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Sports Video Games Hall of Fame Inductee: Tecmo Super Bowl

After we learned that Tecmo Bo Jackson was the inagural inductee in the Sports Video Games Hall of Fame yesterday, we promised that there would be another induction today. And what better to induct than the game which made Tecmo Bo Jackson famous, Tecmo Super Bowl. Operation Sports Rob Fetter takes a look at the game in his Tecmo Super Bowl Induction Article.
"By simply resting on the features listed thus far, a spot could be cleared out in the Sports Gaming Hall of Fame for Super Tecmo Bowl. But what truly cemented Tecmo Super Bowl’s place in gaming history was the multiplayer matchups that all of us have had with others over the years. I dare to say that I believe there have been games and rivalries so intense that friendships have been torn apart or damaged beyond repair from these battles in Tecmo"

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Great choice!! Best sports game ever!!
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That game was so effing fun. 91 was a great year.
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Sure people have many like it but here is my fun story.....

Me = Bills
Friend = 49ers

Bills 27 -- 49ers 20
**00:48 - My friend drove down the field starting at his own 29.
**00:02 - Friend scroed a touch down and took the lead 28-27
**00:02 - Friend kicks off and I ran the kick off back for the game winning TD.
What made this so great is that he had never beat me before and when i ran that last kick off back he literally hurled his controller directly downard into a hardwood floor. Piece went everywhere!! It was great!
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Wow spoken like a true Tecmo Bowl fan. You nailed everything aspect that made Tecmo SuperBowl so great and the appropriate choice to be the very first game inducted into the Operation Sports’ Sports Gaming Hall of Fame. To say this game broke up relationships whether it be with a girlfriend or family member is an understatement and a true testament to the greatness that is Tecmo SuperBowl. My uncle and I had the biggest rivalries in this game and we would literally play a whole weekend from Friday to Sunday with a total of only eight hours of sleep in those three days playing. One time we got into a fist fight and I got my face all scratch up a day before starting college playing this phenomenal game. I was so dominate that he would always accuse me of knowing a trick to breaking tackles to the point where I couldn't take his whining anymore and the melee began. I love this game and I have a new found respect for Operation Sports for inducting Tecmo SuperBowl into the Hall Of Fame before all else. This game is truly second to none!

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Quite simply it was the best video game ever...not just sports video game
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Very well written, Rob.

Not much more to say here other than it was definitely one of the most fun games to play -- of its time. While most -- will claim that it was the greatest sports game ever, even some saying it was the best game ever, I think this is a bit of a stretch. I would agree with -- for its TIME .. you could claim this legitimately. Best sports game of all time? Best game ever? That's interesting when you think of all the sports games, let alone games period .. that were made after it. I suppose It's all a matter of opinion. I played the game one heck of a lot, and like many ... will never forget those times.
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My story

Super bowl championship

Me = Houston Oilers, Friend = Chicago Bears.

21-17 Bears.

He is driving down the field with 2 min left in the game. Suddenly a fumble by some WR whose name eludes me and I have the ball on like my 35 yard line.

2 min drill 4 quick shots From Warren Moon to the nigh unstoppable Drew Hill/Haywood Jeffries/Earnest Givens combination, and Im on my 7 yard line. Now if you remember the Oilers in this game then you know that they Ran a pass happy run and shoot and their running back Lorenzo White had a carry rating of 44 and was prone to untimely fumbles and good for nothing. So what do I do with 4 seconds left in the super bowl on the 7 yard line?

Halfback Direct snap out of the shotgun. 1 move= Touchdown. Best gaming moment of my life.
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