Could Microsoft Buy EA?

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But maybe with EA out of the picture, Sony steps up and makes games for the other sports of the same quality as MLB: The Show.
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Sony canít. The NFL deal with EA is different than the MLB one that 2k had. The MLB agreement said that a company could still make a game with the license for their own console. The NFL agreement with EA is completely exclusive to EA *and Microsoft would be purchasing that agreement.*
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Purchasing EA wouldn't guarantee that their franchises become Microsoft exclusives. After all, they continued to market Minecraft as a multi-platform title, because the audience (and their money) was there. Has anybody considered this: "Hey Sony, we would love to continue sharing EA Sports titles with your platform. The market supports it. How about we keep Madden on your platform, and you share MLB The Show with ours?"*
Now I know that's not a one-for-one fair trade, but something similar could be a possibility, no?

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Re: Could Microsoft Buy EA?

I don't think any of the sport games become exclusive. The PS4s base is double XB1s. I think there may be better Ultimate Team stuff, but that's about it. The other EA games I think would be XB1 exclusive, though.
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Re: Could Microsoft Buy EA?

If Microsoft were to buy EA, it would be smart to not to make EA games exclusive to Xbox only. Game sales is what makes the companies money, not system sells. Microsoft would be in a possible situation to have a better Bottom Line overall. If this happens it can be a win,win situation for Microsoft. They may not sale as many systems as Sony, but with the EA library in their ownership, and available on both systems, their game sales can be huge. They could even use this as leverage to kind of get Sony to port over some of their exclusives like "The Show". They way I see it, Microsoft may not win the Systems battle, but with this acquisition of EA, they can win the overall SALES war!
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Re: Could Microsoft Buy EA?

Microsoft buying EA would be to win the hardware sales war over the long term. I would assume they will make everything they can exclusive. The sports games would surely be the most problematic.

But they could make up for some of the lost PS4 sales by moving them into Play Anywhere titles, and releasing on PC.
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Re: Could Microsoft Buy EA?

It leaves such a bad taste in my mouth whenever I see a game claim any type of exclusivity. All I see when I see "exclusive" is "we could never imagine this to happen on its own, but our pockets are deep enough to make it happen."

As much as I enjoy Xbox, in particular, xbox live, I can't stomach the artificial love for gaming they claim. There has been, at least with the One X, a genuine nod to the gaming community, but even that comes across as an admission of guilt.

This speculation of an EA buyout just follows suite. It reminds me of the kids that play sports but are disinterested. They have all the new equipment and go to all the extra training exercises. But when they step up to the plate, there's questionable interest and little passion.
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Re: Could Microsoft Buy EA?


For the sake of complete development of video games and not half-assed upgrades slapped together.

I swear EA new game releases are similar to Trump's cabinent. Just a bunch of "yes sir you did great, oh we did great, look at the game we made, of course we did enough we added 1 new feature" nonsense is driving me crazy

to think EA used to be one of my favorite video game developers 15 years ago...
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