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Little Moments That Bring Big Enjoyment

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Little Moments That Bring Big Enjoyment

Do you have a favorite moment in sports games that you enjoy immensely? Things such as striking out Big Papi or leveling someone with Ray Lewis stick out in some gamers minds as memorable moments in video games. Rob Fetter has a few moments of his own in his article, Little Moments That Bring Big Enjoyment. Check out his thoughts and leave some of your own.

"There are moments in gaming that will get me up out of my seat cheering or taunting at my opponent with excitement. Over a lifetime of gaming Iím sure nearly everyone has had these big moments at some point. Whether edging out an opponent online in the final seconds, or squeaking out a victory against the AI after falling way behind, every person has those epic big gaming moments that are followed by a Tiger fist pump."

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I always enjoy getting linemen to jump on pump fakes and the LBs to bite on fake option tosses. Since we're just talking football here, I'll throw in the simple joy of crushing the other team's star RB with Derrick Brooks, scooping up the ball, and running it back for 6 while high stepping the last 10 yards. Knowing that Mr. Brooks would never show the "enthusiasm" of say Deion Sanders or Ray Lewis makes it all the more funny.
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Re: Little Moments That Bring Big Enjoyment

I like what Rob said there at the end, about the losses to the CPU. Being on the original XBOX and without XBOX Live for a while now, I play exclusively against the CPU in my MVP 05, MVP 06, NFL 2k5, Madden 06, and NHL 2k7 franchises.

In my MVP 05 Reds franchise, I lost in the NLDS and then missed the playoffs the next year. These losses propelled me to a great 3rd season and a sweet World Series victory. In my NHL 2k7 Flyers franchise, I lost in the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals. The following year, I had an amazing year and won the Stanley Cup and I was focused every game because I didn't want to have another let down when it really mattered.

The losses make the wins all the sweeter. Good article, good insight.
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Originally Posted by Money99
And how does one levy a check that will result in only a slight concussion? Do they set their shoulder-pads to 'stun'?
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I always found scoring a goal tough in Winning Eleven soccer. Whenever I scored a well setup goal -- especially in a tight game -- was sweet and usually had me cheering in front of the monitor. I never get that emotionally involved in my other sports games.
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First night I had NCAA 09- I was using Clemson v. Florida in a online unranked game- I stuffed Tim Tebow on a fourth and goal from the 1- the kid I was playing proceeded to quit the game
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Re: Little Moments That Bring Big Enjoyment

Undoubtedly the best memory for me came my freshman year in college, NCAA Football '02 on PS2.

We were in the third year of our three-man dynasty. I was Clemson, two-time defending National Champion and ended up playing my roommate, Georgia Tech in the Nat'l Title game (was that even possible IRL? Two teams from the same conference?).

Anyway, he felt he was better than me at NCAA but he fell short against me the two previous seasons and had not yet reached the title game. Finally in Year 3 he gets his shot and I believe it was the first time he beat me in the regular season but he also lost one game to the CPU so we both had one loss going into the game.

Long story short, I'm down 24-21 with :05 left and the ball near his 40. I call a Hail Mary, chuck it deep down the middle of the field, about 6-7 yards into the endzone. A G-Tech defender leaps and knocks the ball away from the intended WR and back towards the goal line, just in time for my slow, 5th string WR to come leaping out of nowhere to make a miraculous catch barely in the end zone with no time left to give me my third straight national title, 27-24.

And I'm not lying on this part, my roommate did not speak to me for several days after the game.
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Re: Little Moments That Bring Big Enjoyment

I always enjoy the rush of beating the living crap out of someone in Boxing on Wii Sports. That game may not have accurate punches, but it is SOOO fun.
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Just last night I lost a Dynasty game to a self proclaimed better player than me. He was using a Top 5 team and I was using a mediocre team in the Big Ten. I lost by 3 in OT. Moral victory. Too bad it wasn't a victory in the stat pages. Had him scared though. Scared like a little girl.
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