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Re: Top Spin 3 Give-Away - Enter Here

Well, two reasons to be honest.

One of them being because I have to use the bulk of my money to pay my tuition just so I can get my degree, and therefore other than for games like NCAA and Madden, I can't really budget in a game I'd like to get (like Top Spin)

The second reason is that I'm becoming interested in tennis, slowly. Now that I am out of high school I find there are not a lot of football teams to join, or even basketball and softball teams in my neck of the North Dakota woods. Don't laugh, but finding enough people to field a softball game is tough. So tennis is a sport that only takes one other person and I've been slowly making a push towards playing it some more.

This may sound crazy, but maybe I'd learn something about tennis just from playing top spin.
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Re: Top Spin 3 Give-Away - Enter Here

Dear Operation Sports,

I have been a long time fan of both Operation Sports and tennis. I have been a member of Operation Sports since 2003, and I have not eclipsed the five hundred post mark. The reason I have chosen to ask for a free copy of Top Spin tennis is quite simply the most simple reason of all. I want to play this game, but cannot shell out the cash for a game that I think is overpriced. Top Spin seems to be a good game, but I do not think it is a great one. I would love the oppurtunity to spend some quality time with Top Spin, as I have extremely high hopes that Operation Sports giving me this game might make me a lifelong fan of Top Spin.


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I've always loved Top Spin games from what i played, but could never work them into the small budget that allowed only me to only purchase a few games every year. I tried the demo of Top Spin 3 and I was extremely impressed, but I need to save up money for NCAA 09 (which I don't have enough money for as of now). Plus, like most other people, I've never won anything and I admit I'd be pretty excited!!
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Old 07-07-2008, 02:46 AM   #52
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Re: Top Spin 3 Give-Away - Enter Here

I would like it, but I dont think I deserve it more than anyone else. Give it to somebody that does.
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Old 07-07-2008, 05:33 AM   #53
Mercy Extended. John 3:16
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i trhink i deserve a copy of the game and to win because I need to get some more videogames for my 360. i bought PS3 and i thought it was the greatest thing until it counded out on me and Sony wanted me to pay 150 dollars to get it fixed. i went to gamestop and they gave me 220 for the system and i bought a used 360 for 189 dollars(horray me!!!). my boys alll have 360 so they welcomed me back to the community like i was the prodigical son and now that i'm back i only have 3 games to play and can't finacially afford another one right now so this would help.(no pitty here just telling the truth) plus this is my favorite website to blog on. thanks OS for everything
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Old 07-07-2008, 08:29 AM   #54
Who? Giroux!
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I should win because I am no more deserving than any other OS member, however I am honest enough to admit that. Plus I wasted money on Virtua Tennis 3, so a free good tennis game would be nice.
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It seems a bit indulgent to sell oneself as being deserving but I'll express why I'd really love to have this prize. Like many on here times have gotten a bit tighter, in my case having having a child now and working for a GM suppier that was laid off for a while due to the American Axle strike. Both of these were events that impacted my gaming lifestyle and purchasing decisions. The first I would never call anything but the greatest thing ever to happen to me.To wrap it up, I love gaming. And since the birth of my son my greatest joy is to "create a player" of him. I get to dream of him playing at "The Big House" or Old Trafford. It'd be cool to have him playing at Arthur Ashe in the Open! Thanks, Brian
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Re: Top Spin 3 Give-Away - Enter Here

There has to be a better way of determining the winner of these giveaways. This is just pathetic and sad.

Hey everybody, trade your dignity for a free tennis game!
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