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Old 08-11-2006, 02:46 PM   #33
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Re: NBA 2K7 Interview Questions

This is looking forward so now's the time to ask, before development begins on 2K8. Have the devs considered using a control scheme similar to that of EA's NHL 07? For instance making the left stick control lower body movement (where the player goes) and the right stick control upper body movement (ball control-- fakes, crosses, shooting, passing). Also the removal of turbo (regardless of what jazzy name it has it's still turbo). Instead players reach their top speed based on an acceleration attribute and the pressure on the left stick. Last but not least, BALL PHYSICS. With all the major movement controls being on the sticks, ball physics will be quite important, i.e. if a player goes behind the back from right to left he moves the right stick clockwise in a circle to throw the ball behind his back but also moves the left stick to the left to actually retrieve the ball. If the defender anticipates this move he picks the ball off instead what currently happens (the ballhandler usually gets jostled just to try something else). Having ball physics along with the new control scheme would mean ball handlers would have to actually protect the ball with their body when stationary.

Thanx for your time.

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Re: NBA 2K7 Interview Questions

NATURAL MOTION's EUPHORIA type physics in gameplay. Not IF--- WHEN?
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Re: NBA 2K7 Interview Questions

1) Has the double team passing improved? It's very annoying to see players get double teamed and throw a super high pass towards the other side of the court, or a very high pass into the crowd. I'm sorry, but I've never seen this happen in the NBA. Shaq should not get scared and launch the ball because he's double teamed. Also sometimes when a player get's hot, especially a big man, the double comes so fast, and if you pass quickly they turn it over, if you don't, they get stripped. Basically you lose the ability to pass to the player for a while. I want to give the ball to Shaq, draw the double team, and then us it to get the defense out of position, instead I get tied up by Devin Harris, and no matter how hard I tap I'll many times still lose the jumpball.

2) Have the ball handling abilities been fixed? Will big men without handles still be able to do an ankle breaking crossover?
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Re: NBA 2K7 Interview Questions

13. has turnover, backcourt, up and down glitches been fixed?
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Question Re: NBA 2K7 Interview Questions

I have a few questions:

-will there be a better create a team and can we add them to a season or franchise mode without taking another teams spot?

-Is there going to be a detailed create a player mode with more skin tones,etc;?

Round4Round Boxing Team member. We are in early development.

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Re: NBA 2K7 Interview Questions

Thanks for doing this interview first off.

Second, this question may not mean anything to others, but it does to this Oklahoman.

Do the Hornets play as the New Orleans/Oklahoma City Hornets in this year's game, and if so, do they play their home games in the Ford Center in OKC?

That's all I have.
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Re: NBA 2K7 Interview Questions

i just have a couple of questions

1st questions what changes if any have been done to the association mode. basicly depth and chemistry as in who getts to start causing problems things like that.

2nd question substitution will my 6th man be the first off the bench and 7th next ext. currently the last man on the roster has as much chance 2 be the first man off the bench as the person in the 6th man spot

3rd in 24/7 mode has the player speed rating been changed from going based off height 6ft 8 guy equals low 60 in speed. not very realistic tmac is 6ft 8 and his personal trainer says he lifts 350 pounds and runs a consistant 4.2 40 yard dash

4th have you added new dunks with more flair and emotion any hanging on the rim.

5th have you changed anything that has to do with block shots or steals (can you pin the ball against the back board) i wish lol

6th this year will the best shot come from releasing the button at the top of your jump. when you release and it says perfect release this doesnt seem to be better then a slightly early release

7th any new cut scenes or extras added to game like allstar weekend things of that nature.

8th keep up the good work i love 2k sports
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Re: NBA 2K7 Interview Questions

I only have one ?

Will the imported draft class from NCAA College Hoops2K7, come into NBA2K7 looking, moving, shooting EXACTLY the same as they did in college?
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