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OS Fact or Fiction

This week on Operation Sports Fact or Fiction our panel of sports gaming experts takes a look at several different topics being discussed within the community the past few weeks. From whether if Madden is a lost cause or not to if Dynamic DNA is a major waste of time to if NCAA Football 09 was a disappointment. Be sure to chime in with your own thoughts as well in this weeks OS Fact or Fiction!

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" The addition of the online dynasty makes me believe that the NCAA disc will be visiting my 360 at least a couple of times per week all the way until NCAA 2010ís release."

"Personally, I'm having a blast playing with some friends in an online dynasty."

Despite its flaws NCAA is going to have replay value because of the online dynasty feature. I don't think Madden's league feature will be as successful. I think you will see a lot more one season and done leagues. I hope the Madden development team takes note and shoots for an online franchise feature next year. Multiple seasons with roster turnover (draft,free agency, and trades) is where it is at!
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1. Fiction: Like said, the graphics look amazing and the only problems they have are already patched in two patches, one coming out on release and the other sometime in September. They are on the ball a LOT more than NCAA is. I always enjoy Madden more than NCAA even though I enjoy watching college football more.

2. Fact: I was sold on Live since it was on the SNES and ever since I played the demo of NBA 2K2 on the Dreamcast one day, I have swayed to them and never looked back. Ever since Live has been on the next gen systems, the game is incredibly easy. I can take any star player and put up 60-80 points with him with the go-to-moves, and now you are telling me that if someone has one good night, they will even be more unstoppable. Live is light years behind 2K when it comes to gameplay and they need to catch up with that before they try innovating new features.

3. Fiction: It is too hard to name a champion when the season isn't over yet. Like mentioned, we still have Madden, FIFA, and the two basketball games. Is it the best so far? Yes, I think so since NCAA is the only other game really and it is far from dethroning The Show.

4. Fact: One of the most frustrating years of this game that I have played. The things that need to be fixed in the patch cover a whole lot of the game. Also, it bugs me that the first patch that was released was for a few roster problems when the gameplay is horrible. When you get TORCHED by the QB from Wyoming and you are LSU, there is something wrong with the game. When you barely beat them 56-52, there is something wrong. This game needs to get fixed big time and it's not fun to play online when everyone just does everything cheaply. It needs fixing and has been a big disappointment
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1. Fact: Its the same old Madden, only with Less!

2. Fact: utterly pointless for franchise people, and on-line? Let me get this straight; if Kobe has a bad game the night before Im gonna get gimped ratings the next day? is that how it works? Kwame Brown once got 30/19, would he play like Olajuwon the next day? as usaully the case with EA sports; all sizzle, no steak.

3. Without Choops I dont really care.

4. Fact: If your not disappointted with a game so broken right out of the box, you, my friend, need higher standards.
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NBA Live - "it doesn't matter how much you polish a turd, it's still gonna be a turd at the end of the day."

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1. Fact
This one just reeks of disappointment. Considering how NCAA and Madden couldn't even get the game right *with* sliders last year, I'm very concerned heading into this year knowing there aren't any sliders. It seems like a great idea that takes more than one year to implement. I can only hope I'm wrong on this one.

2. Fact.
Live needs major changes to actual gameplay. Hearing about big additions like this just make me wonder about what they're thinking.

3. Fact.
MLB 08 is a fantastic game. I know NHL 09 will receive more positive reviews than it deserves, from a hockey-sim standpoint. NBA2k9 will be great but won't push the genre like it has the potential to do. Live is still so far behind, they can coast. MLB 08 didn't really push the envelope on anything, but it was a really good game. I think it'll be close, but MLB 08 will be the best sports game of the year.

4. Fact.
I had a lot of fun with NCAA, but it was definitely a disappointment. It was an improvement over last year, so it was less of a disappointment than one year ago. I suppose being less disappointing isn't exactly the ideal way you want to look at a new sports title each year.
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