would you have liked this free agency idea better?

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would you have liked this free agency idea better?

here's an idea of mine for a different type of free agency. the game is already fairly easy to win at agreed? its a blast to play, but still fairly easy to win. in the games current free agency mode, the free-agent-to-be goes to the highest bidder, like buying milk at the store. you got the money? you get the milk. shouldnt the free-agent-to-be have a say so as to where he goes? i am a chiefs fan, and like the other 31 teams in the nfl, we pursued payton manning. in the game, all we have to do is to outbid the other teams for his services. in reality, the chiefs had more cap room than most other teams, but mr. manning politely told the chiefs that they were not one of the teams he was considering. period. also how about this idea for free agent bidding. in the game, the players come up one at a time and you can get who you want, providing you have enough money. in reality, once free agency starts all players are available at the same time. so how about this. once free agency starts with day one. you put bids in for all the free agents you want and wait until that particular day is over and see if a) your still the high bidder, b) you've been out bid and need to increase your current bid, c)the player agrees to your terms and you get to his rights, or d) the player agrees to sign with someone else. heres the twist... lets say you need a qb. the top available qb's are tom brady, tony romo, and drew brees. in the current game mode, you can bid on brady, and if you dont get him, then you get to bid on romo, and if you dont get him, you get to bid on brees. in my version, on day one, do you put in a bid on all three of these guys? what if you accidentally sign two or all of them. now your cap space is shot and you have three starting qb's. yes you could trade them but you would get cap penalties. what if you only bid on one of them to start with and they all three sign on day one with a different team? now you dont have a starting qb. true, its not an issue with this game, because there is always a drew brees clone waiting there for you in rd 6 of the draft to be had. but if they made the draft harder and not so plentiful. then free agency could take on a whole new meaning? any thoughts? anti? pro?
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Re: would you have liked this free agency idea better?

I like your analysis. I agree that the current version of free agency lacks some realism. All the highest rated players usually go in the first few days, and you could end up with 2 of them trying to just get one of them.
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