View Poll Results: Who wins Super Bowl LIV?
San Francisco 49ers 34 41.46%
Kansas City Chiefs 48 58.54%
Voters: 82. You may not vote on this poll

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Who wins Super Bowl LIV?

Who wins Super Bowl LIV?
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Re: Who wins Super Bowl LIV?

History has shown that when the number offense faces the number one defense. The defense usually wins. It's like a proven fact lol.

.... But were talking about probably one of the craziness freak QB known to man. When I think freak football players. I think of Randy Moss lol. Patrick Mahomes in the last 2-3 years has proven. He's definitely freak lol.

But look at plays like this BS lol.


And most recently....



But with all that said 49ers ain't no stiff themselves. I can't remember where I saw it. But Jimmy said without his Torn ACL last year. They don't get.....

Their front 4 can generate pressure without an help lol.

On the other side of the switch

You got someone modding Alex Gibbs and Mike's "old school" zone running scheme. Mike's hipster son Kyle Shannan. Who's got Tom Brady backup . Who's killing it in the play action game. No one needs a link for this running game. Find it yourself.


Last year KC defense couldn't stop the Pats from scoring in last year AFC championship game. They go out and hire the defensive coordinator who beat them in the super bowl a few years ago (for the Giants). But then the Pats get eliminated early lol. Oh well, their defense is still questionable at best lol. They kind of stopped Derrick Henry. I say kind of only because Derrick only had 19 touches. Because Titans couldn't keep the freak out of the end zone. So they were in catch up mode.

San Francisco played in an amazing game vs the Saints week 14. Tons points. It's an example because they have proven they can win that type of shoot out game. KC offense is down right scary. Vegas had it KC right now I think. Can I come back and make my decision? Lol

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Re: Who wins Super Bowl LIV?

Gotta go with the Chiefs. First, their last Super Bowl win was exactly 50 years ago, never been back since. Second, well I'm biased. I can't root for a division rival. It's KC's turn.
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Re: Who wins Super Bowl LIV?

Seems like whenever the "It" offense and QB of that year gets to the big game vs. a stout, physical team with a tops rushing attack (and four man only needed to cover 7) pass rush the defense team wins out.

While Andy Reid and Mahomes have been on a postseason scoring roll, Kyle Shanahan's 49er team has the superior offensive and defensive lines in this matchup to me, and that will be the difference.

The Texans and Bill O'Brian are trash, Titans just couldn't hold serve with the ball control offense, lead ToP and keep Mahomes' drive opps minimal and on the bench (the plan to beat KC like the Colts did earlier this season), where as the 49ers physically took the will out both the Vikings and the Packers.

For me, no matter how flashy Andy & Mahomes have been, I always side with the PHYSICAL over the finesse in the postseason.

49ers 30 Chefs 20
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Re: Who wins Super Bowl LIV?

While I dont think it will be a blow out, I do think KC wins by atleast 2 TD's. As good as the 49'ers D is, they havent faced any QB on the level of Mahomes. Mahomes is can sling it like Marino, and scramble as good or better than any QB we have ever seen. If Mahomes stays healthy, he has a chance to set every passing record IMO. Especially considering the rules over the past many yrs has been changed to benefit QB's.

If the 49'ers are able to run the ball at will, and keep Mahomes on the sideline for long periods of time, is the only shot IMO that SF has to win this game. If KC get out to a early lead, to where SF has to rely on their QB to keep pace with Mahomes, its game over.

I think the Niner's will be able to run the ball effectively, against KC Defense, but can Niner's D hold Mahomes in check, so they dont have to rely on their QB to win the game for them is the question. If so, I think SF can win the game.

Im hoping KC's D shows up, and is able to get enough stops, to give Mahomes plenty of chances early on to get a comfortable lead. Its not that Im a huge Chiefs fan by any means, although I am a fan of Mahomes, but I hate the Niner's, well technically I hate all California based sports teams,lol, so Im hoping Mahomes puts on a show, and blows them out. But SF D is impressive, so they definitely have the ability to slow the Chiefs offense down.
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Re: Who wins Super Bowl LIV?

Kansas City wins 21-17
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Re: Who wins Super Bowl LIV?

KC 37-31
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