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Re: Rise of Dude McDuderson

Week 6 vs Green Bay Packers

We came into the game expecting the Wishbone and 5 WR sets.
Dante Culpepper is the QB so we also prepared for the scrambling.

Here we go!

1st Quarter we got a FG from Serna. Other than that there was nothing but 3 and outs for the Packers and our 1 long drive that killed most of the clock. 3-0 Seahawks

2nd Quarter was all ours. We ran the ball VERY well today and dominated the Packers with it. Buckingham scores the 1st TD with a 5 yarder. 10-0 Seahawks

Later in the 2nd HBeck hooked up with FB Carl Stewart for a 10 yard TD 17-0 Seahawks

17-0 Seahawks at the half

3rd Quarter was more domination by the D. We got 3 points from a Serna 46 yarder…keep in mind he missed the same length twice in the game already. 20-0

4th Quarter the Packers finally start moving the ball….of course that’s because I have my 2nd stringers in there to get some game time. Culpepper to James Jones for a 24 yard TD, 17-7 Seahawks

Serna kicked another 40+ FG with one good from 45 yards out….why did I keep going to him even though he was not lights out? Well this is why plus I wasn’t about to go for it on 4th and long when I have the lead. 23-7 Seahawks

With 14 seconds left in the 4th I am unable to stop Culpepper from driving down and scoring on a nice TD pass to Greg Jennings. They go for the 2 point and fail! 23-13 Seahawks

Final Score is 23-13 Seahawks! 4-1 baby!

Key Stats

HBeck 92.7 rating, 1 TD in 137 yards on 12 of 21 passing

Felix Jones 25 carries for 108 yards

Brian Russell lead the team with 9 tackles and he also scored an INT.

5 sacks by the D and 18 TFL In the game

Packers had 195 yards of Offense with 15 of them rushing. Ouch!

Rob Sims, Joe Jon Finley, Jamaal Buckingham and Kelly Jennings left the game with injuries. I will keep you posted on that.

Won't change my sig until the Seattle Seahawks win the Super Bowl...wait, that happened ! Let's win another one! Go Hawks!!
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Re: Rise of Dude McDuderson

Week 7 at Tampa Bay

Turns out Buckingham and Finley will now be out 3-5 weeks. Ouch!

Time to find me a FA HB to help share the load, HB Aveion Cason is the newest member of the 2008 Seattle Seahawks after signing a 1 year 900k deal.

Going into the week I decided to work on stopping the pass and I also worked with my HBs to improve their abilities.

I also worked on my Special Teams…I have never done this one so we will see if it does anything or if it is just a waste of time for me.

Oh and I also noticed that the Buccs were without Jeff Garcia and a few key OLmen. Man I can’t wait to take advantage of that. Brian Griese is going to be sore after the game tonight.

Alright, here we go, time for the kickoff to start the game.

1st Quarter starts off with a bang as the Buccs score on their first possession on a nice TD Pass from Griese to Galloway (Who is actually really fast) for 80 yards. I am thinking to myself “oh no!” is this the sign of things to come? 7-0 Buccs

We finally put up some points late in the 1st as Felix Jones busts a 9 yard run for a TD. 7-7 tie

Then with 55 seconds left in the 1st HBeck finds KRob for a 38 yard TD connection.

Solid! I think I know how to beat the Cover 2. It was 4th and 10 from the 38 yard line and my kicker can’t kick that far and it would be a touchback for my punter so I decided to go for it. Good Choice! Hail Mary for a TD on 4th down. 14-7 Seahawks

2nd Quarter is a slow grinding one with the Defenses locking down but Felix Jones managed to find the end zone again with under 2 mins left with a nice 54 yard TD run. Man I love the Maryland I. 21-7 Seahawks

Halftime score is 21-7 Seahawks lead.

I talk to the guys about how important it is to finish games and not sit back now because you have the lead. They must have heard what I said cause they came out in the 3rd with vengeance.

3rd Quarter I get the ball and on 3rd down HBeck finds Jaymar for a 52 yard TD bomb. 28-7 Seahawks

About 2 mins later Brian Griese throws a pick-6 to Kenny Phillips! Nice to see the Defense adding some points of their own this game. 35-7 Seahawks

With about 5 mins remaining in the 3rd I sub my 2nd stringers in to get some playing time and learn the playbook. Good choice since many of them hadn’t been on the field since Preseason.

4th Quarter the Buccs answer with their 1st string against my 2nd string….sure did take them long enough! Griese to Crumpler for a 29 yard TD pass. I basically gave them that play as I tried a play I had never run and it failed on me….especially with my “special” players in there. 35-14 Seahawks

After that my D have 3 Red Zone 4 and outs and 2 goal line 4 and outs as well. It was impressive seeing them not break. Go Hawks!

Final score 35-14 Seahawks!

No Major injuries in this game to my knowledge. We will see what happens

Game Stats

HBeck 99.9 rating, 2 TDs, 1 INT, 240 yard on 12 of 23 passes

Felix Jones 16 carries for 153 yards and 2 TDs

Aveon Cason 10 carries for 30 yards. Not bad but he is the backup for a reason

DeSean and KRob led the team with 4 rec and 83 yards and 82 yards.

