Future of Sports Gaming to Run Through EA Sports?

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Old 05-13-2008, 11:01 AM   #9
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Re: Future of Sports Gaming to Run Through EA Sports?

Ehhh. I may cease playing sports games all together if this were to come true.
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Re: Future of Sports Gaming to Run Through EA Sports?

Yeah guys, I agree this sucks! I have almost always been exclusively a sports gamer. The crappy sports titles in 08 forced me to look elsewhere for "fresh" games, and I found them in other areas of gaming. I just can't keep spending $60 a crack for sub-par titles... you can use madden 08 for it's crappy gameplay or MLB 2k8 for it's bugs as an example... But for the same money you can buy GTA 4, Halo3, Call Of Duty, you name it. No, they don't give me the same enjoyment in pulling off a last minute drive to win the game, but they do give me a feeling of my money being well spent! This isn't a knock on any one game company as I have enjoyed EA games over the years, but in general it's nice to have a choice of titles to buy. If you don't like madden, you could buy 2k football, if you don't like 2k hockey you could buy EA's title. That is nice no matter who you are or what your preference.

I have to say we have the best days of sports gaming are most likely behind us, and to me that's a real bummer.
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Unless EA makes a dramatic shift in the direction of their sports titles, the only game I see myself buying in the forseeable future is PES.

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All good points made here, but if EA does not utilize the talent it would absolve in the acquisition/takeover of T2, then this whole process will mean nothing to the gamers and be just another bullet point on the shareholder's slide show presentation of EA's holdings.
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Just chill and enjoy
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Re: Future of Sports Gaming to Run Through EA Sports?

I guess my question is, with EA trying to monopolize sports gaming, why hasn't anyone asked them what they plan on doing with TT if they were to buy it out?

Why all the speculation and nobody wants to take EA to the task about it. Get the real plan out to the consumers.

As much as I love playing sports game, i would stop buying them if they all ended up like NBA Live
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Old 05-13-2008, 09:53 PM   #14
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Re: Future of Sports Gaming to Run Through EA Sports?

I'm not sure what would happen. EA has been much better lately about giving devs freedom, but none of them they've aquired (Bioware, DICE, Criterion) are sports devs. I'd expect a few key people to be kept from 2k sports, and the rest to get some pension plans or whatever is worked out in the deal.

Anyway, I was just looking at all the franchises other than sports EA would get if this deal went down. Obviously R* and all their stuff, but also Bioshock, Civilization and the rest of Sid Meier's stuff, SWAT, Mafia, Tribes, Prey, Freedom Force. Wow.
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Who? Giroux!
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KDRE go to my previous post for your answer. in a hostile take over, thats what happens 95% of the time the company getting "taken over" has MASSIVE LAYOFFS. They aren't going to take talent. they are gonna make cuts. they bought the name. they arent going to keep all that added payroll. they will keep very few people. they will try to keep rockstar, but then limit the amount of people working on their projects. the sports division, EA already has a sports division, they will just cut it. yes even the NBA team. just because they make a superior game doesnt mean they will take them. it all has to do with money, and live still sells.
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