Why Next-Gen Sports Games Disappoint

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Re: Why Next-Gen Sports Games Disappoint

Problem is only the sim gamer hates madden. the casual gamer don't care that things are broken only that they can play with thier fav. team and run season/s. To them don't matter if you have the hulk on DL you'll still only get through 1/10 times. or that the ai is fundamentally flawed or they have band aids over issues instead of fixing them. It may not always look like real NFL game but to casual gamer it fits thier need or football fix. as long as EA sees a profit it don't matter what rating a gaming site gives it. it just needs to make a profit and as of last year it is still making money and will continue to make money. Therefore in EA's eyes no long term solutiion needed, just patch up a few problems and start on next years
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Re: Why Next-Gen Sports Games Disappoint

Originally Posted by shondeveron
bad thing is..ima purchase it at midnight at gamestop the night it comes out..call in for work the next day..like a dummy..why? cus how else can i play wit my redskins and the same playbook even though they got a differ coach and off coord..and d coach..
Forget the article - this ^ is why some "Next-Gen Sports Games Disappoint". Good that you can admit that BTW. Most don't and won't.

And you know, I don't get how people look forward to Madden like that. 2-3 weeks after it comes out, I have to talk myself into wasting the $10 it costs to rent Madden, fully knowing I'll end up playing it for 30 minutes before taking it back to Blockbuster.
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you my friend are stronger than me..i love football..therefore i live with the HOPE that it'll actually be better than last year..maybe EA can hire balko to finally hit a homerun this year...
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Re: Why Next-Gen Sports Games Disappoint

I love football too but I don't see what that has to do with wasting money on a game. I'm not talking about people who enjoy Madden but the guys who talk about having hope for the game each year then after the game is out complain about how bad the game is need to stop. If you know that each year you're disappointed why spend the money buying the game? At least rent it first and see how it is.
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bad credit..lol
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Re: Why Next-Gen Sports Games Disappoint

Up to now this generation of sports games has been about what I expected: struggling like a new born calf trying to get to it's feet.

Games require a lot more capital to produce this time around, and console sales aren't yet to the point where companies are going to get a lot of return... So it's only natural that games are going to seem to sputter along like they are.

But the potential is there, that much is clear. The good sports games show that much can be done on the latest systems, but unfortunately much can be done wrong too... So any errors or shortcomings drag games down significantly.

Honestly I wouldn't get my hopes up too high for the future. I think the industry is reaching the limits of growth, if it hasn't done so already. But I also think that there will be a handful of games that really come to fruition in the next 2-3 years and really shine.
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The article is somewhat misleading IMO. It makes specific references to many of the Madden games, but then indicates that Madden disappoints, and ergo all sports games disappoint.

There have been some great next-gen sports games since the 360 debuted: the NBA 2K series (2K7 and 2K8), College Hoops 2K8, FIFA 08, skate., The Show... my point is, it's mainly the football games which have been failing to meet many players' expectations since EA's lackluster next-gen Madden 06 entry.

Are the football games really the barometer of sports gaming as much as websites like this one and others seem to indicate they are?

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