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Player comparisons

I'm sure this very topic has been discussed at length before but I'm too lazy to find any of them so...

As I understand it, if you see numerous players compared to the same NFL player it generally means they'll be an average player even if said NFL player is good, right? Mainly I'm looking for a #2 cornerback to compliment my #1 corner. I'm 4 years into my dynasty and there is a corner compared to Ty Law and hes the only player to have that comparison, does this automatically mean hes a sleeper and will be a great player? If so, this is going to be my 1st round pick, even if its a reach because I feel this is the last piece I'm missing on defense.

As for my #1 corner, Its Dee Little in the english path, he has a man coverage rating of 90 and has 7ints through 11 games in his rookie year
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Re: Player comparisons

My experience is the same with the average players. There is one guy (wr) I had to go look up because I had never heard of him...but it seems like every other wr is compared to him.

I would advise you dont make that assumption about that cb. Just because the comparison is good doesnt mean that player is. His learning, speed, injury...or who knows what else will negate anything positive from that comparison.

Make sure all of the numbers look good before you make that pick.
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Re: Player comparisons

Often CBs from Wyoming are very good 2nd or 3rd round talent and I have seen a lot of them in the low to mid 90s with great man coverage abilities.
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Re: Player comparisons

I've found that player comparisons are a huge help in the draft. If I see 15 WRs all compared to LaRon McCoy, I can skip them, because they're all scrubs. Somewhere in that pile is usually a guy compared to
. Yep, that's the winner.

It's the same thing in the secondary.
You'll see a bunch of CBs compared to scrubs and then you'll come across a guy compared to
. Well, that's a no-brainer pick. Unlocking the school insiders make the game easy in terms of drafting. At that point, it almost doesn't even matter how good my GM is in other areas if I have all three insiders unlocked. I have a real good idea who the stars and sleepers are. It's like shooting fish in a barrel after that. You can build an awesome team full of 3rd-7th round draft picks if you wanted.
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Re: Player comparisons

The player comparisons are less useful for the 1st round picks in my experience, but the Fanaca, Birk, Jones, Anderson, Andrews comparisons are good for OL, and there are a few for each position that are usually studs.
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Re: Player comparisons

Some of it depends on draft path as well. Players compared to Ty Law will likely be higher rated in the English path than in the Zazzali path for example.

That's not to say they comparisons aren;t as accurate in other paths. Just that, on average, the later rounds in some paths aren't as loaded as in some others. But a comparison to a Ty Law or a Champ Bailey and so on will usually be much better than the other players available.

One word of caution. Keep your position philosophies in mind when you look at those comparisons. I run a man coverage defense, so my CB philosophy in man coverage. As a result, if I see a player with a Ronde Barber comparison, I take a pass on him. Even though the name indicates a good player, Barber plays in a cover 2 zone defense, so more often than not any Barber clones are great in zone, but poor in man coverage.
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