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NBA Live 07 Review (360)

We have just posted our NBA Live 07 review. Find out what Aaron Holbert had to say about it.
"The journey to the NBA Live 07 release day has been a strange trip, indeed. It's perhaps the strangest pre-release story Iíve ever seen from a sports game. First, the game was a no-show at E3, with only a pre-rendered video shown. Then, I saw a number of impressions from the Electronic Arts (EA) NBA Live Community Day; all praising the next-generation version and stating that it was much improved. Weeks later, I saw the first videos from Gamespot and IGN, and they looked horrible. A day later, EA released a few videos that looked better, but not enough to get me excited about the game. Then there was nothing for the entire month before release. No previews, reviews, videos or screenshots for the entire month before release. Now this may not be strange for most companies, but it was really strange for EA. If there is one thing EA does right, it's promotion. Even with the lack of promotion, I wasnít willing to write off NBA Live 07 based on a few ugly videos. After playing the game, I think I should have.

I want to make one thing clear: I review games without slider changes. While I am willing to make a massive amount of changes to make a basketball game more realistic, most people arenít. Most expect a basketball game to be fun and realistic out of the box. People expecting that from NBA Live 07 will be greatly disappointed. Last yearís game was the same way, though. Out of the box, last yearís Live was too fast and very disjointed. NBA Live 07 isnít as fast as last yearís game, but itís just as disjointed. Most of that can be attributed to the new foot-planting technology."
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Re: NBA Live 07 Review (360)

5/10 is too generous.

Good review.
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Re: NBA Live 07 Review (360)

I think Aaron hit the review right on the money. Live does a few things right, and a 5/10 is about what I would have given it.

Excellent review as always.

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Re: NBA Live 07 Review (360)

Perfectly fair to me
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Re: NBA Live 07 Review (360)

I think it's a fair review as well, but I don't think that the foot planting makes the game disjointed, or creates hitches in the shots. Everyone's shot release is at a different point so if you hold the shot button down too long, you get a hitch. Shooting with Josh Childress, or Quentin Richardson, you have to release the button quickly or get a hitch. You hold it down longer for guys like JJ Redick, Kobe, and T-Mac.
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Re: NBA Live 07 Review (360)

good review. 5/10 may be a bit higher than what I would have given it.
So, next year, if Madden is basically the same game as it is this year (on the 360) then PLEASE give it a 5/10. I'm ready for the press to start ripping EA on their Madden garbage.
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Thumbs down Re: NBA Live 07 Review (360)

In all my 32 years, 24 of it gaming, I've never touched a slider. I don't understand why sliders exist, if not only to admit, that EA doesn't want to be blamed for not making solid gameplay a.i.

I don't touch sliders in madden, or 2k anything, so why do LIVE fans trumpet the idea of changing sliders, so what happens to your sliders when you go to compete at friends house or a tourney? or online? so I learn to win games on default sliders. If a game is unplayable the way it went gold, what do you guys like about LIVE? all the jordans and the weak ASW, yuck.

most people in America waste money anyway, so the $60 loss means nothing to most, But EA will sell 2.5 million of these (current/next/psp). And next year you guys will buy it again, hoping they fixed it. In no other industry, do you buy something annually, hoping it'll be better than the terrible one you bought last year, except the gaming industries.

OK, so EA's gonna change the NBA LIVE name next year, to disassociate itself with it, watch. New bball title, same bs, and you'll all buy it

Good review, I would've been harsher, you gotta get guys to STOP buying this title, it hasn't been solid since Live 95. I'm tired of peer pressure and promotion making EA sports some kind of must have, only Madden and NCAA warrant such praise. LIVE is buggy, and you have to self service your game, even if that means you can't compete against someone else, who uses his personal sliders too, haha
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Re: NBA Live 07 Review (360)

I got to play this game, for a few days. And I'm sorry its a poor resemblence to the NBA..The player models do look great if you like that Toy Story cartoony look. And the stadiums have a flashy glare to them. But they aren't all that great.

The game itself plays horrible...good review though...I would have given it a 3/10 and thats being nice.

This game is an insult to the NBA and a insult to any consumer who blew $60 on it. I wasted $6.00 on the rental. But I had to be fair about it.

The motion of it, almost made me hurl a few times. Overall I pretty much didn't see anything that would have made me play more than the 9 games I did. To try to give it the benefit of the doubt. Someone said the presentation was nice...

Ok! I've never heard a TNT or ABC commentator say," oh he must have pushed the dunk button". lol

Presentation is weak...maybe good if its NBA Jams, with Steve Kerr giving button tutorials during your jumpshot...And it was repetitive...Also Freestyle is stupid...you have no control over your crossovers....

Again nice review....

but for me.. 3/10

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