The Impact of a One Company Show

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Re: The Impact of a One Company Show

Originally Posted by slip3rman
"Iím sure I donít have to tell you such a move would be very bad for sports gamers. Aside from no longer having a choice what hockey, basketball or football title you want to buy, EA has time and again proved theyíll produce less than stellar games if they arenít pushed by another company."

I'm not trying to bash anybody on here, but it seems like everyone is almost unanimously coming to the conclusion that this merger will bring everything down to hell out of loyalties to 2K. I favor 2K games cause they seem to run better than EA Sports at the moment, but why do most people feel EA will simply abolish the competition rather than bring them on board to make a better game?

Sorry if I'm a noob, but isn't Peter Moore joining the EA Sports team pretty new? Do people not think he will change the customer satisfaction standard? I'm not too familiar with how he handled things at Microsoft. Someone please shed some light for me.
Sadly its just the likely scenario when you have one shareholder owned company buying another. They are more interested in the revenue that can be gained by cutting jobs that are redundant after the move is final.

Plus it really seems this is more about the Bioshock, GTA and non-sports gamers from EA's point of view.
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Re: The Impact of a One Company Show

Originally Posted by Longhorn
Hopefully it means the return of MVP.

I'd gladly sacrifice NBA2k for MVP.
Umm, I wouldn't. Quite honestly my preference in an either/or situation is still quite firmly "BOTH"

Have fun..............
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