MLB 2K8 vs. MLB '08: The Show Graphical Comparison

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Originally Posted by pike
Give me a break Op Sports. At least be professional when posting an article like this. The screens are no where near 'fair and balanced'. I'm not going to say that 2k8 looks better, because I've never played the Show, but on my Sony Bravia 52', the game looks ALOT better than the crap posted above. It's not the games fault that the players look like cartoons, the moron who took the shots needs to run a calibration on his TV, starting with the contrast, hue, and then the white level. Second, he needs to ditch the crappy camera.

After the "2k8 Sucks, I want a refund" article, its starting to look pretty biased here.
You never played The Show??? Well that explains it.

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That 2K pic of Joe Borowski scared the sh*t out me.

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Re: MLB 2K8 vs. MLB '08: The Show Graphical Comparison

You can put both games on the same TV and the Show will still blow it away. Sorry to rain on your parade. 2k8 faces aren't that bad, it is just that the Show this year step up big time. If there was no Show this year. 2k8 would have some nice faces too, but because of the Show there is comparison. It is what it is!
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OMG Comparing the MLB show grahpics to MLB2k8 is graphics is like trying to comparing Tupac to Souja Boy. I mean seriously MLB2k8 graphics to me now is a failure after seeing these images.
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Originally Posted by statum71
You never played The Show??? Well that explains it.
Explains what? I have already stated that I am sure the Show looks better. That's not my argument.

My argument is that OP Sports looks CNN covering Obama--totally tilted to the point of making it fodder for a SNL skit. You post comparison shots, with one game having the pictures be perfect to the point of looking like they were touched up and the other game's shots being done by a guy who admits he's no professional, on a TV whose picture settings look like they were set up by a 3 year old.

If you were to come to my house, and see 2k8 on my Bravia, you wouldn't change your mind that the Show looks better, but you also sure as hell wouldn't say that 2k8 is crap either.

I'd love to see someone from OP Sports comment about the fact that first they posted an article about a guy wanting a refund from 2k, then post this article where the screenshots are not even close to being even.

As for the Gamespot comparison, if you watch the YouTube video review, the host makes the statement that both games look great, and the another guy even says that the Show doesn't blow you away at first. They sure as hell don't mention cartoon characters, green skies, or players with radioactive skin. I guess their TV's are screwed up.

As it is, I'm not trying to be a Homer for 2k. If I had a PS3, I'd get the Show for the controls (I'm in the minority, but I hate the new pitching controls) but it's irritating when an otherwise respectable news/entertainment group like OP Sports post something as tilted as this.
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Re: MLB 2K8 vs. MLB '08: The Show Graphical Comparison

Not that I'm trying to defuse a situation here (if you guys think it's biased then so be it), but some community members came to me with the idea to do the comparison and so two of them did the screens -- hence why they aren't done on the same screen with the same camera etc. It's a community-done feature which we put on the front page because we support folks who wish to do articles for the site -- assuming they are solid enough. I can agree that the left side looks slightly more "professional" but in no way do I think it's lowballing the other game and may be partly due to how well one game can be captured vs. the other. Even if you say well it looks washed out or something then just judge it on the facials and don't worry so much about the palette -- the color palette is a user-by-user preference since I don't think it's a stretch to say The Show has the more realistic colors but 2K has their own style which can be judged on its own merits.

As for the OS is so anti-2K, I guess the constant praise that's handed out to NBA 2K and College Hoops means nothing. I think we're anti-subpar games perhaps, so you can call us biased for that while we're at it. And the other "I want my money back" article was one of our writers who was passionate about how he felt about the game; we're not going to stop someone from being passionate about what they write, even if it may ruffle some feathers.

Anywho, it's not a big deal I guess we're going to get called biased either way just like every other site...comes with the territory.
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Re: MLB 2K8 vs. MLB '08: The Show Graphical Comparison

Bottomline -- and the point of this article -- is that the faces in 2K8 are generally pretty awful. I usually play as the Yankees, but I can't this year because nobody on the team looks like their real-life counterparts. Their faces are so poorly rendered I honestly can't stomach looking at them. And as for that nice-looking pic Bigfnjoe posted: that's supposed to be Johnny Damon. Doesn't look anything like him. Kush's face-scan programmers/artists are probably the least talented bunch in the entire video games industry.

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I'm a 2kfan! But seriously guys the show is 100xtimes better than 2k8. These photos aren't lying! I took similar photos awhile back and posted them in a few threads! And got the same growling responses from some of you kats! Just admit it. 2k8 looks terrible! And that graphics engine is played!

The Show=Super Nintendo

Thats how the comparison looks!

Don't blame Kush and Visual Concepts. Blame Take-Two! For the lame budget they leave them to work with.

Like someone else said, 2k's graphics use to be good, but if this is all you have to work with, how can the talent be risen to the next levels.


The Show for the Victory! Hands-Down!
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