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Re: NHL 2K7 Interview Questions

Originally Posted by Steve_OS
Do you have any questions for the Producers of NHL 2K7? If so, post them here and I'll forward them off to the right people.
- Is the custom soundtrack feature fixed for the 360 (IE: will it still freeze for 3-5 seconds when accessing the HDD)?

- Will we be finally able to load line strategies and settings for online games?

- Are the goalies going to challenge more on shots instead of staying on the goal line all the time?

- Has the goalie diving on head-on shots been removed? (and yes, they still do it. It was on one of the videos)

- Is there a new BROADCAST camera angle that's more true to life?

- Why does the crowd STILL cut off after 5 seconds of cheering when you score?
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Re: NHL 2K7 Interview Questions

Thanks, fellas. We'll get these sent out. Look for the interview to be posted soon.
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