The Most Important Baseball Stat?

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Re: The Most Important Baseball Stat?

Originally Posted by Squint
It was hardly the best. In fact, I'd say it was the most irrelevant in relation to the actual article.

If you read the article it's about what statistical method is best for assessing player's statistics, and not team wins. Players statistics matter because no team will consistently win with nine Micky Morandini's on their roster.
Originally Posted by Squint

Defensive much? I never stated you didn't read the article. That statement was more of a generalization. I quoted your post to respond to your opinion on Sully's statement (which he ended up saying was a joke).

The article never stated there was just one statistic to best evaluate players. Rather, it's goal was to argue whether or not one statistic was best. You can agree or disagree.

I was, however, happy to see you took the mature route and called out me representing OS based off a simple difference of opinion.

I expected a little more from a former mod.
Well, I was just reading what your wrote, that's all. If you didn't mean that I never read it, by saying "if you read the entire article", then that's my fault. I guess we're even with the "former mod" comment"

Not defensive here, and, in the end, no big deal. Like I said, I'll keep my comments on the main content to myself. Like I said, you responded to the last sentence instead of the content of my post, but that's ok man. It's all good from this former mod, lol.
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One would think that a lead-off walk would lead to more runs than a lead-off home-run, but it’s not true. We’ve researched it and this year a lead-off home-run has led to more multi-run innings than have lead-off walks.
Wow, Tim McCarver, did someone actually need to research that? It's painfully obvious.
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