Bernard Pollard led the team with 8 tackles, 1 for loss, 1 sack and 1 INT

Julian Peterson was a beast today with 5 tackles, all 5 for loss, 4 sacks!

Peppers had 2 sacks, Tatupu had 1 sack as well.

All in all the Buccs had 226 total yards with 63 of them rushing. Solid game for my defense yet again and my running game is slowly coming together.

Won't change my sig until the Seattle Seahawks win the Super Bowl...wait, that happened ! Let's win another one! Go Hawks!!
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Re: Rise of Dude McDuderson

Week 8 at San Fran

Looking at the scouting report tells me that these guys are passing the ball 92% of the time. Man! Why are you passing so much!? Sounds like I will be hitting on stopping the pass all week in practice!

We focused on Blitzing and Coverage all week in practice and also worked on HB abilities too. Looks like they have one good CB and the rest are trash so I will be taking it to them for sure. Also it looks like Alex Smith has passed up Joey Harrington as the starting QB so we will see where that leads them. No new injuries to report and I believe we are ready for the game.

So here we go!

1st Quarter is a feeler-out type quarter with both teams doing nothing.

2nd Quarter we finally open up the scoring on a 3 yard TD by Felix Jones. We handed the 49ers Defense plenty of run with a mix of PA to keep them honest. Very good drive for us! 7-0 Seahawks

Then with 2 mins left HBeck finds Felix Jones in the back of the end zone on a PA pass for 11 yards. 14-0 us
With 28 seconds left the 49ers finally put up some points on a 25 yard FG by Nedney. I love when we bend but don’t break. They had 3 chances to put the ball in the end zone but they failed each time. 14-3 us

Then on the ensuing kickoff DeSean Jackson runs it back 93 yards for the TD. 21-3 us

At the half we are up 21-3

Coach McDuderson gives a nice long pep talk about finishing drives and how crucial it is for us to stop the 49ers pass game. The team seems to take focus on this now that they are buying into his system.

3rd Quarter kickoff shows just how much of an impact it made as Asante Samuel returns it 89 yards for a TD. Extra Point….well lets just say I forgot that I had made the switch to my 2nd stringers and Placimeyer shanked it. OOOP! 27-3 us

The 49ers get another 3 points after failing to get the ball into the end zone on a 37 yard FG by Nedney. 27-6 us

We then strike again on a nice 12 yard run by Felix Jones, this time the extra point was good. 34-6 us

4th Quarter – Time to bring in the 2nd stringers for some playing time and play knowledge!

A 20 yard FG from Serna brings it to a 37-6 score as we were able to move the ball but were stopped in the red zone for the 1st time today. Good job 49ers!

With 4:29 remaining Serna boots a 40 yarder to bring the score to 40-6 us.
The 49ers attempt to score a few more times but never cross the 50 again.

Final Score is Seattle 40 San Fran 6

We came to win tonight and it showed. Harrington had a tough time doing anything with the ball but was able to adapt to my blitzing and made some plays but nothing too big just some quick dumps. I love when a plan comes together and you are able to make the QB hurry his throw whether it is a completion of not. It still works out for the best.

Game Stats:

HBeck 90.6 rating, 1 TD, 1 INT , 205 yards on 12 of 20 passing

Felix Jones 19 carries for 82 yards and 2 TDs

Cason had 8 carries and 31 yards and Morris had 7 carries and 8 yards.

These guys would have more if they weren’t dancing around looking for the hole that’s right there in front of them. I found myself yelling at the many times as the cut and totally went where the hole wasn’t…..or when they decided to run backwards because they felt the hole wasn’t big enough…even though it was bigger than the space between the crossbars.

Mark Bruener led the team with 4 receptions for 76 yards.

Kenny Phillips led the team with 8 tackles, 3 for a loss, 2 sacks and an INT

Lofa Tatupu also had a stud game with 5 tackles, all 5 for a loss and 3 sacks.

As a team we had 9 sacks, 1 INT and 1 Forced Fumble

We held the 49ers passing offense to 217 total yards with 6 of them being
rushing. (They ran the ball 6 times all game….makes me feel bad for Frank Gore who had 1 yard on 5 attempts.)

I did have a few guys leave the game with injuries. Lets hope they weren’t too serious.


FB Dan Kreider is out for the season with a Lis Franc Foot. OUCH! Well looks like we need another FB on out roster since he was placed on IR.

OK well my game froze after this and I had not saved it yet so I might be left with having to replay it but I am honestly not giving a dang about this anymore. I get tired having to save and quit the game from time to time when it slows down and lags. It made me remember why I stopped playing the game the first time. I got tired of the freezing. I love the game but I am not big on that. I feel like I am wasting time if its going to freeze. Blah!
Won't change my sig until the Seattle Seahawks win the Super Bowl...wait, that happened ! Let's win another one! Go Hawks!!
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