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OS Roundtable: Non-Licensed Football

This week on the OS Roundtable we get the staff's reaction to the question of, "What Non-Licensed Football Title are you most excited about?" Be sure to read through the responses and add your own input to the topic!

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Backbreaker for me. Reading everything they are inputing into the game, camera angles, control scheme, and the passing game, we may have something special. If the we already write this game off then there will never be competition, then we continue to play the NFL game without any soul. If we want EA to step there game up, we must purchase other non-licensed offerings. The football market has been theres since 05-06 and they are slipping, but we make exceptions because it is the only NFL or NCAA football game. At the end of the day we are EA's competition, once people stop letting them Eddie Guerrero us (lie, cheat, and steal) we'll have the best game ever. Peace.
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Sorry but I don't understand the "we have to hype Backbreaker because Madden sucks" philosophy. I've heard other folks argue the same thing last year, and it didn't work out too well for All-Pro Football when all was said and done.

Now I'm not saying Backbreaker might not be good, but I'll need a bit more than some videos of tackles from three angles to go ga-ga over a game when nobody knows what to expect.
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I'd be all for someone redoing a good version of Sierra Football Pro.

Goalline Blitz is fun as well.
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or have sierra do a finally deliver us a BUG free version of tthe old games.

ontopic: i think that backbreaker will have a bigger impact than we might suspect because of the physics and hope its get turned into madden 2010
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Its pretty hard to get excited about vapor-ware.
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Originally Posted by yamabushi
Its pretty hard to get excited about vapor-ware.
I agree- most of the rumored games aren't anywhere near being released, or even being given actual release dates. I think we're all just a bit excited to have choices again... especially after the disappointment of APF2K8.
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Re: OS Roundtable: Non-Licensed Football

Patrick Williams: I'm not excited about any non licensed football games. Non licensed=boring to me. I can't relate to these teams or players, and I don't find it interesting.

If I have to pick something for the sake of this Roundtable then I will pick Backbreaker. Just to see the physics and everything that has been promised with the new engine. Hopefully Madden and EA can get this in their game.
It's thinking like this, that no matter how well a game ends up playing, if it's not madden, It gonna fail. I have come to this realization that the NFL license just means that much to people nowadays. No one remembers Madden 93. which despite not having and NFL, or NFL pa license was a fun football game. Or NFL PA 93 which only had the players license, but couldnt use the real NHL teams, but still one of the top hockey games of all time "MAKE GRETZKY BLEED" Video Games have been around so long, most people either, were too young to remember a time where noone had the major sports league licenses. or have been playing so long that the license is expected. Well the NFL, EA, Take 2, and other companies ar bringing us into a world with exclusive licenses. And I feel its our duty as consumers, to buy the best quality product, and that isn't always the one with the name brand. Case in point. If backbreaker for example does infact become something revolutionary, i still doubt it sells much more than APF 2k8, if it even elipses it at all. People are hooked on the license. NCAA MVP 06 improved upon everything on MVP 05 gameplay wise, but it was college baseball and you didnt have MLB teams players and stadiums. so it failed. everyone cried for mvp to comeback but they didnt support the version trhat came out after they lost the license, even though it was a superior game. when people lose this addiction to the license is when we may start seeing better games.
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