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You Want Some Cheese With That?

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You Want Some Cheese With That?

What is cheese? What does it mean to cheese someone in online gaming? It seems the definition of cheese is different depending on the community or the person you are generally talking to. Our very own Erik Westfall takes a look at what constitutes (or doesn't constitute) cheese and he seeks your input on the subject. Check out his article, You Want Some Cheese With That?

"Cheese is one of those things that goes great with just about anything. The problem is, it doesn’t go great with video games. Put some cheese next to one of those next-gen consoles and it will be melted almost instantaneously by a fire-breathing PS3 or Xbox 360. Sports gamers everywhere would also attest that cheese doesn’t go great with video game football. The exploiting of a game’s engine and/or doing things that real teams wouldn’t do are what many in the community call cheese. The problem is, what if the real-life counterparts break the video game code of being a straight player?"

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Nice article.

Mmm cheese.....time to grab a snack while I think of a better more thought out reply.....mmm cheese.
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Here's a classic example:

Played a guy a couple of days ago who used Ohio State..first play of the game, he comes out in a goal line offense formation and who do I see lined up at FB? WR Brian Robiskie.

1st series of the game, he runs constant play action passes, dropping back 15-20 yards, trying to hit his "FB" on outs and streaking him up field.

I quit the game immediately.

Cheesers are people, who for whatever reason, feel the need to win at a video game, by "getting over" on the game.

They also tend to be childish, boorish and profane. Why waste time with that?

When I stumble upon one, I back out of the game immediately. It doesnt matter to me, that I usually feel pretty confident that I am going to beat the guy anyway.

We all know what cheesers like to do, and have been playing long enough to keep it somewhat under control.

Getting out of the game at the outset is the fastest way for the cheeser and I to get what we both want.

He can pad his record, and feel good about how he "owned" someone, and I go back to finding a sensible, enjoying game as quickly as possible.
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Do the people that do it even realize that they are cheesers? I heard the term for the first time back in '04 with NFL 2K5 when it happened to me. It was when I was called a 'cheeser' for shifting my defensive line so that they weren't lined up as originally placed by the AI. I could put a significant amount of pressure on the QB this way and in retrospect, I think it may have been cheesing - but if so, it was entirely unintentional.

With that in mind, I do find myself playing sports games online less because it is so difficult to find a good game/good gamesman.
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Cheese is easy to define. People that try to cheat the system and play the way the game wasn't intended to be played. Imo, nothing more nothing less.
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Re: You Want Some Cheese With That?

I played a guy in NCAA who ran back 20 yards and threw the ball up every single play. It was hilarious that he kept doing it even while I stopped him.
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Re: You Want Some Cheese With That?

I played a dude in APF the other night that ran his offense out of the punt formation for the entire first half. I have never seen anything like it in my life. After getting picked and sacked to death he pulled the plug in the 3rd quarter. Cheesers have no soul.

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i think its funny that you mentioned the problem about passing past the line of scrimmage. i play with illinois and i get away with it all the time it's ridiculous
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