Seasons Under the Influence: Avoiding Dynasty Disasters

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Re: Seasons Under the Influence: Avoiding Dynasty Disasters

Originally Posted by ewig
Also, if I'm too tired to concentrate, but not quite tired enough to go to bed I tend to stay away from dynasty play as well. Sounds geeky, but I like to think my level of alertness could be the difference between the 8th seed and not making the playoffs.
I do this too.
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Nice read...Can completely relate to the entire article. You forgot to mention GM "over-zealousness". That's when by yr 2 or 3 there are a mere handful of players from your original team because you have pulled off a record # of trades. Then you start to feel like the integrity of the "realism" was comprimised, and after successfully completing several enjoyable seasons you can't stand the fact that you've done something to your team that goes beyond conventional/realistic general managing.
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Funny you should mention NCAA 2004. I vividly remember that summer when I got the game. I learned quite a few no-no's during that year.

1- I never had any problems with a corrupt file. One day, fairly early on in my dynasty, I had to leave the house in a hurry. I saved after I played and while saving, while it says don't turn off etc., I accidentally turned it off thinking it was finished saving. Came back in later, everything was fine. The next time I finished and had to leave, I saved and went ahead and turned it off, since everything was fine from the previous time. Came back in, turned it on, loaded it up, and it wouldn't load, corrupt file. Had to start over from scratch.

2- The drunk thing. That same time, I was bad about playing and drinking. By the time I got a sixer down, I was throwing picks left and right. I remember that game was the first that it began to be a little easier to throw picks. Not only did my game play struggle, I went through 4 different controllers. I broke, shattered, threw, stomped, you name it, I did it. Sometimes I was even sober. My cousin and I shared a Dynasty and he even broke one or two. That was a great game but I got pissed at it a lot.

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Re: Seasons Under the Influence: Avoiding Dynasty Disasters

[email protected] not saving...


Good article.
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Very good article. Seriously I can't stress saving enough. A lot of times I end up saving twice because I just want to make sure I didn't forget (even if I'm pretty sure I've done it the first time).
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Re: Seasons Under the Influence: Avoiding Dynasty Disasters

Excellent article. With my first Xbox 360, I was getting freezes periodically so it became paramount that I save at every turn. One or two games coached that freeze in the transition from the game to the legacy menu will do that to a man.
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Great read.
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Yea I am definitely a crazy saver. I remember when saving a playstation game took forever. I had my finger on the power/reset button waiting for the game to save and my finger slipped...corrupt file...dynasty ruined!
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