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Weekly Hits

This week, Operation Sports is starting a new weekly series entitled Weekly Hits. Each week, Operation Sports' Erik Westfall will break down the biggest news stories of the week in the sports gaming universe by giving his opinion on them. Check out his article here and be sure to give your own feedback on the stories!
"Every week, there are always news stories that we all sit back and comment on to any who will listen. This week begins Operation Sports' newest series, the Weekly Hits, where, rather than commenting on what Paris Hilton did, or how Hillary Clinton will keep in the presidential race, we decided to go a little closer to home. We will be taking a look at three gaming news stories from the previous week, related to the genre of sports gaming and you get the joy of listening to me comment. Some of you will agree, many will disagree, and we will have a blast debating it in the comments section. But rather than ramble on about nothing, letís get into the fun and meaty stuff."

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Gaming More Geared for Guys?
This is funny because during a game of Nba 2k8.
I got into a game with a girl gamer.
The first ever in a "Sports" game,
we got into conversation about why I don't
see more girls on the game.
after I won

Hornets 78. Lakers 73.

She summed our conversation up with this statement,

"You don't see more of girls like I because to others we're outcasts"

And this stunned me because i never thought of it that way,
Most girls see Gaming as a "Boy Thing"
Ok I wasn't there nut every video I see of a 70's 80's arcade its showing
two boy best friends.When they are doing that the girls are going over to each others houses getting ready for sleepovers and toenail paintings.
(Just the image I see in My head)

So my conclusion would be that since then it was the boys who would go
to the arcade then..its mostly boys who play games now.
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A valid point. You're definitely onto something there, after all, once game companies start to see the trend twist towards guys, all it takes is a minor change in marketing strategy and the two go back and forth until we get to now where we have so few female gamers. It doesn't help that half the time these days, anytime a female does enter a game online, especially in FPSes, the immature young kids start getting on them for being a female.
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