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Re: NHL 2K8 Editor (Snowdrift)

I'd like to report something not just about 2K8 but all 2K games from 2K6 onwards:

I'm currently messing around with NHL 2K6 PS2, and unlike ESPN NHL 2K5, I've discovered that the attribute/overall formula is identical to 2K8. (Right down to the in-game attribute editor having the same sorting as Snowdrift's editor) What does this mean? I would guess that 2K6-2K7 on Xbox/PS2/Xbox 360 and 2K8/2K9/2K10 on PS2 use the exact same attribute formula.
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Re: NHL 2K8 Editor (Snowdrift)

Hey there guys, does anyone remember how to change the puck size in NHL 2K8?
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Question Re: NHL 2K8 Editor (Snowdrift)

Originally Posted by snowdrift
I created this NHL 2K8 save-file editor for my own use, but felt someone else might have use for it. So I put in loads of work to make it intuitive... there are still bugs to work out, but I feel it's good enough to share.

Remember to save often and to keep backups of your save files when using this editor. If you have questions, need help or find any bugs, post in this thread or message me.

Features for roster makers:

- Remove old player photos (it's automatic for Roster files).
- Change any player's head to any of the more than 450 3D models that exist in the game.
- Stop the commentators from calling players by the wrong names.
- Add or remove Elite, Veteran and Enforcer status.
- Spreadsheet import and export for any number of players or whole rosters.
- Global attribute edits (absolute, relative, scaled).
- Copy and paste attributes from one player to another, even between save files.
- Fast editing: click a value to edit it, and use the tab key to cycle through attributes.
- Edit lines, move players and control lineup status (dress, scratch, minors, etc.).
- Delete a player entirely so that he does not even appear in the free agents list.

For franchise-mode players:

- Draft class editing and sharing (via importable spreadsheets).
- Edit player contracts individually (or re-balance salaries for all teams)
- Freely edit non-player teams.
- Recover players from the waiver wire and unblock players "stuck" on waivers.
- Force players into retirement, or stop one from retiring.
- Reset player fatigue (helps with back-to-back games, for example).
- Set player morale/happiness.
(Season mode save files are also supported.)

Save-file repair:
- Fix game freezes caused by a player being signed to more than one team.
- Fix game freezes caused by an RFA's Holdout or Unsigned status.
- The editor rebuilds the free-agent list when you save, which corrects some freezes.

Console support:

The editor now supports both the PS3 and XBox 360 versions of NHL2K8. Roster, Season and Franchise-mode saves from both consoles can be opened and edited (as of version 0.14). No additional software is needed for use with the PS3, but XBox users will need to use software that supports save-file injection, such as Horizon, Modio, or Velocity along with the editor.

Rosters can also be safely migrated between the two consoles using the Spreadsheet Export/Import function. (Roster saves created on one platform (PS3/360) can in fact be loaded directly on the other, but doing so will cause player equipment to become discolored, so the spreadsheet method is recommended.)

System requirements

The software should run on Windows, Linux and Mac (I haven't tested it on a Mac). For Windows and Mac, the Java 8 framework (or higher) must be installed first. If you don't have it, it's free to download here. The minimum Windows version for Java 8 is Vista.

For Linux users, there are two sets of requirements depending on what version of Linux you use. Some versions of Linux run the editor with only Java installed, but other versions (like Ubuntu) also require Open JFX to be installed. (In Ubuntu, you can easily install Open JFX by opening a terminal and keying in sudo apt-get install openjfx.)

Running the editor

For Windows, the program should execute on double-click. If not, either .jar files are associated with a program other than Java, or Java 8 or better is not installed.

For Linux, usage varies. On Lubuntu at least, you can execute the program by right-clicking the file and choosing "OpenJDK Java Runtime". Again, Java/Open JFX must be installed first!

Latest download link (November 26, 2018):

This editor comes without ANY warranty. Use it at your own risk. By using the editor, you also agree to the terms of use (see "Help", "Terms of use" in the app's main menu).

Version 0.16:
Windows users, download here (.exe):

Linux/Mac users, download here (.jar):
Which of the PS3 roster files do I open?
Which of these do I open to edit the roster?

EDIT: Looks like it's the latter file that I open.

Last edited by Jlnhlfan; 01-12-2019 at 04:55 PM. Reason: I found out how to open the roster file with this editor.
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Icon5 Re: NHL 2K8 Editor (Snowdrift)

Pretty sure this file management is incorrect.
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Re: NHL 2K8 Editor (Snowdrift)

Originally Posted by Jlnhlfan
Pretty sure this file management is incorrect.
"Changed" is the file you edited and saved, right? Your "Changed" file won't load unless you change its name to USR-DATA.

The old USR-DATA file has to be replaced with a new one. (Just rename the old one "Backup" or something and drag it to your Desktop... then you can rename the Changed file without problems.)
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Re: NHL 2K8 Editor (Snowdrift)

I realized that.

Also, changing the rosters removes all player photos and statistics. At this point, you might as well change all ages to 18, 19 or 20.
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Re: NHL 2K8 Editor (Snowdrift)

Looks like I killed this thread.
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Re: NHL 2K8 Editor (Snowdrift)

Originally Posted by Jlnhlfan
Looks like I killed this thread.
I don't think you killed it, I just think the application works, there aren't that many people using it anyway, and anyone who needs it has been using it flawlessly for about a year. I think it's just a good program and people don't have that many questions or they're busy playing the seasons they started because of snowdrift's great work.
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