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Re: Major League Baseball 2K6 Review (Xbox)

Originally Posted by llcmac
I own the 360 version and personally I think the Online aspect may be one of the worst in a long time.

You can't use inside edge or the catcher at all. There are no cutscenes which I guess is just to cut down on game time. You are locked in to options that just kill the game:

Auto-Round - You'll get tagged out on this atleast once every 2 games.

Auto Dive back - This is annoying, the AI dives back at some of the worst moments, actually allowed the CPU to turn a triple play.

Your stuck with default batting and pitching cams. Fielding seems to get worse online.

It's this easy, Offline the game is frustrating, Online the game is much much much more frustrating, not worth it for me.
thats why you get in sim leagues lol
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Re: Major League Baseball 2K6 Review (Xbox)

I love this part of the review,
As bad as this sounds, I hope that they were dedicating the bulk of their attention to the 360 release, because corners appear to have been cut on this release. Even the improvements like "Inside Edge" were not enough to allow me to enjoy this game. In fact, the parts that I really liked only frustrated me because of the wasted potential.
Apparently that wasn't the case either.
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Re: Major League Baseball 2K6 Review (Xbox)

I think that there are a lot of things that are very compelling about this title, the review touches on those quite accurately. I think that there is still much ground ot be made up by 2K Sports, particularly on the defensive side of the ball with the robotic feel of fielding and the frustration of running the bags

That being said, I have enjoyed some very interesting games and I think that the building blocks of a very solid foundation are in place. My interpretation of the review is that it suggests that the game is way off the mark. While it doesn't have the very organic feel of MVP, it does do some things very well and I think that it isn't miles off where it needs to be once the right things get tweaked.

Even so, I do admit that the silver lining for baseball is found in the fact there is still a modicum of choice, whether that's on the collegiate side of things with MVP or through The Show on the PS2. That's something that sim football gamers don't have as an option. Residual anger over exclusivity permeates the review somewhat, but that is understandable given the circumstances

In any event, I think the review is fair, even though I might grade out the game slightly higher. I think the pros have been made mention of and the cons have been noted as well, although I think the cons in other exclusive titles haven't been weighted as dramatically as they were in this review

Have fun...........

Basketball made me the man I am today; Arthritic and Bitter...

What I think I think:
• Y'know, I've never played less NBA 2K than I did with NBA 2K12
• Sports VG titles were REALLY disappointing in 2011-12
• Thank Heaven for ME3 and Arkham City -- saved my winter
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Re: Major League Baseball 2K6 Review (Xbox)

Originally Posted by Steve_OS
We have just posted our Major League Baseball 2K6 review. Find out what Clay had to say about it.
"If we’ve learned nothing else over the years it’s that the multi-million dollar business of sports gaming is a cutthroat one. The battle to make the best game for each sport has been raging since the days of RBI Baseball, Blades of Steel and Double Dribble. Long before the days of the exclusivity agreement, developers battled to be the top release. In this new era of exclusive rights, the battlefield has obviously changed a bit. The NFL lives at EA with NASCAR and FIFA, while the MLB license, at least for cross platform releases, lives with 2K Games.

The fear of the sports gamer since the first press release is always the same. What happens when there is no competition? Who wins? Who loses? What’s the motivation to go the extra mile when you’ve crippled the competition?"
I bought This game for the 360 the day it came out, I took it back the very next day . This game sucks ! I hated it ... I was really let down.
I have MLB the show for the PS2 and it blows this sorry game out of the water. The players just look so stupid and lifeless. This game was horrible all away around. I give it a 1/2 a start out of 10.
Want a real baseball game that plays like a real Major League game do yourself a favor and go get MLB you wont regret it.
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Re: Major League Baseball 2K6 Review (Xbox)

Ummm this "review" is screwed up.......

I quote: "The deepest mode, however, is the "GM Career" Mode. Like the career modes in some other 2K releases, it starts at the top and the owners of each club have very different personalities and expectations. Some are penny pinchers that will be looking at you to dump large contracts before you even get out of Spring Training. Others are more fans of the game and will give you a little more rope. This mode is deep to say the least. Not only are you managing day-to-day decisions for your professional and minor league on-field product, you’re hiring scouts, coaches, upgrading the stadium, running promotions, selling stadium ad space and taking out loans from the bank. If you like that style of play, you can literally spend two to three hours on off the field decisions for every hour you spend on the field. You can really dedicate as much or as little time as you want to it. "

Where do you sell ad space, upgrade stadium, do promotions, and take out loans from the bank in MLB 2k6????.....Did the reviewer even play this game, or was he playing MLB 06 The Show, where you do these things?
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