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Battlefield 3

It's not officially announced, but Medal of Honor is including a Battlefield 3 beta, so it is coming!

Originally Posted by J. Cole
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Re: Battlefield 3

Nice. Battlefield 2 on the PC is one of my all time favorites. I've yet to play Modern Combat 2 but always heard good things about it.

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Re: Battlefield 3

But I really don't want to buy MOH anymore!
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Re: Battlefield 3

These beta's should just be open to the public. I don't want to buy Medal of Honor.
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Re: Battlefield 3

65 ppl on a small map? How small is small? I want planes dammit!
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Re: Battlefield 3

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Re: Battlefield 3

Cant wait.
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Re: Battlefield 3

For the people worried about having to buy MoH to play the beta, I doubt that will be the case. For example, SC: Conviction came with a beta key, but you can also pre-order the new ghost recon at gamestop and get a beta key too. It will probably be the same case for Battlefield 3.
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