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There are STILL core gameplay elements and statistical categories missing form all publishers sports offerings. These include but are not limited to: half sacks, assisted tackles, late hit penalties, ineligible man down field, illegal touching, rule 5 drafts, 40 man rosters, boarding, cross checking, or any real fighting system in hockey.
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Good Call on the Baseball Stars idea...I would certainly buy something out of that mold...

Then again, didn't 2k try to do that w/ All-Pro Football...?

Anyways, something was failed to be mentioned....co-op games are rarely existent anymore in sports games, and I know I'm not the only one when I say it really ticks me off!

My friend and I used to look forward to playing an NCAA Football dynasty and going through recruiting and everything, but since its went next-gen, the 360 for the 2nd year has failed to support co-op play....

Finally this year Madden and NHL 08 have brought it back, but it would be nice for all of the sports games to allow co-op...

Even All-Star Baseball found a way to do a co-op mode in a baseball game back in 05...

Really, most of these things we ask for shouldn't be too hard...some of us as stated before have even stopped buying games (i.e. me w/ NCAAF) because of the lack of features and mainly the lack of options...

I truly agree w/ the others and believe that because EA is monopolizing the sports game industry, we have no choice if we want to play than to buy their games, so they can release whatever crap they want, whether it be feature-starving or bug-crazy.
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Hi Patrick...good article, but are you talking strictly about the 08 titles or the 09 ones? Just asking because facemasks and footprints are in Madden 09.

Also, curious as to:
- where the remark about towels came from? I'd never heard anyone promise it...would like to know where you got that
- tree leaves changed colors and fell off? Which version?
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