Are Online Franchises Endangered? (Roundtable)

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Old 03-30-2015, 07:32 AM   #9
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I Beltre eve the main reason that online leagues haven't been successful is simple. It's not the same as the offline franchise mode. Also most people don't like playing against random people who simply will quit the match and make the experience poor for those who play.

An easy answer to this is to create a FULL online league experience that is up to the same level of the offline modes (MLBShow, for most of its existence has failed here, as I have been waiting for 5 years for this.). Second would be create it so friends can play together ranging from 2 to full. Most people I think would enjoy playing with 5 or 6 buddies in a league with the AI representing the rest. Needing to have all 30 teams humans owned becomes too difficult to match schedules for every game. Especially when it's highly unlikely that anyone would have 30 actual friends willing to play. Most you have to draw from the open pool of randoms. And the last reason is the LAG. These can be fun but no one wants to play a lagfest game which drags down the experience. Ncaa football was the best I've played, though at times a bit leggy but tolerable to enjoy beating a friend. The Show simply is too leggy for there to be any enjoyment so most, including myself, have just not played it anymore. Which is a Shane because that mode is the one I yearn for the most. Nba2k requires 30 teams so another unenjoyable game.

1. Make it fully customizable and fully resemble the offline version
2. Allow it to be 2-30 human league with AI running non selected teams.
3. Fix the Lag, it actually has to be playable.

With those 3 simple things online leagues would flourish, especially with the older games who Find zero enjoyment to play the UT game modes.
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Old 03-30-2015, 10:16 AM   #10
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Having cpu controll teams on an online league is dumb. Id just play association offline if thats the case. 30 users. You cant even create leagues in 2k15. Everytime i try it says upload error. Their already dead
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Old 03-30-2015, 01:12 PM   #11
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When online gameplay is literally unplayable as in MLB The Show 15 it renders any online franchise options useless.
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Wassup people, I am a gamer who lives for the Online Leagues. As are many of my friends..madden and nba2K.

Jayson Young: I still believe that Online Franchise modes offer the richest, most fulfilling experience that consumers can get from a $60 sports game. Beating a league full of friends and acquaintances will always feel much more rewarding than exploiting a bunch of brainless AI bots, or dominating some random strangers who'll disappear right after your online exhibition concludes. Matchups naturally become more tense and meaningful if the loser has to type the results into an email chain/forum thread and graciously congratulate the winner.

This right here describes myself and about 25-30 other users between two sports games (would be three if there were Online Federations in WWE2K). The madden league is still goin strong due to thd indepth nature of their Online Connected Careers...guess what, due to countless hours,brain storming and dedication we have managed to make the "online league" work with the next to NOTHING options we had to work with. Its a absolute pain in the ***, but we still grinding. 7th season on NBA 2K15..
Why because we love to play the game with our friends and the trash talk is choice.

It sucks that gaming has turned into this cash cow and although the companies say they are listening to us the gamers to the best of their abilities alot of us that actually look forward to this are yet again left disappointed...this btw isnt the first time ive stressed this and i probably shall continue...thx for reading...

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The day Madden gets rid of online franchise is the day I stop playing Madden.
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The lack of a good online association is the main reason why NBA 2K15 collects dust at my house & online CFM is the MAIN reason why I'm still playing Madden in April.
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