46. how to do it perfectly

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46. how to do it perfectly

According to Head Coaches depth chart settings, how do I set up the 46 correctly? I have tried myself and just can't get it right. There's a position that's left out or moved or something, idk. If someone could rbiefly explain, head coach style, how to set up this defense (and what type of players would be best for it) id really appreciate it. The defense is successful, but I could be even better if I understood how to use it even more effectively in the game.
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Re: 46. how to do it perfectly

Setting the defense up doesn't really have anything to do with the depth chart. You just need to pick the 46 defense as your playbook when you create your coach. That will make the 46 your base defense.

46 defense basically just crowds the line of scrimmage, cutting off the running lanes and putting quick pressure on the QB. I'd go Pass Rushing DE and either balance or penatrator DT's. You'll need one deep cover saftey with good speed, acceleration and cone skills at the FS position, so I'd go Centerfielder there. The SS is basically gonna be like an extra linebacker playing around the line so Hard Hitter would be good for that position I'd think.

LB's, I'd go for tackling and speed. Probably Run Stopper or maybe Prototype. OLB's I would likely either put at Pass Rush or Prototype, maybe balanced.

Corners is gonna be dicey. I generally put my corners on Man Coverage, but if you can get the kind of pressure you probably are wanting, zone coverage would be good as well. Just look at the playbook for th 46. If you're seeing a lot of zone coverage plays for the CB's, pick that. Zone actually is probablt the best choice, I just prefer man coverage.

A couple teams play the 46. You could take a look at those teams and see what their position philosophies are. That's generally the easiest way to see how the game matches up the philosophies with a specific defense.

The thing is, this defense is feast of famine in the game. If it's on, and the pressure is there, it's a beast. But when you get burned, you tend to really get burned. You sacrifice a man in the secondary with the SS, so if the QB will have a lot of room to pick you apart if you can't get to him.
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Re: 46. how to do it perfectly

DE: Pass Rushing
DT: One-Gap Penetrator
OLB: Balanced or Cover 2
MLB: Coverage/Speed
CB: Man Coverage/Ballhawk or Balanced
FS: Centerfielder
SS: Run Support/Big Hitter

Really just depends on what you prefer. If I go 46 defense, it's normally a combination of man/zone coverage so I need versatile corners on the outside. But most 46 defenses have man-to-man corners. Look at the Jets as an example. Revis/Cromartie lock up the outside and the FS stays back. The rest of the team goes after the QB.

Make sure your defensive line can get pressure on the QB. The 46 defense in this game is truly hit-or-miss. If your cornerbacks are slow and lack in man coverage skills, your defense will consistently fail. Also if your front 7 is getting owned by the offensive line, your defense will consistently fail.

I rarely go with the 46 defense as a base for the above reasons. But that's just me.
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