ESPN NFL 2k5 vs. Madden NFL 08 - Part II

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ESPN NFL 2k5 vs. Madden NFL 08 - Part II

Will Soistman checks in today with part two of his series taking a look at how ESPN NFL 2k5 and Madden NFL 08 stack up when compared side by side. Check this weeks version, which talks about the gameplay in ESPN NFL 2k5 vs. Madden NFL 08.
"However, as smooth as Madden is, ESPN was way ahead in the overall department. While Madden was starting to use its branching technology, ESPN already had perfected it. Any move could be linked to another move, or completely interrupted altogether. Want to juke to a spin, and back to a juke all in one nice animation? It could be done beautifully thanks to ESPNís amazing system."

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This is a nice series. Keep up with the good work. I can't wait to see what's next.
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It's been half a decade and Madden is still behind the curve game play wise. This is beyond sad. It's pathetic.
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Re: ESPN NFL 2k5 vs. Madden NFL 08 - Part II

I'm sorta looking forward to Madden 09 this year, due to EA actually branching out and asking for help. HOWEVER I still cannot disagree with anything said in both parts of this series. All exclusive licenses can go to hell.
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Re: ESPN NFL 2k5 vs. Madden NFL 08 - Part II

ESPN also has its share of pre-play adjustments, but to the new or casual player it can seem daunting at first. True, the talk of shells and fronts is realistic, but not everyone is going to know what that means.
I think everyone here at OS knows and cares, so Ill call this round: 4-0.
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yes, these are nice to read. you're doing a good job. and, thus far, it's solidifying the belief that every year we are being robbed of a great next gen NFL football offering by 2K. i'm playing 2K5 again (with updated rosters) and have been "re-amazed" by all that it offers and how much fun it is to play. it's now 2008 and that game is still the best football game we have.
is it perfect? of course not. but it is way ahead of anything that has come along since. here's to hoping Madden 09 doesn't dissapoint.
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It says a lot when a game that came out in 2004 and on the original XBox continues to expose EA's lack of respect for the football gamer by putting out an inferior product year after year. It also goes to show that the exclusive license deal was bad for the Football gamer because instead of taking things to the next level EA realized they could put out recycled crapola and the Madden followers will still buy it, great article OS!!
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While the Madden series is always going to have its die hard cult following, there are some people who STILL think (me included) that ESPN NFL 2k5 is a superior game. I usually try to play Madden and get frustrated at all its shortcomings. The 2k game never left me feeling frustrated and bored. My greatest wish would be that EA and 2K would use both there strong points (EA graphic engine and 2K gameplay and control) and combine to make a worthy football game for the Nextgen machines. I would be in football heaven!!!!
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