Remembering World Series Baseball '95

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Remembering World Series Baseball '95

Matthew DiStaulo checks in today with a look at his recent trip down memory lane while playing World Series Baseball '95. DiStaulo talks about how the experience went and what developers might be missing in this day and age. Be sure to check out his article, Remembering World Series Baseball '95.

"Thanks in no small part to the Best Sports Video Game Tournament a while back, I decided to try out World Series Baseball 95 with a friend to4 bring back some fond memories of years gone by."
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World Series baseball and World Series '95 were among the best baseball games ever created for a gaming console.
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WSB 95 is the game I played most as a kid, I loved that game. First game I learned to exploit, there was a secret spot in the top of the zone where you could get a strike without the CPU swinging. I once had 27 K's in my perfect game..sometimes it was fun to dominate when you were 12 years old..
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I wasn't a big fan of WSB. I always preferred the Tony Larussa games, which was more realistic. I thought WSB was too much of a homer-fest.
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I love this article just because of the names of the players I recall.
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I remember that game. Wasn't it on The Saturn by Sega? I remember it was ungodly expensive, the Saturn. And huge. I bought it for my two stepsons, trying to get in good with them, make friends. I remember paying for it at a 'Toys R Us' and thinking "GREAT GOD, man. I could have bought two whores, an eight-ball and a hotel room for what I'm paying for a videogame."

But they seemed to enjoy it.

Not as much as I would have enjoyed the previous scenario but I digress.

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Great game, yes. Tons of great memories attached to this title. I remember this game was one of the first to have accurate stadiums. I used to love playing in Cleveland... Hitting a homer over the centerfield wall and seeing the trees and picnic benches in Jacobs Field was awesome.

Just a thought... Imagine if a game came out today, where fastballs topped out at 88 mph, changeups were 50mph, and some pitchers didn't have fastballs? People would be storming 2k and Sony with pitchforks and torches looking for blood.

We were so much more tolerant back then. I sometimes think Next-Gen gaming has made us all so spoiled.
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i love that game....i threw my first no hitter with that game....awesome gameplay for that era
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