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Re: NBA 2K7 Review (360)

That was an excellent review. I'm extremely excited to get the game tomorrow.
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Re: NBA 2K7 Review (360)

Very good review. I really enjoyed it. Too bad I can't enjoy the game lol.
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Re: NBA 2K7 Review (360)

Good review man...

Hit me up with your gamertag so I can get my revenge!!!

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Re: NBA 2K7 Review (360)

Thank you. This forum as made the wait, too long for me, much easier. I can't wait until tomorrow and so look forward to play. I'd would have like to hear more about the create-a-player option, but great job!
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Re: NBA 2K7 Review (360)

Thanks for the review. It adds to the excitement of getting this game.

I'm telling you, if EA gets the rights to the NBA, I may just have a nervous breakdown.
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Re: NBA 2K7 Review (360)

With that said, if you don’t play solid defense and make strategic adjustments, some online games can turn into dunk contests. However, if you play against someone who plays “sim” basketball, you should have realistic and fun games.

Hey I don't know about you, but to me this WAS online games for NBA 2k6... The dunkers could be stopped if you made the right adjustments and played solid defense. Are you saying it's no different?
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Re: NBA 2K7 Review (360)

"The day of cutscenes is officially over. In past basketball video games, coach, bench and some crowd reactions were always shown in canned repetitive cutscenes. NBA 2K7 features no cutscenes meaning that every action is shown within the flow of the game. "

I cant wait for all the games to be like this! 2k knows what they are doing!Cant wait to buy since Im a new 360 owner and all I have is Madden. Its this and Nhl07 next. Great review.
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Re: NBA 2K7 Review (360)

great review, Aaron. I liked how you listed everything out, including minute flaws I'd never notice. Shows an attention to detail and a deep knowledge of the game.
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