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Re: NBA 2K7 Review (360)

Originally Posted by sdrotar
KBomber, if I had my way, there would be no scores whatsoever.
In my opinion, they serve no purpose other than to draw attention away from the text of the review - where the actual information resides.

"Scores" have become an Internet strawman - a construct that is purely arbitrary and offers no real value to the reader.

You may be able to tell me a game is a "93" or a "96", but that's purely your subjective opinion based on what you prefer in gaming. This is not to minimize your opinion, which is wholly valid, but rather a statement explaining the vagaries of any "scoring" system.

What qualifies as a "93" or "96" - to me - might be entirely different, which would render my "score" useless for you.

It's a quandary in gaming journalism - if such a thing even exists in the mainstream, but I do know one thing for certain: arguing over a "score" from either side is akin to a puff of sand in a tornado; noticeable momentarily, and potentially aggravating, to be sure, but in the end, it makes no real difference at all.
Yep. But the truth is it is all opinion. I could think this game sucks and someone else can say this the best game ever. I don't go by reviews any more. I play what I like. If I read a good review I will try it. with all the hype about this game I am going to rent it, but I am still having fun with EA Hockey. lol I must admit when I saw a 10 of 10 I was say wow! lol But I do agree why it got a 10.
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Re: NBA 2K7 Review (360)

i saw the screen shots and the reviews..im so in....
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