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2022 gaming plans

So happy new year everyone with today being the last day of the year heck it is new year I think if you are in Japan or something already. So figured might has well start this thread. 2022 is looking like it is going to be like the biggest year ever with so many 2021 games being pushed to 2022 with covid and delays it cost and such. Going to just start this with games rather than trying to list like release dates and such.

Horizon FW, Zelda BOTW 2 are my top 2 I am looking forward to the most. If BOTW 2 don't get delayed it will likely be my 2022 game of the year if it does get pushed to 2023 than Horizon FW will likely be my game of the year for 2022. Also look forward to the other following games.

Suicide squad kill the justice league, Gotham knights kind of worried about this one with them basically changing the combat system completely that was such a big reason that the batman arkham games where so amazing, Splatoon 3, TMNT shredders revenge, GOW Ragnarok, Kirby and the forgotten land, Lego star wars Skywalker saga, forspoken.

Thats 10 games so far and there may be some games I am forgetting or that will be announced soon that I may end up wanting to get but so far that's how things are looking.
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Re: 2022 gaming plans

I was actually looking forward to this thread getting made.

The last couple of years have been pretty meh for me in terms of new releases. In 2020 the only Day 1 releases that I bought were Cyberpunk (which I hated), OOTP 21 and Ghosts of Tsushima.*

In 2021 the only new releases that I bought were OOTP 22, Tales of Arise (major disappointment), and Aliens Fireteam (lost interest after a few runs through the camp). Every other game that I've purchased the last 2 years had been out for at least a year, in some cases several years.

I have high hopes for 2022 though. There is pretty big list of games that I'm closely following:

I really liked Funkycorm's format in the 2021 Gaming Plans. So, I'm going to loosely follow that.

2022 Gaming Goals:
Buy PS5 - Technically completed at the end of December, but it isn't scheduled to be delivered until 1/4.

Buy/Build new PC - My PC is perfectly fine, but it is a few years old. Some big games coming out this year that I'd like to play at max settings though.

Complete 1 Total War Warhammer Campaign - I have over 1100 hours in this game on Steam since it released in 2017, but I have never completed a Mortal Empires campaign. I came really close a few months ago, but one of the final events glitched and never happened. I have a terrible habit of getting really far into a campaign and then starting a new one once it feels like I'm kind of unstoppable.

Games to buy:

PC Gaming
Rainbow Six Extraction (1/20) - Game looks great, but it will depend on if I can find people to buy it with.

Vampire the Masquerade Swansong (5/19) - I love the original Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines that came out nearly 20 years ago. I've been stoked to get my hands on this one ever since it was announced.

Total War Warhammer III (2/17) - There is no doubt that this is a day 1 purchase. A continuation of the game that has been far and away my most played game over the last 5 years.

Horizon Forbidden West (2/1) - Easy choice

Forspoken (5/24) - Currently have it preordered for PS5, but I may switch to PC if reviews show it as being a good port.

Maybe Buys

OOTP 23 - The only sports series that I still consider remotely worth buying. This is firmly in the probably category, but I would like to see a few enhancements before I shell out full price for it again.

Sifu (2/8) - Looks really cool. I may end up picking it up down the road though given all the other releases that I'm looking forward to in February, but this one definitely caught my eye.

Gran Turismo 7 (3/4) - Need more info on this. I hated the direction that this series took with the most recent game, but I'm hoping this one returns to the car simulation games of old.

If they come out:
Starfieild (11/11) - This is a day 1 purchase whenever it comes out. It seems like a prime candidate for a delay though.

Bayonetta 3 - It's Bayonetta which is enough for me

Hogwarts Legacy - Do we finally get a full game in the Harry Potter universe?

Star Ocean The Divine Force - I love this series. So, this will always be a must buy.

Star Trek Resurgence - An actual exploration game in the Star Trek universe.

Games that may or may not have a release date that I'm watching and may get.
Pokemon Legends - Switch - (1/28)
Uncharted Legacy of Thieves Collection - PS5 - (1/28)
CrossfireX - XSX - (2/10)
Elden Ring - PC - (2/5)
Elex 2 - PC - (3/1)
Starship Troopers Terran Command - PC - (3/31)
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Re: 2022 gaming plans

I'm actually hoping to not buy anything in 2022 gaming-wise.

Maybe I find a PS5, but it's not really a priority at this point. I'm still quite happy with my PS4 Pro.

I plan to skip all the new sports games. I say that just about every year, but I think it has a legit chance to happen in 2022. Again, I'm quite happy/content with MLB 21, Madden 22 and NBA 2K21. I'm just going to keep rolling with my franchises on those games.

I need to finish FF7, Kena and Spider-Man. I hope to give The Witcher 3 another go in 2022. And I want to replay through the Bioshock games (never actually finished Bioshock 2).
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Re: 2022 gaming plans

2022 is the year of no new sports games.

I am content and having plenty of fun with:

MLB 20
NBA 2K22
Madden 21 (PS5 version) and Madden 16

The only sports game I hope to purchase is ESBC Boxing if it ever comes to fruition.

As far as non sports games we are still playing our backlog and are about 80% thru The Outer Worlds which has been amazing!!!

In the Que:

Guardians of the Galaxy

Planned purchases:

Horizon Dawn Forbidden West

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Re: 2022 gaming plans

My only 100% absolute purchases are MLB The Show and Hogwarts Legacy.
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Re: 2022 gaming plans

My plans are to actually beat the games Im currently playing and somehow get a PS5 before the summer.
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Re: 2022 gaming plans

Play as many good games as possible, and get as many platinum trophies as I can lol.

Trying to get through a handful of games right now before Forbidden West comes out. Hereís what Iím playing at the momentÖ

Madden 22 (Iím a Saluki so even though the Panthers stink, I have a franchise going with the Panthers so I can control Jeremy Chinn on every defensive snap haha)
MLB the Show 21 - White Sox franchise, with a Rockies one going that Iíll go to time to time
Hades - Going for the platinum trophy. Iíd imagine I still have 20+ hours but I donít think Iíll ever stop playing this game, itís one of my favorites of all time.
Ghost of Tsushima Directors Cut - Got the platinum for this game on the PS4 version, but still bought the PS5 upgrade so I could play the Iki Island DLC. I didnt get around to trying it until recently but just like the main game, the DLC is awesome.
Life is Strange True Colors - Never played a game in this series before, or any game like it really. Iím still in Chapter 1 but it seems like a cool, chill game. Plus I love Colorado so the setting for me is awesome.
Horizon Zero Dawn - Love love love this game. Played it years ago but am going through it again now and cleaning up trophies for the platinum. Playing at 60fps on PS5 is a nice treat.

I also have waiting for me on PS5Ö
-Guardians of the Galaxy (started it and got to Chapter 3. Really enjoying it just put it down for now to play other games)
-Death Stranding Directors Cut (put in around 25 hours on the PS4 version and was having a blast. I dropped it when rumors of the PS5 version surfaced. I have this bought just havenít started it yet)
-Horizon Forbidden West (donít even need to say anything about this game itís going to be so good)
-God of War Ragnorok (IF it comes out in 2022 lol)

Iím going to try to do the same as A&S and not buy any sports games, though Iíll probably cave with The Show 22, canít help myself itís too addicting.
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Re: 2022 gaming plans

Damn.....Smallville beat me to creating this topic. lol
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