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Old 06-27-2008, 05:18 PM   #9
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I don't really think Ray Allen has dropped off at all. I think the system the Celtics use hinders what he can do as a player. He doesn't have the ball as much as KG or Pierce, so his offense has to come from screen usuage, set plays, and shot clock bail outs.
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I agree whole heartedly with the exception of duncan and ray allen. You would expect ray's numbers to drop on a team with two other all stars. Tim didn't play that bad. The spurs just look old and tired.
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Shaq should get a negative number on defending the pick n roll. Ray Allen looked pretty damn good in the Finals.

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Originally Posted by spursfan
I agree whole heartedly with the exception of duncan and ray allen. You would expect ray's numbers to drop on a team with two other all stars. Tim didn't play that bad. The spurs just look old and tired.
Agreed, I wouldn't expect Timmy's or Ray Ray's rating to drop that far, but certainly a drop is in order.
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Old 06-28-2008, 12:44 PM   #13
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Re: NBA 2K9 Declining Player Rating Projections

I dont know man..I dont feel there should be an overall rating..I think each player should be categorized in a by their skill set and role on a team..Sort of like NBA Lives Playmakers feature but without the crazy abilities and gimmicks (so there would be athletic type, Scorer, 3Pt Shooter D-Specialist, Post Player etc.) that way when you trade a player..he might be good on the team he was on but he could come to a new team and be completely garbage..Honestly I cant fully explain what I'm thinking about at the moment so I will comeback lol
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Old 06-28-2008, 02:25 PM   #14
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This is my opinion:
I've stated this idea in a couple of my previous posts on previous boards here but let me restate... No player should ever, on any game, be rated higher than a 95 overall. Maybe not even that high. Claiming that a player is anything over a 95 is more/less calling them perfect. Especially if they are rated a 99. NO BODY IS PERFECT. I really hate it when I buy a new game, go straight to the edit player section (my favorite thing to do) and see 20 some players all rated higher than a 95. That includes NBA, MLB, and the worse of all, Madden games. Im not even gonna start on Madden games. Anyways, the possible lone exception to my rant coud be Tiger Woods because, let's face it, he is Tiger Woods....Now to the topic at hand. I will give you my overall ratings in the way 2K developers would rate them, not the actually real way I would rate a player. (Ex: Nash not an acual 94)

Jason Kidd: as stated by buttons0662, the man did almost average a triple-double in the regular season (11, 8, 10), so a 5 point drop is a little to excessive. I believe that he will be rated as a 90 overall because he is a PG and his highest ratings are always in Off Awr, Drib, and Passing which affect the ratings of a PG the most.

Steve Nash
Dropping him 4 points to a 92 is close, but I will say a 94. This years stats are very similiar to his MVP seasons. The only stat is greatly different is the PPG which is down from 18 to 16. He averaged more assits this season than both his MVP seasons as well. An upside is that fact that they brought back Grant Hill who in his old age, NBA standards, can still get up and down the floor in transition. Shaq being there isnt much of a difference because he will be outlet passing galore this upcoming season. So, expect Steve Nash to put up numbers just as he has the past 5 seasons. Let's face, he can still shoot lights out when he wants.

Shaquille O'Neal
83 is what it should be, probably a little lower, but Shaq is a marquee name and there is no way the developers will let him go that low because they think that he will somehow deage by about 5 years. His knees and ankles are HORRIBLE. He can't shoot his patented turnaround fade one-hander anymore. He is out of shape and worst of all is his attitude. Personally, I never have liked Shaq. He is a bigman who WAS great at basketball and he
knew it. He has always believed that he is above the law. (well not anymore demoted deputy HA.)

Ray Allen
Smoothest shooter in the NBA and he can still fill it up. I agree with everything you said in your piece, but an 86 is to low. I believe an 88 is about right. He is a SG and as long as he can still fill it up, his overall will be higher than it should because shooting stats are the stats that affect a SG the most. I do believe that his drive will go down a little now that he has is ring. Don't be surprised if he retires after this upcoming season.

Tim Duncan
Tim-mueee! Rating him a 98 in last years game was laughable. He is the anti-video game persona. If 2K institutes a rating of "Winning" than Duncan would be a 100. Thats all he does is win. Putting up stats is another issue. For someone to be rated a 98 IN A VIDEO GAME, which they should never be, they have to put up LeBron type numbers (30, 8, 7). Duncan averaged 19 and 11 in last year's regular season. His days of 25 and 13 are long gone. He is still one of the top 5 players in the real league, but he isn't in the videogame league. The four point drop is exaclty what it should be. Your rating of a 94 is fundamentally sound as a kiss off the glass.
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Old 07-02-2008, 01:33 PM   #15
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If you ask me, Shaq deserves the drop, there's no way he deserves even close to a 90 now days just because he has proved that he isn't near as dominant as he was when he played in LA or Orlando, he kind of reminds me of Ben Wallace now days, just there for the defence. 83 is perfectly respectable for where he's at

Timmy... I kinda do understand, and to those who say Dwight or even Dirk isn't better then Timmy kinda has their head up their a**, as Dwight puts up amazing numbers for how young he is and Dirk is still an amazing player. I can see Dirk and Timmy having about the same stats though, maybe around 93, possibly the 94 you have Timmy at, but I'm not sure even I'd go that high, maybe 91 or 92

Nash, yes, he's still a GREAT player, but I don't think he even deserves a rating that high, his play has dropped and he's just getting old, possibly a 90, maybe even an 89

Ray Ray, idk, ya he was amazing when he was in seattle, but now that he's in Boston and he's not being relied on as much, i don't think he's as amazing as he used to be, just still has that 3 point shot that i feel in love with xD 86 seems about right

Jason kid is running out of gas, ya he's still averaging some remotely impressive numbers, but when you look at him on the court, he's beginning to look sloppy. The odds that he will help Dirk lead the Mavs to the championship game again is very unlikely. If you ask me, some of his fans should be lucky he's even getting an 87, i'd prob only give him an 84, maybe an 85 at best
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Re: NBA 2K9 Declining Player Rating Projections

Nash is not falling off, he is the best shooter and runs the pick and roll better than anyone in the league. I know there will be people that think because of his age, but he is the best shooter in the league.
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