: Dan Carpenter 83/89
P: Brandon Fields 84/87
RET: DeMario Waddell (Ted Ginn)
3DRB: Kenton Kasom (Granderson, McCoy)
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Re: New Dolphins Career

Game Preview, Week 1 at Pittsburgh:
Both teams are injury free. John Scotland was injured all preseason and doesn't know the playbook yet, so I expect a slow start to the season. The Steelers will probably pound it on the ground and blitz our rookie QB from a lot of different angles on defense.

Game Review:

Dolphins 19
Steelers 16

The game was decided in the final seconds. Down by 3, the Steelers opted to go for the winning TD instead of kicking the tying FG with 0:05 left. Rashard Mendenhall was stopped before the goalline and time expired.
John Scotland was awesome in his NFL debut. He threw 13-21 for 257 yds, 2 TD and no picks although being under constant pressure as our O-Line was a disgrace (11 sacks allowed). Kenton Keith couldn't run the ball effectively but was our best receiver, catching 9 passes for 192 yds and a 32 yd score. The other TD went to James Hardy. Our young defense held the Steelers offense under control all game. They couldn't run the ball against our front seven and our DB's did a nice job in shadowing their receivers. FS Sanrick Raines had a pick in Q3. Brandon Fields had a punt blocked for a safety in the 4th.

Great start to the season (with the exception of our O-Line). John Scotland's OVR jumped from 72 to 78 after that performance.

During the Week:
Nothing to report.

Game Preview, Week 2 vs Denver:
The Broncos are without WR Eddie Royal and CB Walt Harris. We have no injuries. Selvin Young doesn't scare me as a running threat so we have to keep Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall under control. This will be a huge test for DeMario Waddell. Can he cover the reigning WR of the Year? And can John Scotland continue to impress on offense?

Game Review:

Broncos 38
Dolphins 13

Alright, that was an impressive performance by Cutler (355 yds, 4 TD, 2 INT) and Marshall (8-190, 2 TD). Seems like Waddell still has to learn quite a bit before we can consider him 'elite'. Scotland threw for 215 yds with no scores or picks. Our only TD came from a Kenton Kasom run. James Hardy had a good day (7-113). On defense Elvis Dumervil had an INT against his former team. Our O-Line was not good but showed improvement (3 sacks allowed & 2 intentional grounding penalties).

Bye Week is next...

During the Weeks:
released G/C Montrae Holland
signed C Delwan Littman (1 yr)
LB Bart Scott will be out 5-6 weeks with a High Ankle Sprain

Game Preview, Week 4 vs Green Bay:
Bart Scott is out for us. The Packers are without WR Donald Driver. Against the reigning Superbowl champions we are clearly the underdog. Their secondary is aging but still elite. On offense they like to spread it out, just like we do so we'll have to stop Aaron Rodgers.

Game Review:

Packers 40
Dolphins 14

The Packers are Superbowl champion for a reason. They are a really good football team with a great offensive playbook and a defense that produces a lot of turnovers. We were able to control Rodgers and Grant but 2 big running plays by backup Ahman Green were good for 86 yds and 2 scores. Apart from that they created turnovers whenever we reached midfield.
John Scotland was 18-37 for 246 yds, a TD and 2 INTs. Kenton Kasom had a rushing TD and was 4-85 as a receiver. He seems to profit most of finally having a decent QB, he really found his niche as an outside runner and a receiver out of the backfield (think Bush or Westbrook). Our Offensive Line continues to improve, giving up 3 sacks this time. Rookie DE David Finlay had several hurries and 2 TFL.

During the Week:
Nothing to report

Game Preview, Week 5 at Buffalo:
Bart Scott is out, veterans Sam Madison and Ted Washington are out for the Bills. Last season we looked good against Buffalo's Cover 2 defense, hopefully that will continue. Look for a great game by John Scotland. On defense we'll have to make sure Trent Edwards doesn't turn into Superman and Marshawn Lynch gets punished if they dare trying to run on our stout D-Line. With Waddell lined up against Lee Evans they might use their TE Ben Watson as their primary target. This could raise problems as we usually have problems covering TEs with our blitz-happy defense.
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