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NBA 2K8 Review (360)

We have just posted our NBA 2K8 review. Find out what Clay Shaver had to say about it.
"In 1891, at a YMCA International Training School in Springfield, Massachusetts, a physical education teacher was given a task by the administration. The 30-year old Canadian educator was asked to invent a game that had to meet three very specific criteria. One, the game could not take up too much space. Second, it must not be to rough. And finally, it would be played indoors. With inspiration from a game from his childhood, two peach baskets and 13 simple rules (12 of which still exist in some form today), Dr. James Naismith introduced the world to Basketball.

In the 116 years since, basketball has grown from its humble beginnings to become a truly global game. Due in large part to the costs associated with playing basketball versus that of the other major sports, the game has been embraced across the globe and is played on every continent and in nearly every country. While many Americans believe that Baseball--or even American Football--are this country’s greatest contribution to the sporting world, it’s hard to argue the impact of Dr. Naismith and his peach baskets."

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Re: NBA 2K8 Review (360)

Great review.....but man, you guys are tough on the score. Best b-ball game ever and it only got an 8 ?? Do you guys only give it an 8 so as to leave room for a ratings increase in 2K9, 2K10, etc? Meaning, does the rating scale stay constant throughout time, or does the rating scale get tougher as technology improves each year? To me, an 8.0 rating right now just gives the wrong impression to gamers. 8.0 says to me it's slightly above average. (7.5 being average). NBA2K8 is WAY above average compared to other sports games right now. I seriously laugh everytime I watch Madden Nation on ESPN2. It's unbelievable how much more advanced NBA2K8 is compared to that garbage EA calls football.

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Re: NBA 2K8 Review (360)

An 8 means it's a great game with some issues that can be pretty large to most people. A 9 would be a game with some issues that might not be so big to most people. But it always invariably becomes a debate over 1 point here, which is kind of odd. He noted a fair amount of negatives about the game and explained them in pretty good detail. He also noted that it plays fantastically in spite of those.

But we here at Operation Sports grade games on a 10 point scale. I can't speak for other review sites, obviously, but an 80% isn't "average" if you're grading on a 100% scale (like back in school). That's above average, while 90% would be unbelievably good...whether it's in pure fun factor, realism, etc etc. "Average" would be a 7, or good with some VERY significant issues, etc.

But the review content explains the 8. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, though...and I obviously can't speak for Clay, but that's what I got from the review. I'd be pretty confident that he was closer to a 9 than an 8.0, but we can't give decimal points in the scores. The review itself certainly wasn't predominately negative, however.

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Re: NBA 2K8 Review (360)

good score. about what i gave it. A nine is NEARLY perfect, this is close but still needs that room to improve
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Re: NBA 2K8 Review (360)

Good review and 8 is fair. I think if this site was on a decimal scale it would have gotten maybe 8.5. He had valid points. I think some people on this site may be mad that Live got a 7 and 2k only got one point higher when to many a 1 point difference may not be enough.

Based on Clay's points though, 8 is good.
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Re: NBA 2K8 Review (360)

Sorry, I should have posted this in both threads instead of just the one in the NBA 2K forum:

I'll post this once and all further questions on the review can be referred back here:

I score my reviews on how the game plays out of the box. Period. The game I am playing right now (with slider tweaks and other adjustments) is a 10/10. The game that I play at default everything is a 8/10.

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Re: NBA 2K8 Review (360)

Originally Posted by Clay_OS
Sorry, I should have posted this in both threads instead of just the one in the NBA 2K forum:
May I ask which sliders you use?
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Re: NBA 2K8 Review (360)

Really nice review Clay.

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