Through Thick and Thin

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Re: Through Thick and Thin

Patrick Ramsey of the 'Skins was my favorite 'overacheiver' during the Spurrier years while playing Madden 'chises...

Last year, it was Trent Edwards on the Bills...always fun to develop and progress a rookie QB in that game...

In the 2k series, for some reason Antoine Walker of the Celtics always outperformed his IRL counterpart...he was always a dominant inside / outside guy for me...

Currently, in my MLB 08 The Show, 'Nats chise, Elijah Dukes is looking like he has that magic 'progression dust' that these games seem to sprinkle on some players...

I've found that the trick in 'chise is to know when to pull the guy who's got the higher OVR, but isn't performing, in favor of a lower rated player that the game just seems to favor...

Fun thread...good topic...
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Re: Through Thick and Thin

Rajon Rondo...NBA 2k7 & NBA 2K8....

I love point gaurd play, and w/ the C's being my team, I wanted to develop a young point. I had a choice last year between Rajon and Bassy Telfair...so I went w/ Rajon, who's ratings were pretty bad (specially w/ shooting..it made it tough to score) and in 2K7 I was able to build him up to an all star in my 2nd year of franchise w/ a 94 overall rating (end of the second year rating)...as far as 2K8 goes, his ratings were a point (overall) worse than Gabe Pruitt's who was this years 2nd round pick...again, it took me to the end of my second season and I had him up to around a 93 overall rating and he was almost unstoppable when driving the lane...

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Re: Through Thick and Thin

In one of my madden 07 franchises, I drafted Jeff Rowe (78 ovr). In 3 years he progressed to a 90, and led my team to a superbowl win. This was all simmed, as well. I've never had a qb progress like that for me.
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Re: Through Thick and Thin

Mine is more of a two game success story than anything else. The game was NCAA Football 2003 in my FSU dynasty mode. I needed a backup QB for some depth, I always like to carry three, just in case. I found a 3* Juco QB who could fit that role nicely. He was solid enough, somewhere in the mid-70's overall, certainly nothing special.

I was playing Tennessee in my second year, the week before Chris Rix had been injured in an ACC game. I believe this left me with Adrian McPherson at QB and sure enough when I am down by 14 in the third quarter McPherson goes down and this raw, inexperienced Juco kid enters the game and eventually lead me back and I ended up winning by 10 (I had a pick six with about :03 left). The next week Chris Rix was healthy and took his job back.

Two years later I am playing a game at Notre Dame. I still have the same QB (he came in as a Juco Sophomore and ended up redshirting when he didn't play an entire year) as a third stringer. This time he is behind Adrian McPherson (or was it Fabian Walker, I don't remember) and a 5* recruit. McPherson got off to a rough start throwing a couple of picks and getting us in an early hole before getting injured. I brought in the 5* backup and he just played awful and by the half I was down by 21. I say what the hell, you did it once, can you do it again? First drive we score a TD to cut it to 14, which was then followed up by another pick six and its down to 7. From there we trade scores and then I tie it up on a punt return for a TD. My defense held the next drive and I got the ball back with around a minute left, and sure enough my backup turns into John Elway and leads us down the field in South Bend and destroys Notre Dame's upset dreams.

This time I let him start the next week and that ended poorly for him and I yanked him after a half and went with the 5* freshman who never looked back.

I can't remember the kids name other than it was like Matt Mc(something), maybe McCauley. He only played in about 5 games in his three years in Tallahassee, but he delivered two of my best comebacks ever, one in Knoxville, the other in South Bend. Talk about becoming a cult legend on campus.
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Re: Through Thick and Thin

Heh...in my New York Vipers dynasty, I recruited a guy named Obadiah Perkins, a three-star MLB. He was legit.

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Freshman AA, 2-time first team AA, 2-time second team AA, 4-time first team all-Big East. Complete beast.
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