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Re: Major League Baseball 2K7 Interview Questions

Just one point: Give them the advice to make this US release of the 360 version code-free. Since this game won't be released over here in Europe, they could sell some more copies of the game...
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Re: Major League Baseball 2K7 Interview Questions

1.- Will there be real time lighting? Evening games progressing into night, afternoon games progressing into early evening lighting effects.

2-Will throws from outfielders use cut off men (computer controlled)?

3-Is baserunning improved or is it the same system?

4-What is the maximum number of teams a user can controll (hopefully all)?

5-Do you have to purchase inside edge?

6-What additional stadiums will be included in the game over the standard home stadiums?

7-Any spring training schedules or stadiums?
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Re: Major League Baseball 2K7 Interview Questions

What can us franchisers expect? The more info on the franchise mode the better!
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Re: Major League Baseball 2K7 Interview Questions

Will spring training games take place right from the start of the game this time instead of after you complete your first season?

Will there be an option for CPU to control fielding with manual override?
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Re: Major League Baseball 2K7 Interview Questions

My questions broken up in categories:

-Will there be some kind of pre-game show maybe talking about the two teams coming up to play
-Will there be a "news" place in the game where I can see milestones players have hit for the season and career? (not just people on my team but all teams in the league)
-Will there be any kind of highlights of other games (like in the 2k football series?)
-Will we still get to have new faces created for plalyers that come into the league and have thier faces show up everywhere a regular real MLB player's face would? rather than have a blank spot or shiloutte??

-Is there owner firing?
-Is there a Hall of Fame?
-Is there a place to keep track of your accomplishments as a manager?
-How in depth will the draft be?
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Re: Major League Baseball 2K7 Interview Questions

1. Will players be able to throw to running players, and not have to wait for them to reach the bag first? (ala leading first baseman or pitcher to bag with throw)

2. Will they exit to the field to the proper dugout? (Boston is exiting to the visitor dugout in the first inning video)


3. Game is looking great! Can you compare it's gameplay to a current or past game so we can get an idea? (High Heat, MVP, TheShow)

4. Will there be a real minor league system, for call-ups/send-downs? (like MVP had)

5. Will pitchers warm-up visibly in the bullpen like MVP? (this is next gen, a game in 04' could do it)

6. Is there screens and nets behind home plate? (could not tell from videos, it helps immersion)

7. Can we use the vision cam to map our faces on a created player much like R6:Vegas? Or have a replay maker like NBA2K? (that would rock)
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Re: Major League Baseball 2K7 Interview Questions

How many cameras will be available? Specifically, for fielding? Is there a blimp or 'high' camera that gives more ball flight view?

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Re: Major League Baseball 2K7 Interview Questions

1.Will there be a change in frachise mode.will good stuff like no trade clause,Better Contract Negotiations,options, arbitration,waivers,International signings and everthing else be there.
2.Is it more realistic or you guys just slowed down the gameplay.
3.Will there be more hitting options besides hitstick and classic.Will they have aimedhitting?
4.Baseball classic still there?
5.will the environment change in playoffs and other big games?
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