How to Fix Nintendo Switch's Sports Gaming Problem

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How to Fix Nintendo Switch's Sports Gaming Problem

It is a bias-free undeniable fact that the Nintendo Switch cannot power sports games in the...

Written By: Elliott Jenkins

Click here to view the article.
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Nintendo really did themselves in with the Wii and WiiU.* The Wii sold well, but it was a pain for developers, due to motion controls and graphics.* Nintendo should have avoided naming their next console after the Wii, but nope, here comes the WiiU.* It was a great system, but if you're not playing Nintendo on it, then there's not a huge amount of games.* I'm all for innovation, but sometimes you have to take a step off of being so innovative that you hurt yourself.

The switch is probably their best system in decades, but no major publisher is going to be a huge amount of work into making a great "port" of a ps4 or xb1 sports game.* There's just not enough profit to justify the money put into it according to the higher ups.* The only real hope we have is an indie studio putting some time, effort and money into making a great swtich game to make other publishers realize the Switch is worth spending time on.* * There are plenty of great sports indie stories on the other big 2 systems (rocket league, golf club, super mega baseball) Switch just has to find theirs.**

The real kicker is if Switch fans even care at all about sports gaming.* I'm going to guess that most don't due to the people I see talking about the Switch.* I honestly think Nintendo doesn't care about sports gaming either.
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Nintendo needs to bring back all their Mario classic sports games. Super strikers, Mario all-star baseball, etc... and they need to have them like the GameCube type versions or offer simple mode just like Mario Tennis aces. That is one of the main reasons I decided to buy Mario Tennis aces was because it offered simple mode. The only problem is, as mentioned, the characters in the game are unbalanced. Mario sports games have a long standing tradition of excellence and they are some of my favorite and most played sports games but they need to concentrate on polish as the article said.
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Why can't Nintendo just make a more powerful console? *Why are they always a generation behind the Xbox and PlayStation? *I personally don't think most fans of the Switch could care less about sports games, but if you did, then *why have a Switch as your only console?
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I hope the Switch releases a WRESTLING title, comparable to WWF No Mercy. They really have the opportunity to succeed where WWE 2k18 fails.... and that's the GAMEPLAY department. Since no one is looking for the Switch to create a game with ultra realistic/picture perfect Character models.... they can focus on what wrestling sports gamers REALLY care about... and that's just fun and gameplay. A game like* NO MERCY would definitely stand out on the Switch and would make wrestling fans buy one because of its unique gameplay style that is unlike the current WWE 2k18 gameplay.* Also, random... but why didn't Fire Pro Wrestling World release on the Nintendo Switch?? The Switch should have been all over that! I feel like they missed a really easy opportunity to bring the Switch its first good wrestling title.*
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Bring back MLB Power Pros (which would admittedly take some hoop-jumping), and that'll partially fix the baseball sector of the Switch's sports gaming problem.
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Re: How to Fix Nintendo Switch's Sports Gaming Problem

Fifa on switch is as enjoyable as FIFA on XB1 - there are differences obviously but itís hardly night and day.

NBA 2k18 now patched is a great game.

I honestly donít buy that switch isnít capable it just need a capable team to do it.

Look at Wolfenstien and Doom. Yes there are compromises but from enjoyment side Doom campaign on switch is as fun as the Xbox and Iíve played both.

WWE was botched by a team not capable.

I firmly believe there is both market and capabilities to give the switch the best mobile sports games ever.

Why people constantly compare switch to PS4/xb1 is beyond me.

Switch is the best handheld experience and should be embraced
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And this is why I am still using my Vita and not buying a Switch.* If the Vita can power Madden 13 and The Show 15, the Switch can power a reasonable version of sports games.* I agree that graphics can be a step down, and the game can still be a success on the Switch.* To this date, the Switch is the most disappointing platform I have seen in my years of gaming.* I was incredibly excited for the Switch when it was first announced (a hybrid mobile and console experience?* YES!), but the games so far have not even been close to anything I would play (I play mostly baseball, football and hockey games, and occasionally would mix in a Burnout or GTA type game).* I would still happily jump onto the Switch bandwagon, but they have quite a ways to go with the available games before it would be a consideration for me.*
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