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Re: Draft Paths

I think Zazzali is the most realistic path as you dont get the teams having to re-sign studs like in English/Jones, but you dont get the teams scrambling for FAs like Sweetney
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Re: Draft Paths

Originally Posted by rdnk
I pretty much agree with this. The most fun to play is probably Zazzali or Sweetney though, because once you figure out how to get great players, English and Jones become too easy to stack up your teams in no time.
I totally agree. The Jack English draft path is always the strongest, giving my brother's Colts all stacked up offenses in Jamarion Bellows and Leron James. The Zazzali path though, is the most fun and realistic one to play, because it is not stacked too much or too little talent. I drafted both Zazzali (Lions) and Jones (Ravens) in two different dynasties, and Sweetney too. Sweetney is a weak class, because there is very sparse talent in each of the draft classes. I have yet to have Jack English. Results: Jack English (9) Ozzie Jones (8) Zazzali (5) Sweetney (3).
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